Neo couldn't believe how sloppy and ignorant he had been, how could he have missed to use his code vision and scan the area for more Agents? There were at least fifty more ones joining them in the square, and Neo wasn't sure if this would be another one of Smith's attempts to try to write over him again, or if he just wanted to pick a fight.

Neo had done multi fights before, but this was very different.

But before Neo could say another word or think another thought, Smith had managed to punch him in the face.

Quickly getting into the game, Neo punched right back, and grabbed him by the hem of his suit and threw him through the crowd of Agents that now had filled up the square, and he realized that they were all trying to go after him.

Two Agents approached him, each delivering punches and kicks to his whole body, but he simply fought them off, sending them flying to the brick wall behind them, creating a dust heap into the crowd. Three more attacked him, and Neo managed to jump up onto ones shoulder, and spin around to kick on of the other ones down, and then jump off him, levelling him with the ground by sweeping the ground from his feet, and then kicking the other one in the throat, causing him to melt into a fit of coughs, unable to attack him again.

Neo knew that he had to get out of there, and that fast. He did not know how many more that were waiting in the buildings, and he did not have the time and the mind to be able to fight all these Agents off and at the same time scan the buildings to estimate how many they really were…

… and in the whirlwind of it all, he only saw one way out.

He grabbed the nearest Agent but the legs and used him to spin him around like a stick in the air, clearing out the ground around him from Agents, giving him the space of a second, at the most.

He let go of the Agent, and collected himself to take into the air, but found a familiar Agent on his back in the moment, having jumped on him from a higher place, judging by the impact. Neo rolled them both to the ground, making sure that they would roll in such a speed that Smith wouldn't be able to come up with a move and instead had to move along with him, and he used the short moments to, as they continued to spin, punch Smith and kick him in the groin, and then suddenly stopping them from spinning around, kicking Smith away, as if he was something caught underneath his shoe… but Smith was more than a pebble.

He saw his opportunity, and gathered himself once again.

As Neo tried to take up into the air, he could feel some of the Agent's grabbing his trench coat, pulling him down. Having no intention of going back into the pile of Agents he increased the power of his will to get out of there, and he found himself lifting up into the air, but it went slower than usual, and as he was a good sixty feet up in the air, he could feel the Agent's still hanging, clinging onto his trench coat, and then onto each other, creating a long row that were hanging onto him, a long tail of Agent's that would not let go of him.

He looked down at them, and after a good and sharp kick to the one clinging onto his coat, he finally let to, the tail of Agents falling to the ground. As they descended he hurried out of there… he had overdone his stay.

He flied throughout the sky, and looked for the highest rooftop to land on. He spotted the Metacortex building and knew it would be safe to land there, having scanned the code. He landed on the roof, and looked back, knowing he had left a great distance between himself and the many Agents that had tried to take him down…

… Smith that had tried to take him down.

Did that human think that he was finished with him?

That this was it?

This was far from it.

This was far from when he would take his life…

… when he would end it.