Introduction: Here's a little story I spun to appease my Rin-Sesshomaru obsession. I make no claim to the characters, chapters, script or story of Inuyasha. But I did try to keep everyone in character as best as I could. This was just a little diversion I typed out over the course of two stressful weeks at work. It's actually one of the few short stories that I actually managed to ever finish. I was listening to the Inuyasha soundtrack the entire time. I really imagined "Deep Forest" by Do as Infinity as the theme song for Rin as she chooses her own path. Those lyrics are also connected to Sesshomaru.

And for all the romantic parts, I think that the "Dearest" BGM version fits those occasions. I didn't think of writing this until I saw the third movie, recently, and that made me think about what Sesshomaru and his father and Inuyasha all have in common. They are all bound somehow by human women! Rin's feelings can actually be described by the Full Metal Panic Fumoffu series opening theme, Sore ga, Ai desho? For lyrics, you can visit my webpage. My take on Rin is that she is like sunshine, but there's also depth there when she grows up. There's a need to be independent and grow up, finally, without Sesshomaru-sama's ongoing protection.

Thanks for all who read and reviewed! Annoying Took really encouraged me to write a sequel, even though I didn't think I would considering this ending…but then, I wanted to make a tribute to Episode #162 in the sequel.

Prelude: Mashiro no Tsuki (White Moon)

The moon's crescent shape glowed grey, blue and brilliant white amid the velvet indigo night sky. Around her were fireflies gently floating on the soft breeze that blew through her scruffy hair. The perfect and peaceful scene was idyllic. Rin never wanted it to end. If she were to forget everything in her life, and if she could only remember one thing, it would be this moment. Her friend Jaken, the little imp demon whom she had grown to love as one of her traveling companions, was at her side. Rin glanced over to her left. Apart from where they were standing was the leader of their small troupe, Lord Sesshomaru. His long silver hair glimmered in the moonlight, and glowing wisps of it were caught in the breeze. He kept his hair so immaculate that she often compared his shiny coif to water under the light of the moon. She had never seen anyone who was so beautiful and she doubted that anyone else could compare to him.

With his staff raised, Jaken uttered an incantation and suddenly the space of the grassy plain in front of them shimmered and changed into another scene. It was an enormous castle, despite her diminutive size. Perhaps it was also fortress with its tall stone base and thick surrounding walls. Rin's eyes went wide as she realized Sesshomaru-sama and Jaken were stepping into the barrier, towards the castle beyond. For a moment she hesitated.

"Rin," said Sesshomaru in his usual authoritative voice without looking back in her direction.

"Hai?" asked Rin in her usual cheerful tone.

"Come," he ordered. She grinned and followed behind them in a quick skip, careful not to touch the barrier's opening. Taking a glance behind her, she noticed the barrier had closed, and as if they were now contained in a large, clear bowl. Outside of the barrier, Rin noticed that the fireflies were still hovering above the leaves of grass blowing in the wind but that world was separate from the one she stepped into, and the wind did not reach her. Then the scene faded and drifted back into her memory.