Disclaimer & Author's Notes for Epic:

This goes out to all that once was.

And by that, I am meaning the community of Matrix which was once so great. The remnants are still great, but they are not as good as it once was. A time when about a thousand sites a day popped up on the topic of the Matrix, a time when there were only about 300 fanfics here on under the topic.

Days when authors such as Scottishlass, Centaur, Mara Trinity Scully, Chord, Jennifer Jolie and so on and on (you know who you are and who you were) were the Goddessess of the Matrix fanfiction. They eventually created their own webpage, the Construct, which is still alive and kicking, though not updated as frequently, but in my opinion the very best source for old-school Matrix fanfiction out there. Many of the best Matrix fanfics ever are on that page… it is definitely worth a visit.

A time when Matrixfans was still rather un-known, but still the best and quickest site for receiving Matrix news. The Zion Switchboard was also good (and their gallery was even better) but no one ever beat Matrixfans. And knowing that one from the crew working on and for the Official Matrix website and Warner Bro's (when it was still known as whatisthematrix and after the change of name), Redeye, was posting there, felt great when you were checking through the forums.

But when it came to forums, no one ever beat the Zion Switchboard. And this, this was meant for a time when it had just changed its name into The Last Free City. For a time when it wasn't sponsored by UGO but also the time after it became sponsored. On that site, Neomaul, the Oracle and some of the others were the " good guys." They'll always be remembered as those, and with respect.

Talking about reminiscing...

… do you all remember the days?

The days when we would still stuff our Matrix movie into a VCR, wearing the tape out completely and wondering when you would have to buy a new one?

The days when we always imagined what Zion would look like. (Some imagined it as a regular city, but no one ever got the image the films would portray and truth-tell us, right.) I loved the fics describing it with hills and grass… with a blue sky to look upon, and clouds. A place of natural serenity.

Always relishing when you were home alone because then you needn't fear going into slow-mo in those special, lovely N/T moments? When you could just sometimes jump from those moments to the other.

The first days of mockery when the name for the sequels came out; " Reloaded " and " Revolutions", and the endless debate on what the titles really meant?
( The main theories were that Reloaded was talking about a weapon and that in Revolutions, we would get to know what the Matrix was really all about.)

The strange feeling when you learned that Tank wouldn't return.

They day that one of the first pictures ever were released.
(A picture of the explosion of the Twins " death" at the Freeway, it would explain itself to be, much later.)

The release of the infamous Gregory script. (In which some things actually turned out true.) Written by the ever so falsely-spoiling Specter if my memory isn't failing me. And all of the false scripts following it.

The obsession for knowing more.
(For some of us, that meant finding out about every spoiler possible, sacrificing so many other things in our lives for it. Sleep, mostly. For some, the fix of a new pic or news would be enough to sustain them for another week… or so they told themselves.)

The day that the Reloaded trailer was released. (I missed an entire day at school just for that.)

All of the speculations and discussions over at The Last Free City aka the Zion Switchboard. (And, for us more avid N/T fans, the Construct was a haven, too.)

For some, these sites provide a place of home-coming still. It's the place where we belong, will always belong.

Not wanting to let go.

When the first batch of pictures were released over at the Official site.
(Then still known as whatisthematrix since the Shampoo brand owned the adress they're using now.)

Finding out about the binary and hex hacking tools on the Official site. Some of us went mad trying to crack as many tools as possible there.

I could also talk about the times pre-ceding Reloaded, the just months before its release. That was also the times, in one sense, I guess.
But the times I chose to mention and show in my examples are examples and showing of the days when we only knew so little… and still had so many months, years to look forwards of what was more to come.

I am sure that any Matrix fan can at least recognize themselves on one or two of my examples. If you cannot recognize yourself completely, then close your eyes and remember… there's something for us all, as it was then.

I guess what I'm trying to do is making you remember how the first movie affected your lives, and how the following would.

God knows it sure did affect mine.

Remember the time. If for no other reason, it deserves it and so do you.

So, next time you think about the memories… relish them.

They are as it was then. And they will always remain.

My story is a tribute…

… a tribute to all that once was.