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Day 7-The Truth is out there. And it sucks!

Everyone was extremely freaked out that Grams had confessed to being the mother of Freebie. Chris' presence had lost all it's shock value so he quietly snuck away to the basement.

"How can you be my mom?" Phoebe cried.

"Yea, Prue and I even saw mom pregnant with her." Piper vouched. No, don't vouch! Finally, proof that Phoebe isn't your sister!

"No, what you two saw was a deeply depressed woman who sought comfort in cheeseburgers and Funions." Grams corrected.

"But, then who's my father?" Freebie demanded.

"Well, Victor is still your father, you see it all happened when…" Grams started.

"NOO!" Prue, Piper, and Phoebe shouted at once.

"We really don't need to hear how our grandmother was knocked up by our father." Prue almost threw up.

"I wanna see where this is going." Leo insisted as he and Cole pulled up a seat and munched on some popcorn.

"Alright," Grams started once more. "It all happened just before Patty and Victor divorced, Patty and Sam were right in the middle of a hot and heavy affair. I was depressed because I had no man to take advantage of, and Victor had no woman to take advantage of him because his wife always had to go to the 'store', so we both got really drunk, actually he was drunk, then we had a night of hot…sweaty…. sex." The way Grams was spreading out those last words it was almost like she wanted the girls to suffer.

"That's horrible," Piper moaned and doubled over like someone just said the worst possible thing to her, oh wait, they did.

"Oh believe me, what happened next was even worse." Grams continued. "Victor didn't have a condom, and I thought he was sterile from sitting on the dryer for so long…"

Piper looked at Leo who looked away and whistled.

"But the next morning I woke up with the worst headache in the world and a dent in my headboard, I took the test just to be sure, then sure enough, nine months later out popped Phoebe."

"Wow, I thought my life sucked before, but to learn that my grandma is really my mom!" Phoebe shook her head in both shame and disbelief.

"So then that would make our mom Phoebe's sister, so we would be her nieces, but also our half sister." Prue thought out loud.

"Hey! I'm the annoying half sister!" Paige whined, Prue slapped her.

"That also means that my dad is also my brother-in-law!" Phoebe cried once more.

"Geez where's Jerry Springer when you need him." Cole laughed.

"Hey, what ever happened to that Freebie Wannabe?" Piper asked. Everyone looked around.

"He's in the basement, with Wyatt!" Phoebe shouted.

"What are you talking about?" Leo chuckled.

"I'm serious! His name is Chris, he's yours and Piper's son, but Wyatt summoned him from the future, now they're trying to get the Nexus!" Phoebe tried to convince them.

"Ok, looks like someone's had a little too much excitement for one day." Prue said mockingly.

"Yea, maybe you should go to bed." Grams added. Prue already had her shovel in mid-swing at hearing this but Grams shook her head so Prue lowered it sadly.

"No I swear, look for yourselves!" Phoebe urged.

"We believe you Phoebe," Cole spoke to her like she was a little kid. He and Leo grabbed her by the arms and dragged her upstairs.

"Well, I'd better be going." Grams said casually.

"Take us with you!" Paige pleaded.

"Sorry, that's not in my power." Grams answered somewhat regretfully.

"Bull," Piper spat.

"Blessed be my darlings!" Grams said as fast as she could and disappeared.

"Slut!" Prue called. Suddenly the chandelier fell on top of her head and knocked her out.

"Cool, killed two birds with one stone." Paige smiled.

"What are you talking about? Grams was probably our only way out. And Prue balanced out your annoying-ness." Piper screamed and kicked Paige, just as the men re-entered.

Suddenly Alex walked in and sat down.

"Who the hell are you?" Paige demanded, placing a hand on her hip.

"Oh don't mind me, I'm just here because I'm trying to avoid writing my stories." Alex replied and started flirting with Cole and Leo.

"Wait, how'd you get in here?" Piper asked, a lightbulb going off in her mind.

"The door was open,"

Everyone quickly trampled over Prue and ran to the front door. Cole jiggled the knob but no luck, Leo tried, but if Cole couldn't do it Leo sure as hell couldn't, it's not like it was knitting or anything.

Alex walked by eating an apple. "You're not getting out ya know."

"And why not?" Piper demanded.

"Because, Freebie was right, about Wyatt and Chris, believe it or not."

"I don't believe that! Give me one good reason I shouldn't blow your lying ass up right now." Piper challenged.

"Because," Alex started. "I worship you, get rid of me and you lose a follower."

Piper thought this over…"He makes a good point, let's go check the basement."

By now Prue had woken up so she followed. Alex pulled Cole and Leo back.

"You two aren't going anywhere." He smiled wickedly.

"What are you gonna do to us?" Cole asked, a little frightened.

"I think the real question is what am I not going to do to you." He replied. And flamed out with both of them to the attic.


(The kitchen…by the basement door.)

"You go first," Piper motioned to Paige.

"No, you go first," Paige replied. Both sisters looked at Prue who was looking down the dark staircase.

"She goes first," Piper said. Paige nodded and together they pushed Prue down to stairs, probably killing her again judging by the bone crushing sound she made when she hit the bottom.

"I'm okay," Prue called weakly.

"Damn," Paige muttered and her and Piper cautiously down.

When they made it to the last step the lights turned on revealing Chris holding a knife to Prue's throat and Wyatt, in a black robe, standing by the hole where the Nexus was.

"Come any closer and I'll kill her." Chris warned.

Piper and Paige burst out laughing. "Go ahead, we dare ya!"

"I-I will," Chris stuttered.

"We're waiting," Piper crossed her arms.

"You must excuse Chris, he's never killed before." Wyatt told them telepathically in an English accent.

"Wyatt?" Piper screamed.

"That's right, it looks as if the shoe is on the other foot now."

"What is he talking about?" Paige whispered. Piper shrugged.

"Hello! Still holding a knife here!" Chris whined like he always does.

Wyatt sighed then flung his little arm, sending Chris and Prue flying through the air, Prue landing on a nicely placed ax. A creepy-Wyatt grin spread across his face.

It went straight through Prue's back.

"Oh shit, am I dead again?" She complained, then waited. "Hmm, guess not." She stood up with the ax still in her back.

Suddenly Leo and Cole came running down the stairs in nothing but boxers; wait, hold on…(Their boxers disappear.) that's better.

Cole: (Out of breath.) "You guys-gotta help-Alex…" (He passed out.)

Leo: "Source- All Evil…" (He passed out on top of Cole. hmm.)

(Alex runs in.)

Alex: "Um…"

Piper: "You're the Source?"

Alex: "Yes…and I need your help, I'm trapped in this damn house!"



Ok, that was weird, I'll admit, but I'll do better next chapter.