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Chapter 19

Kira was outside sitting on the step of the gazebo. She was leaning against the trellis just staring out at nothing. She had a momentary panic attack at what appeared on the news. It was her condo. It was trashed! Her own personal sanctuary had been violated once more. She sighed. The media originally went there to try and get an interview to only find her trashed place. As far as anyone knew, she disappeared. Kira fell back to stare up at the ceiling of the gazebo.

Who would do such a thing? Was it that man again? What does he want? Kira moaned and sat up again. Why is the media stalking her? She just wanted to be alone. Kira sighed and walked back slowly towards the mansion. Why can't life be simple? It's a common phrase that life is a game so why is it never fun? Kira sighed again and kept walking, dragging her feet. She was moping.

"Miss Izuru? Mr. Kaiba has requested that I take you with me to pick up Mokuba from school." Kira frowned up at Roland.

"I bet that's not really a request, is it?" Roland motioned towards the door beside him. Kira groaned inwardly and rushed upstairs to change into a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit. She chose to wear her hair up in a messy ponytail that swished from side to side with her movement. Kira ran back downstairs and hopped into the passenger side of a black sedan outside. Roland drove silently towards Mokuba's school.

Kaiba had to double up on security to keep the media at bay from his building. They wanted answers about the mysterious pictures with his face on them and Kira. They hounded him shouting questions like, 'Are you making a bid for Kira's hand?' and more nonsense like that. The public was feverish with the preposterous story of a steamy romance between them. Kaiba looked out the window of his office to glare down at the crowd waiting outside. Infuriating people.

Kira had crossed her arms and was tapping on her bicep impatiently. They have been waiting outside of the school for an hour already. It was Roland's great idea. Always be early never late. She sighed. It was getting cramped and uncomfortable sitting in silence with him. Kira opened the door and Roland immediately grabbed her arm before she could exit.

"Where are you going?" Kira found it intimidating to stare into his sunglasses without seeing his eyes. Kira wretched her arm free.

"I'm going to stand outside. My legs are cramped." Roland nodded and let her go without any more fuss. They were parked under the shade of a tree across the street from the school. Kids were slowly starting to trickle out. Kira sighed and walked into the sunlight to stand there. People where staring at her from everywhere. She looked around to realize that it was her and it wasn't her imagination. Kira started to fidget, leaning on one leg and then the other.

"Kira! Hey!" Kira's gaze snapped up to see Mokuba and she smiled. He rushed across the street and immediately a car was beeping.

"GET OUT OF THE ROAD!" Kira's heart stopped. A car was about to hit him. Time seemed to slow down. Kira made a split second decision and ran out as fast as she could to push Mokuba away. Unfortunately, that left her to be hit. Everyone's eyes seemed to widen in shock and awe. It was like everyone was holding their breath. Time started to speed up to normal speed and tires where screeching as the car tried to stop. Kira smiled at a shocked Mokuba on the ground. He's safe. All Kira could feel next was pain.

Before she knew it, she was on the ground looking up at Mokuba's worried face. People were shouting. She couldn't concentrate so well on all the noise to get what they were saying. She grabbed Mokuba's hand comfortingly and tried her best to smile up at him. Mokuba was crying. She wiped his tears away.

"Don't cry. You're safe now." Mokuba was trying to wipe something off of her. It looked like he was starting to panick. Kira closed her eyes. It was too painful to stay awake. She let darkness surround her.

Kira awoke and immediately regretted it. She opened her eyes and tried to sit up but couldn't.

"Idiot. You were hit by a car." Kira frowned and turned her head to see Kaiba sitting beside her bed. She noticed Mokuba sleeping on the couch behind him with Kaiba's white coat laid over him. Kira sighed and did her best to get herself propped up.

"Why are you here?" Kaiba was frowning and his eyes where glaring, cold as glaciers. He was fuming. What for? She didn't do anything.

"Thanks." Kira momentarily forgot she was in pain. He said thanks. Like, an actual thank you! Kira was staring at Kaiba. Kaiba's eyes narrowed on her. He didn't even try to say anything next. Kira's head started to pound and threatened to overtake her as black spots floated into her vision.

"I think I'm dizzy." Kaiba quickly lept up to hold her up. He noticed her pale immediately and he shouted for the doctors. Mokuba was startled out of his sleep and looked up at them. Kira was squeezing her eyes shut, leaning up against Kaiba. The doctors rushed in to block Mokuba's gaze.

"I have to ask you two to get out." A nurse was pulling Kaiba away from Kira. Mokuba grabbed the coat and helped the nurse pull him away. Kaiba was watching the scene unfold intently. Kira was coughing up blood, a doctor forcing her down and covering her mouth and nose with a respirator to help her breath. The doors closed in his face and then he turned to face Mokuba. Mokuba was covered in Kira's blood all over his school uniform. They sat quietly outside, awaiting what would happen next. Mokuba looked down at his bloody hands and tears started to fall.

"Nii-san, it's my fault. She saved me…" Mokuba quietly sobbed out. Kaiba ruffled his hair and pulled Mokuba towards his chest in a slight comforting hug.

"Don't cry. She'll be ok." Mokuba quietly sobbed into his brother's shirt. "She'll be just fine." Kaiba said hollowly. He kept repeating these words. He didn't know if he was trying to convince Mokuba or himself.

Kira was sitting at her desk at work. She looked around confusedly.

"Stop day dreaming." Kira looked up to see Kaiba glaring down at her. She nodded and grabbed a notepad, following him into his office.

"Kaiba-sama, there's a conflict in your schedule. Can you clarify who exactly your having lunch with tomorrow afternoon? I have you down for both Maximillion Pegasus and Rishio Yamata." She stood poised in front of his desk. It's just work. Kaiba turned around and pulled Kira towards him. His blue eyes swarming with heat, gazing intently into her confused silver orbs. "Kaiba-sama?" Kaiba stroked her hair.

"Wake up." Kira frowned.

"What are you talking about?" Kaiba pushed her back disgustedly. He was glaring at her. Kira looked down at herself to find she was covered in blood. Afraid, she looked up to ask Kaiba about it when she realized she was lying down. Mokuba was crying over her.

"Please don't die…" Kira tried to reach up but she couldn't move her arms. Panic was starting to rise and create a lump in her chest.

"Don't cry Mokuba. You're ok. You're safe." Kira was able to make her voice sound soothing. She smiled as she lifted her left arm and wiped the tears away. Mokuba held her hand to his face. His hands where covered in red. It took her a moment to realize it's blood.

"Mokuba, what happened? Is that you're blood?" Mokuba calmly stared into her eyes and held out his hands to her.

"No, it's yours." Kira tried to get up but couldn't. She couldn't move anything. The panic that restrained itself to her chest seemed to spread out further and further.

"MOKUBA!" Kira shouted. Her eyes opened and a whole wave of pain hit her at once. She moaned audibly and reached up to hold her head. Her whole world felt like it was spinning.

"Whoa! Lie back down Miss Izuru. You have been out for a few weeks now. Do you remember what happened?" A male nurse pushed on her shoulders to force Kira to lie down. She glared up at him, swallowing hard to avoid throwing up.

"Not much. Where is Mokuba? Is he ok?" The nurse blinked and set her charts back in it's holder at the base of her bed.

"He's fine. Just a few scrapes. You were hit by a car. Brave thing you did there." The nurse had a hand on his hip. He was grinning like an idiot. "So, what can you tell me? I've been checking up on you every day." Kira glared at him.

"Who are you? You're not a nurse." He should have known what happened to her if he was. The man frowned and immediately his nice guy nature disappeared.

"You're payment is late. The boss sent me to figure out why." Kira scoffed. She should have known this would happen.

"Obviously, I'm not in the best of shape to make a deposit." She opened her arms up to emphasize her predicament. The man crossed his arms.

"There's a fresh pair of clothes beside you. Put them on. The boss wants to see you." Kira let her arms fall to her side.

"And how do you plan to get me out of here? I feel like shit and I don't know the extent of the damage done to me." The man shrugged.

"Figure it out. I'll be outside. You have two minutes." The man closed the door behind him. Kira pulled out her IV needles and shut off the machines. She sighed and slipped on another pair of jeans and a t-shirt. There were a pair of shoes on the floor and she slipped them on. Kira used the wall heavily for support as she slowly walked step by step towards the door. She opened it to see the man glaring down at her. He grabbed her roughly, causing her to yelp in pain, and threw her over his shoulders.

"Really? Is this necessary?" Kira growled. She pushed herself up to glare at him. The man shrugged, causing her to wince in pain as he walked out the back door. He threw her non too gently into the back of a limo. Kira cried out and slowly pushed herself upright.

"It's been awhile. I was starting to miss you." Kira's ears perked at the voice. It was Rishio. She turned slowly around, all too aware of the pain that came with each movement.

"Rishio, I should have known." She glared at him from the floor of the limo. She tried not to stare in shock but to keep her gaze hot with anger. Rishio looked like Kaiba, but with green hair. What was going on? He smirked.

"Ah, I'm shocked! Here I am, coming to personally take care of you and this is how you treat me?" Rishio sighed disappointedly and moved Kira gently onto a seat across from him. He lay her down and then he sat back into his own chair. "I have been waiting a long time for this." Rishio's eyes turned cold as he glared down at Kira. Kira sighed.

"Yes, yes. Why am I here?" Kira didn't want to move. It hurt. She wanted to be back at the hospital. Rishio laughed.

"Ah, my dear Kira. You are my next hostage! Aren't you glad? You'll get to spend some quality time with me." Rishio reached out to pet her cheek. Kira glared up at him, not making an effort to slap his hand away.

"Oh, joy. It's everything I've always dreamed of," she said sarcastically. Rishio laughed again. Yes, everything she always dreamed in a nightmare.

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