Piper woke up with a strange feeling in her stomach. It was familiar, almost like the ones she could get around Wyatt. Curious she rose, quietly trying not to wake Leo up. Out of habit he had gone to their bed to sleep last night, he was probably too tired and upset to notice. She walked over to Wyatt's room to see if something was wrong with her son. The boy was sleeping peacefully so Piper turned.

She walked out of the room and into the dark hall. Passing Paige's room she heard her younger sister sleep talk. Smiling a little she followed the feeling and it told her to go down stairs.

Pausing in the hall she wondered why she was there. That's when she heard something from the kitchen. She briefly wondered, if it was a demon, what it was doing in the kitchen. She reached the door and peaked inside.

She was shocked to see Chris standing with his back towards her.

"Chris?" she asked and walked inside. The young man turned surprised. Seeing who interrupted him, Chris lowered his gaze. Even Piper didn't know what to say. Their last meeting hadn't gone to good with Chris orbing away upset and in anger.

"What are you doing?" Piper finally asked when the silence became too much.

For a moment it looked like Chris wouldn't answer but then, with his eyes still down, he said. "When I was seven a demon shimmered in. You and the Aunts immediately began fighting him but he managed to grab me and shimmer away. For three hours I was his hostage in the Underworld before you rescued me. For weeks after that I had nightmares. One night you found me in here. I couldn't sleep and you offered to make me some hot chocolate. It would become a sort of tradition. You would always know when I couldn't sleep or when something troubled me and would make me chocolate." He help up a cup looking embarrassed, "I was troubled."

"Something tells me we had something to do with that," Piper said guilty.

Chris actually looked up at her. "Don't worry," he said. "I don't like what you did but I'm not angry with you anymore. Someone made me understand."

"Still…" Piper began but stopped.

Chris sighed and looked down again. A little hesitant he began, "W-what did you see? In my memories?"

"Your childhood," Piper said, "your birthdays, your first day at Magic school." Chris winced at that one. "Why didn't you tell us you were an empath and could conjure?"

"The plan was to make you believe I was a Whitelighter. There isn't anything strange with a Whitelighter who has telekinesis. But if I had more powers at least Leo would have been suspicious." Then as a stray thought he added, "If he could been more suspicious then he already was."

"Chris…" Piper began. "Was it really that easy pretending you weren't family?"

"No, Mom… Piper," he corrected himself. "It was hell. That first day, after Paige was turned to stone, all I wanted to do was to tell you who I was so I could hug you. The feeling became so overwhelming that I had to avoid you as much as I could. It took months, and it still isn't easy, not calling you 'mom' or the others 'Aunts'. And it hurt when you didn't believe me about something or when you said stuff to me."

Piper felt like breaking down but knew she had to be strong for her son.

"I guess we didn't make it easy for you."

"You didn't," Chris agreed and smiled. "But I didn't suspect anything less really. I probably would have been disappointed if you had."

Piper sat down at the table and was soon joined by Chris. She noticed that he hadn't snapped at her for asking too much.

"So can you tell me something else about you?" she wondered. Immediately Chris walls went up.

"Piper I can't…"

"…Future Consequences, yes I know and that's Mom to you. But can't you tell me something that doesn't have a big impact on the future?"

Chris thought about it and then slowly began, "well, my favorite color is blue, when I was eight I made you teach me how to make blueberry pancakes, I was normally above average in Magic School but excelled in demonology and Perry is actually my middle name."

"Thank you," Piper smiled. She then turned serious and decided to get everything out. "Chris, the first memory we saw was the one where Bianca died. And I know that Paige and Phoebe went to see your history but I don't know what they saw. The last memory was about when we… died."

Chris closed his eyes.

"If I asked you to forget all that would you?" he asked half serious.

"No," Piper answered.

"That's what I thought," Chris said to himself. He rubbed his hands over his face still very tired.

"It's late," Piper said. "We should both get some sleep." She got up and walked towards the door. Chris stayed by the table not knowing if he should orb to P3 or if she was going to allow him somewhere to sleep in the manor. Luckily Piper told him. She turned and said, "Well? Are you coming? I'm preparing the guest room for you."

Both Phoebe and Paige reached the kitchen door at the same time. When they walked in they were surprised to see a laughing Piper making breakfast and a talking Chris sitting on the table.

"… so I orbed his books away and said that I wouldn't take them back until he played with me. So he did and when he wanted the books back I had forgotten where I orbed them."

"He must have been mad?" Piper laughed.

"Not as mad as you," Chris said. "I can still hear your lecture. My punishment was being Wyatt's experiment bunny since I was the one that lost his school books."

"A fitting punishment," Piper complimented herself.

"You didn't think so when a demon attacked and Wyatt had altered my sight. What I saw was what was happening behind my back. I nearly killed Aunt Phoebe thinking she was the demon."

"I hope you got punished for that," Phoebe said jokily.

"It was Wyatt's fault," Chris defended himself.

"And how old were you?" Piper asked.

Chris muttered something under his breath.

"What?" Piper asked.

"I was 12," Chris said.

"I rest my case," Piper said.

Paige was the one to destroy the mood. She had been quiet through the conversation and had watched Chris instead.

"Chris… are you okay with us?" she wondered.

Chris turned serious, "I am not mad at you but please don't do something like that again."

Phoebe started squealing with happiness and gave him a big hug. They sat down at the table when Piper announced that breakfast was ready.

Chris watched as the three sisters talked and laughed. For the first time since their death he felt like a part of the family again.

'Maybe them knowing won't be such a bad deal,' was his last thought.

The End

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