To Panic

"Panic is a sudden desertion of us, and a going over to the enemy of our imagination"

It is a frightening thing, when you know there's something waiting for you, somewhere out there in the vague sense of time called the future. You wish for time itself to slow, to halt, hoping to earn yourself a few more precious seconds before you have to face that which is so terrifying.

But, as Eva found out, in such times the clock has a curious habit of speeding up, going twice as fast as it ought to. A week came and went, passed with the occasional nightmare, constant training sessions, and ever pruned hands. Anakin was busy with plans, as was Luke, and all Obi-Wan seemed to truly notice the fear in his pupil as she prepared for her mission.

She hid it well. She hadn't spoken of her visions with Anakin again, not after that first night, and told no one else of the terrible sights that met her eyes each time she lay down to sleep. Her family, killed because of her shortcomings.

For the first time she actually considered what everyone was constantly telling her, that she was too young for all these responsibilities. And, though it pained her to admit it, she found that she had to agree. It was all too much to bear on her own.

Already it was the eve of the mission and fear grew like a physical presence in the pit of her stomach, forming a knot in her abdomen that seemed to writhe like a living being inside of her. She felt sick, naseated, but to admit her fear was to abandon the mission. To abandon the mission was to seriously set the campaign against the Empire back by weeks, months maybe.

There was no choice in that matter. She would have to go, like it or not.


I know, short, but just curious if anyone is still interested in this. It was 2 years ago that I wrote the first story and the start of this one...I"ll continue and finish this one if anyone is still interested...