A/N: Every villain deserves their own talk show, including Slade. So Slade, here ya go!

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The set is red and black, medieval torture devices are in random places and so is all of his heavy machinery. Then Slade said to the audience "Hello and welcome to…"

"The Slade Show!" the audience said and cheered. Then Slade spoke,

"Today's topic is, why won't the Teen Titans just shutup and die! They're ungrateful little demons too; I offered Robin the chance of a lifetime, to be my apprentice and he did everything in his power to leave." The audience gasped, "Then my next apprentice was great, except for the fact that she was unable to destroy the teen titans, pushed me into a volcano, and is now a rock. I'm currently holding interviews for anyone who wants to be my next apprentice-"

"Why didn't you kill all of the titans when you had the chance?" a random audience member asked. Slade then used the dark side of the force to choke him Darth Vader style,

"Are there anymore questions?" Slade asked. The only response was the chirping of a cricket. The cricket was then stepped on by Slade, "Now it's time for today's victim err... guest Beast Boy," he said as the audience clapped and two security guards brought him on to the set

"I'll never tell you anything!" B.B said as he tried to break free.

"Fine if you don't want to be on TV, imbecile."

"I'm on TV! This is awesome!"

Slade rolled his eyes, "as we all know you're very 'special', tell us about your genes."

"They're blue?"

"That's it. Get this moron off of my set."

"What'd I do?"

"To be on my show you must maintain an IQ of at least 50! OFF OF MY SET! And take your empty skull with you." The security guards took Beast Boy away. Then Slade told a security guard, "Kill whoever decided to make him our guest."

"Um… you did sir," the security guard told him, "to learn about his DNA and his ability to morph, so you could disable it." Slade once again used the dark side of the force to choke someone,

"No idiots allowed on my set."

"Then why are you on the stage?" a random audience member asked and was then killed.

"As I previously mentioned, no idiots on my set. Now it's time for our musical guest, those two Japanese chicks who sing the theme song, whose names shall not be mentioned to prevent fanfic admin from taking this show off the air!" They were now on the stage and began to play.

"When there's trouble you know who to call. Teen Titans! From their tower they can see it all. Teen Titans!-" they sang, then Slade cut them off.

"Ladies, you have ten seconds to redeem yourselves. One, two, ten!" Then Slade stuck out both hands and chocked both of them with the dark side of the force, "in the future if you wish to perform on my show, DO NOT SING SONGS THAT GLORIFY THOSE LITTLE BRATS! Epically Robin, I think he has a thing for me or something. That's all the time we have for today. NOW GET YOUR LAZY ARSES OUTTA MY STUDIO!"

A/N: Next chappie Slade has interviews for his next apprentice and Robin presses certain "charges". And I know Slade can't manipulate the dark side but the dark side is awesome!