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Well, this is a segment from a larger chapter.

This is an alternate of what happens after the Blitz is destroyed; the difference is that Nicol ejected before he got killed and was only injured. He was picked up by Kira at the end of the battle and taken as a prisoner on the Archangel. At this point, Nicol just escaped custody and is listening to a conversation between Flay and Miriallia, oh and Flay's not hiding her feelings.

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Nicol's eyes widened at the conversation. What the hell! A coordinator! Here!

"He's one of them! A monster! How can you defend him?" The red haired girl was still ranting.

"The better question is, how can you condemn him? He saved your life!" the other girl was glaring heatedly at the first.

"It doesn't matter! He's a coordinator!" Sudden, sharp footsteps ran down the corridor. Out of reflex, Nicol pulled further back in to the shadows as a blond haired man ran up to the two girls, breathless.

"You two! On the bridge! The prisoner has escaped!"

"What! That murderous monster!" Nicol growled angrily under his breath. He was beginning to hate her.

"Yes, him." The older man completely disregarded her comments, not embellishing or detracting from them. "We need everyone on the bridge for briefing on how to handle this situation."

Briefing? Doesn't that come during training? The situation was making less and less sense to the eavesdropper.

"Yes, sir." As both girls turned to leave, the captain turned away, then stopped and called back. "Have either of you seen the Kid? Ensign Yamato?"

Ensign Yamato? Nicol blinked. Yamato… that name sounds familiar somehow.

"No sir." The redhead said it with emphasis "He disappeared after the coordinator scum was moved into the cells. Hey," here her eyes sparked disturbingly, "maybe he helped him escape!"

The captain blinked dubiously. "Doubtful. But he will be watched as soon as we find him. As will the rest of the crew." At this, he turned back to his search while the redhead turned back down her own path, with a disturbingly smug look on her face.

Minutes later, an irregular shadow moved down the hallway and out as Nicol left, now with even more questions then answers.

Kira lay on his back on one of the top catwalks of the storage bay, the area where the Gundam was kept. He couldn't stop thinking about the earlier event with the prisoner, and every time he thought of it he could feel his heart bleeding a little more. He had not cried; no, his tears had been spent a long time ago.


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