This was inspired by the "you're going to need a bigger boat scene" from Jaws which was referred to in the episode "Hide and Seek." It languished on a corner of my hard drive for a while before I gave up trying to incorporate it into a full-length story.


"Rodney, for Pete's sake would you sit still and be quiet, you're going to chase away all the fish!" complained Sheppard. He cast his line. It promptly whipped back and tangled itself around his pole.

"Like you know anything about fishing," said McKay, settling back on the grassy bank after checking the ground thoroughly for crawling insects.

"I know enough."

"Enough to drown worms," Rodney replied. "Where'd you get the gear anyway?"

"Stackhouse let me borrow it. Guess he figured with a name like Atlantis, there'd be some fishing opportunities somewhere on the planet." He finished untangling the line and made another cast, this time with better results.

"Why aren't you surfing or some equally disgusting athletic thing?"

"Why aren't you anywhere else but here?" countered Sheppard.

"I asked first."

Sheppard sighed. "So far the only good breakers I've been able to find are against rocks and I really don't want to spend any more time in the infirmary than I already have. Besides, fishing is a contemplative activity - good for the psyche. You?"

"Beckett said I needed some R&R. Sound familiar?"

"Oh, um. I might have mentioned your name. You know, just in passing. I was a little upset when he told me he was taking me off duty for the next two days whether I liked it or not."

"Really?" asked McKay, "I believe your exact words were 'Why are you taking me off duty when McKay's been running on two hours sleep a night for the last two weeks.'"

"What ever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality?"

"Had to take me down with you, didn't you?"

"Look, I'm sorry. But that still doesn't explain why you're here. You know less about fishing than I do."

"I know when your bobber bounces like that, it means you've got a fish," he replied mildly.

"What? Oh!" Sheppard began awkwardly reeling in the line. A hand-sized fish wiggled and dangled on the end of the long pole. "Hey, look at that, I caught a fish!" he exclaimed, smiling proudly.

Suddenly, a large bubble erupted in the water in front of them and a behemoth head full of spiked teeth appeared, snapped the dangling fish, and disappeared back under the water taking half of Sheppard's pole with it.

Rodney sat bolt upright.

"You know," said Sheppard, quickly backing away from the water's edge, "I think I've had enough contemplation for today. How about you, McKay? Rodney?" He looked around and caught a glimpse of McKay's fast disappearing form as the scientist beat feet back to the jumper. He chuckled a little, shaking his head in amusement. Another huge bubble burst in the water in front of him and he quickly dropped the remainder of his pole and ran after McKay. "Wait up!"