Avatar:The last Airbender

by:Goddess Nataku

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chapter: 1

Shifting from one foot to the other, she tried to look as interested as she could while listening the librarian drone on and on about what type of book she was looking for. Something about having a knack on knowing these kinds of things. Honestly, she was here only because she had to go look up a book . Anything as long as she finished her reading requirement for school.

"Excuse me. But could you please just show me where fiction is? I'm kind of in a hurry.."

The old librarian stops midway and smiles. "Of course dear. Just go down that aisle and make a left, go past two rows then take a right. It should be on your right. If you get lost, you can always look for the exit. "He motions above the glowing neon green sign. "I hope you find what your looking for, and remember this Library is almost magical.. you will find great things here..so choose wisely.."

"Thanks...I will..." Smiling slightly in return,wondering warily why he suddenly appeared to have a knowing look. Taking off down the aisles, Alex tries remembering, well trying too where those blasted books were. The things she would do for school..

Muttering under her breath as she finally came to the aisle he told her where the books would be located her eyes narrowed at the sight. These were old leather bound books! Well expect an old library to have old things in it. Trailing the tip of her fingers across the old bindings she lightly treads through the titles trying to see if any would capture her attention. So far no such luck.. Going to the next row she feels something strange. Some sort of warmth.. like the pulsing of life beneath her hand. Slowly pulling her hand away she looks at the book. Perhaps it was her imagination?

Shaking her head she kneels down and pulls the old black leather bound book out, taking note of some sort of map as the cover. With four different symbols that she could identify instantly. One land was shaded blue with the water symbol above. Same with another land shaded in red with the symbol of fire, one with the symbol of Air and the other Earth. Brushing away some of the collected dust she rereads the title.

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

"Airbender?" curious, Alex takes a seat onto the floor and opens the book, propped upon her knees she flips through the first few pages. It showed the same map again, but then a picture of a little boy with some sort of weird tattoo marking's that looked like arrow heads on his hands and bald head. He looked to be her little brother's age, she noted as she also notices a faded name underneath the picture. Aang..

In the beginning the book told of the story of the AVATAR, and the four nations and of the fire nation going to war 100 years ago. But it then speaks of the avatar appearing once more after 100 years later. His companions a waterbender and her brother. Then speaking of being chased by a exiled Prince and his ship from the fire nation. It didn't say much about him or even showed a picture of him.

Sighing, she finished reading the prologue. In doing so she starts getting up from her seat on the floor and starts walking towards what she was guessing where the librarian was. Only to find herself in what appeared to be a open area with some beautiful art painted above on the ceiling. It showed of a Dragon with its great wings flared. On its back appeared to be an old man in red and black armor. With the symbol of fire on his chest with a calm yest warm smile on his lips. Staring up at the picture she felt as if the man in the picture was staring right at her..

Turning back to look at the next page she notices that it was blank. "What..the..?" she flips through the pages not believing what she was seeing. They were all blank! About to go and take the book back from where she found it, she feels something drip onto her hand. Turning to look at her left hand she brings it up to her face. It looked like..blue..paint? Looking up as she notices that the painting was dissolving into ripples, slowly dripping off too the floor pelting the floor lightly in small splatter. Soon many followed after. Alex could only watch in shock as the painting above her started to dissolve in a sea of color as it fell to the floor.

"Ahh!" she jumps back almost being hit. "Alright..this is getting weird..." she takes a few steps back the book clutched to her chest. "What's going on...?"

The sea of color seemed to be in a life of its own as it swirled and pooled into one another suddenly flooding the floor and moving towards her! Gasping in terror she stumbles back, trying not to fall she dashes down the aisle.

"Mr. Phaler! Mr. Phaler! Help!"

Whatever it was , was following her splitting into three taking different paths. She turns a sharp right and sees it ahead of her. Turning right once more down another aisle she sees that she was in the same place as before, where this whole incident started with the painting dissolving above her... Looking in all directions she sees the waves crashing against one another as they were soon collided into her. Submerged underneath she holds her breath as she finds herself sinking. Trying to kick free of whatever was holding her down she pushes forward. Her lungs burning for needed oxygen. She broke through the surface coughing as she greedily breathes in the salty air. Wait..salty...?

The sound of seagulls soon filled her ears as she looks around. She was in the middle of the ocean!

"Okay..I have completely lost my mind...i've became crazy or insane..yeah that's it..because I should be still in the library not in the middle of the ocean..all that just happened is just part of my imagination.." she tried to believe only to toss that out hearing how stupid it sounded. Muttering a few choice of curses, Alex pushes back some of her soaked hair away from her eyes too see better. "Well it could be worse I suppose.."

The sound of some sort of machine was heard over the ocean. Slowly swimming in a lazy cirlce to face where that noise was coming from, her eyes widen as she watches what appeared to be some sort of small ship coming right towards her!

"In fact its getting better! Hey! Over here!" she tries waving her arms to get the people's attention. But stops soon noticing she wouldn't be able to easily float this way. So shouting was in order. "Help!"

Iroh sighed as he leans over the railing of the ship. He needed to get some fresh air from the humid rooms inside the ship. After the meeting with Zuko and his men, trying to figure out where the Avatar was, they were finally able to leave to get a break. The weather was nice, and nothing to do as of yet. Iroh thought it would be nice just to stand outside at the side of the railing and breath in the salty air, and perhaps stretch some of his old muscles and bones.. Laughing at this he listens to the seagulls and a shout of help. Ahh this was nice.

'Wait. Shout of help..?' he looks over the railing trying to listen where the shouting was coming from. His eyes widen as he sees someone floating not that far away from the ship trying to wave his arms to try to get their attention.

"Prince Zuko it seems that there is someone out their in need of our help." he mentioned when he sees the Prince walk out of his chambers also hearing the noise.

"What?"He looks over the railing as well and notices.

"We should help him, perhaps he was a fisherman who lost his boat in a storm. We shouldn't leave him out their for the sharks.." Iroh encouraged his nephew calmly.

"Fine. Put him in a room and we'll drop him off to the next dock."

"Very well Zuko." Iroh smiles pleasantly as he motions for someone to bring rope. As the ship neared the floating young man. Smiling cheerfully he waves slightly. "Don't you worry young man we'll get you, just hold on."

One of the guards threw a line of thick rope over the ship. The young man, what Iroh could only guess at such a distance, took hold of the rope and tugs it slightly, showing that he was ready to be pulled in. Since the current was not too bad they were able to pull him in easily. Zuko came back after consulting with some of his men on what direction they were taking and watched as they brought aboard the person that was probably shipwrecked out into sea.

"Who are you?" he asked once after his Uncle passed the young man a blanket to dry in.

With the blanket pulled away he was able too see his face. His amber eyes widen in surprise at what he saw. A young woman's face peered out unsurely. Her hazel green eyes seem to burn with an untap fire as she did not shyly back away or look down at her feet like most woman would. With the blanket pulled away enough too only wrap around her shoulders, Zuko could see why he mistaken her as a man. The clothes she wore were loose for a woman and they were pants. Not dresses as woman would wear but pants.

Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a low braid that ended at her elbows. But was starting to come undone from its bindings. Her full lips slightly pursed in thought as she looks at him. Not cowering away from the scar on his face like most men or woman would at the sight. She was staring him right in the eyes

"I asked you a question woman. What is your name?" he was suddenly nose to nose with her. She was of almost the same height as him which was of what he guessed 5'8'' to his 6'' built.

"My name is Alexiel. And if your wondering how I got here in the middle of the ocean. I don't know. I just found myself here." she stated calmly with her head slightly tilted up. "But you may call me Alex. May I ask. What's YOUR name?" added offhandedly.

"I am Prince Zuko and your on my ship. Be grateful that I allowed my men to let you aboard and not be eaten by the sharks. So why don't you show a little bit respect and say thank you now."

"Thank you now."

Iroh chuckled at this while Zuko could only glare at her. This was turning out to be a very interesting day today... Well to him at least. But he wasn't so sure about his Nephew...

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