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"I wonder what happened," Paige said suddenly out of the blue a few days after Chris came back from the future. The three sisters were up in the attic. Piper was checking the Book of Shadows for facts on their newest demon to kill, Phoebe was making the vanquishing potion and Paige was scrying.

"Wonder about what?" Piper wondered, not really interesting but asking anyway. Her thoughts were on her baby boy Wyatt and the possible threat this demon was to him. Thankfully he was Up There with Leo until they vanquished it.

"What happened to Chris in the future", Paige said and got the attention from her other sister.

"I think it's pretty obvious what happened", Phoebe said. "Bianca was killed."

"Yes, but was she really?" Paige asked and this time got Pipers full attention. "I mean Chris just said that she was no threat no more, but if she was killed then who did it and who wants Chris so bad that they sent an assassin?"

"You know, he never did say anything about that", Piper said thoughtfully. She was suspicious of their very neurotic Whitelighter and had been since he came to them, back with the whole Titan ordeal. That he was manipulating and lying a lot did not help his case.

"Yes, but guys…" Phoebe said, "…if he did lose Bianca that's probably not something he wants to talk about." She knew how it was to have someone you love die and from those stray feelings she picked up when he was unconscious Chris did love Bianca a lot.

"But we deserves to know", Piper said upset that her sister would defend Chris.

"Piper, what if he's the one who had to kill her? Would you share something like that?" Phoebe tried. "Or maybe the one who sent her killed her. What would you do then?"

"We should try and see", Paige said interrupting her older sister's tirade.

"What?" her two sisters asked.

"A spell or something", Paige explained. "If what you said is true we use it to try and help Chris. And can you honestly say that you're not curious?" Paige nodded in satisfaction when none of her sisters did.

"Phoebe, can you write the spell?" Paige asked since Phoebe was the best spell writer of the three. Phoebe took a pen and paper reluctantly. She didn't like this breech in their Whitelighter's privet life but was curious at the same time.

After five minutes the spell was finished and the sisters gathered around and read it out loud:

"The last memory we need to see

From the life Chris had to flee

Show to us and reveal

Show us all without conceal"

The air started shimmer and soon they found themselves back in the attic. A very different looking attic. They stood by the side and saw everything that was about to happen to Chris as the memory started.

The triquetra on the wall started to glow with blue and white energy. They saw Chris and Bianca step out and were met by six demons dressed in gray. Neither of them showed any fear. For a moment it looked like a fight was about to break out when a voice from the shadows spoke.

"Welcome home Chris."

The demons parted and a man with long curly blond hair and blue eyes walked forward. Now Bianca looked frightened while Chris just stared. The three sisters wondered who this man was and they got the answer from Chris.

"Hello, Wyatt."

"It can't be," Piper whispered in shock taking a closer look at the blond man.

"Oh my god! Wyatt!" Phoebe said just as shocked.

"Why is he there with demons?" Paige wondered. Piper was afraid of the answer.

Wyatt walked over the creaky floorboard through the path the demons made and closer to Chris and Bianca. He stopped and let is eyes roam over them in contempt. Phoebe saw something looking suspiciously like tears in Chris eyes and told her sisters. It wasn't tears of fright but something else.

"They're no threat to me," Wyatt told his demons still facing Chris and Bianca. The demons made small bows and shimmered out.

"Is Wyatt…evil?" Phoebe asked slowly.

"No, I refuse to believe that," Piper denied. But she had a hard time explaining what she was seeing.

"Et Tu, Chris?" Wyatt said and turned around and started walking away. "Of all the people to betray me."

"I didn't go back to betray you, Wyatt. I went back to save you," Chris tried to convince him. Wyatt turned sharply.

"Save me," Wyatt barked out a bemused laugh. "From what?" he wondered mockingly.

"From whatever evil it was that turned you," Chris replied in a weary tone, like he had had the same conversation numerous times before.

"I don't understand," Phoebe said, "Chris, said he went back to protect Wyatt."

"Another lie," Piper said bitterly.

"Ssh," Paige hushed them.

"That's always been your problem, Chris," Wyatt said and looked down at the Book of Shadows. "Stuck in the old good-versus-evil morass," he looked at Chris, "I'm so past that. It's all about power. It's as simple as that."

"How did I raise my son?" Piper asked with tears running down her face. Phoebe and Paige tried to comfort her while watching the scene.

"And whoever has the most power wins. Is that it?" Chris asked.

"That's it," Wyatt said sharply, and then a little softer, "That's why I keep this… museum intact. To remind everyone the power from which I was born and that which I possess."

"Too bad the rest of the city isn't faring as well as your little shrine here," Chris said and stepped forward. Wyatt did the same, towards Chris, and said, "You know, if anyone else tried what you tried, I'd kill them on the spot. But you…" Wyatt's gaze fell on Bianca, "I've forgiven Bianca. I can forgive you, too, if you promise never to cross me again."

"Ok, what's so special about Chris that Wyatt just don't kill him," Paige asked eyeing Chris like what ever it was would show.

"What? You think my son should go around killing people?" Piper asked angrily.

"You know that's not what I meant." They turned back to Chris just as he answered.

"I think you know me better then that."

Wyatt looked once again at Bianca, "I thought you said could talk some sense into him." Bianca rushed forward and tried to say something but Chris beat her to it.

"Leave her out of this."

Angrily Wyatt raised his left hand and made a fist, cutting of Chris air supply. Chris started to choke and sunk down on his knees. He has both of his hands on his throat gasping for air.

"Pardon me?" Wyatt says calmly. With a slicing motion of his hand Chris was thrown into a wall. He does it again and Chris crashed into a table right next to where the sisters stood.

Angrily Bianca stalked towards Wyatt, "You promised you wouldn't hurt him!"

Wyatt hadn't turned his gaze away from Chris on the floor the whole time. "And you promised you'd turn him, just like I turned you. At least I thought I had."

Bianca ran over to Chris, tears falling down her face as she sat down next to him, "Chris… Please. I didn't bring you here to die."

"I guess she still loves him," Phoebe said quietly.

"She's evil," Piper disagreed but without any real conviction.

Chris looked at Bianca, "Don't worry. I know what I'm doing…" he tried to calm her. He watched Wyatt who stood over the creaky floorboard once again. "…I think." He got up and with a yell ran towards Wyatt, who easily pushed him aside.

"Have you lost your mind?" he asked. Chris couldn't do anything but look up at him. Wyatt raised his right hand and lifted Chris up telekinetically and formed it as a fist chocking Chris at the same time. Wyatt then raised his left hand and formed an energy ball.

Terrified for Chris life Bianca got up and attacked Wyatt from behind putting her right hand in his back, paralyzing him. Wyatt lost his focus and dropped Chris on the floor.

"Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast," Bianca told Chris, "I can't hold him for long."

Chris quickly rushed over to the lose floorboard.

"The Spell," Phoebe remembered.

He took the board away and reached in for the paper. He unfolded it and started chanting.

"Power of witches rise

Come to me from across the skies.

Return my magic, give me back

All that was taken from the attack!"

When he finished he started glowing blue and white.

"It worked," Phoebe exclaimed happily.

"We already knew it worked, Phoebe," Paige said.

At that moment Wyatt managed to free himself and bent over kicking his leg back. He hit Bianca and made her fly backward right onto a broken table leg which impaled her. Seeing this Chris got up and with a horrofied, "NOO!" threw his hand toward Wyatt and made him fly back upward right on a chandelier. Wyatt fell to the floor unconscious and Chris ran over to Bianca.

"Oh My God!" Phoebe cried with her hands over her mouth.

"So that's what happened," Paige said with tears running down her face.

Piper stood quiet and watched the heartbreaking scene.

Bianca was panting, trying to make the pain go away. "Bianca! No. No. No" Chris said as he kneeled down beside her.

Bianca tried to smile, "Haven't we been here before?"

Chris laughed at her joke, getting the meaning behind it, and said sadly, "Maybe we will be again."

"Maybe," Bianca agreed breathlessly.

Chris put his head on her shoulder and sobbed quietly, "No," he managed to get out. There was no hope for her and he knew it.

With great difficulty Bianca took Chris's hand and put her ring in it. "If you can finish what we started…" Chris looked at the ring and nodded in understanding.

On the other side Wyatt started to wake up. Bianca can't see him but heard. "Hurry," she said, "Take the spell so he can't sent someone else," she instructed. Chris hesitated and with a painful breath she urged, "Go!" Chris rose and ran to the Book of Shadows.

Wyatt was on his knees and saw Chris at the Book. He slowly got up as Chris started chanting again.

"Hear these words. Hear the rhyme. Heed the hope within my mind," he managed to duck an energy ball from Wyatt.

"Come on Chris, hurry," Paige said even though she already knew the outcome.

Chris continued with the spell, "Sent me back to where I'll find what I wish in place and time."

Taking the paper from the Book, Chris ran towards the now glowing triquetra and dive in, barley missing another energy ball Wyatt threw at him with a yell.

At that moment the air started shimmer again and the Charmed Ones found themselves in the attic in their own time. They all had tears falling down and Piper was in shock after seeing her sweet baby like that.

"What kind of mother raises a monster like that?" she wondered.

"Oh, sweetie," Phoebe said putting an arm around her older sister. "You didn't do anything wrong. You heard what Chris said, he went back in time to stop whatever is going to turn Wyatt to what he was."

"But still, shouldn't I be able to do something, where was I anyway and you?" she asked. Phoebe and Paige couldn't give her an answer.

At that moment Leo orbed in.

"How's it going?" he asked, and then he saw their faces. "What's wrong?" he wondered worriedly, thinking the demon had attacked again.

"I think I'm going to lie down. Can you explain to him?" Piper asked as she got up. Her sisters nodded and she walked out from the attic.

"Well? What is wrong?" Leo asked again.

Paige sighed and sat down, "Well, it started with a spell that would let us see the last memory…" It took them thirty minutes to explain everything to Leo and when they were done he sat in shock. The two sisters smiled sadly to him, understanding completely. They knew how he felt, and he didn't even have to see it. They walked out and left him to sort it out on his own but each wondered why it was Chris who came to the past and not one of them. Why was Chris so special?

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