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"Alright! It's coming!" Sohma Arisa was getting ready to throw a bouquet of flowers behind her back, her white wedding gown flowing around her. A gaggle of young women gathered around her to catch it.

"Too bad we never got to do this kind of thing." Mayuko sighed. Hatori put his arm around her. "Well, we should just be thankful we're married." (A/N: Now I'm just teasing you, Heaven Goddess)

Kureno laughed and watched his new wife acting very un-bride-like as she stood with her wedding dress all wrinkled and her hands on her hips.

"Hey Tohru, should we go for it?" Hanajima asked Tohru as she watched the girls gather. Tohru nodded. "Come on Machi!" she pulled the girl who she had a newly acquired friendship with. "But—" Machi protested. She looked to Yuki for help, but he just laughed and watched her go.

"One, two…" Arisa turned around. "THREE!" She threw the bouquet over her head. A bunch of heavily accessorized hands reached out for it, but it sailed over all of their heads and landed in the hands of two girls at the back of the group.

Tohru and Machi were both holding the bouquet in one of their hands. "Ah… We caught it!" Tohru laughed and Machi smiled, for the first time in a while. She and Tohru lifted their arms up, both still holding the bouquet, and waved to their men.

"Kyo-kun! Yuki-kun! Look!" They ran towards them. "We caught it!"

"Both of you?" Yuki smiled and they nodded.

"What's the whole bouquet-catching thing for, anyway?" Kyo asked impatiently. Both of the girls blushed and didn't say anything.

Yuki laughed and put his arm around Machi. "It means that they'll be the next to get married."

"EH?" Kyo turned red and looked at Tohru. She giggled and swung her arms around Kyo's neck, spinning him around. "We're going to be the next to be married! Isn't that wonderful?"

"M-married… That's just peachy…" Kyo said shakily, but spun Tohru around anyway.

By then Arisa had managed to come around to them and she swung her arms around Tohru and Machi. "Well guys, looks like you caught it! You two are all ready my cousins-in-law," She directed and Kyo and Yuki. "And soon, we'll be in-laws too!" She winked at Machi and Tohru. Machi glanced towards Yuki and turned five shades of red, and Tohru just giggled happily.


I guess there's something we all learned from Akito…


Now lets all gather…


"Kureno, I made you breakfast!" It was a year after Akito's death, and Arisa poked her head from the kitchen at the house she and Kureno lived in.

Kureno sat down at the table. "Don't I usually do the cooking?" He looked at the burnt breakfast in front of him. "And for a good reason too."

Arisa leaned on the table and scowled at him. Kureno took a bite of the food. "You should be glad I love you so much." He kissed her cheek.

"Oh shut up." She laughed.


Enjoying the company we share…


"Momo-chan!" Momiji walked to his sister. She turned around. "Momiji-chan!"

"Hey Momo-chan…" Momiji took her hand. "Do you want to come to the amusement park with me?" She smiled and nodded. Momiji looked pleased. "By the way… Momo-chan, you can call me Onichan." He took her hand and they went to the amusement park… like real brother and sister.


Our tears will dissolve into thin air…


"Hatori! Your tie's crooked!" Mayuko stopped Hatori before he left the house. She went to fix it. "There."

Hatori placed his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. "Don't overwork yourself, okay? You're expecting a baby."

"But that's not for a long time!" Protested his wife. "See, I'm not even fat yet!"

"Doctors orders." Hatori kissed her forehead and headed for work.

(A/N: Okay; now I'm just putting salt on the wound, Heaven Goddess. I wasn't originally planning for Mayuko to be pregnant. Aw, look! Aren't they cute? –Evil laughter-)


Akito gave us a gift that we could never forget; one that we were eternally thankful for.


"Okay, boss! Closing time! Unless there's something else that needs to get done…" Mine wiped the sweat from her brow and turned to her boss.

"Yeah. There is, but it's got nothing to do with the store. Are you busy tonight?" Ayame flipped the sign of the store to "Closed".

"Nope!" They walked out of the store arm in arm.


As we drink up this wonderful life.


"Hey, Ritsu?" Asked a Mit-chan sitting next to Ritsu. Ritsu looked at the person leaning on his shoulder. "Yes?" He asked.

"You're my reason for living…" She closed her eyes and held his hand.

Ritsu blushed. "Hey, Mitsuru?"


"Do you like Takoyaki?"


La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la…


"Hey, Rin?" Haru asked Rin as she sat in his arms near the small pond in the Sohma estate.


"You want to go horseback riding?" He hugged her tighter.

"What brought this on? Why?" Rin gave him a strange look.

"I've decided I really like horses. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before. A mystery."

Rin just laughed.


Akito taught us that tomorrow; we might not be alive to tell the ones we love how much we care for them…


"Hiro-kun!" Kisa bounced over to Hiro. They were now freshmen at Kaibara High School.

"What's up?"

"You know that there's going to be a play for the culture festival, just like Onechan's?" She stopped to stand next to him.


"Well, I'm going to go for the role as the princess! And you know what?" She paused. "I think you should be my prince!" She beamed at him.

He looked at her, taken by surprise. "You… you really think I can be your prince?"

"That's silly, Hiro-kun!" She smiled sweetly at him. "You've always been my prince!"


Taking in all the sweet love and life…


Hanajima was at the dojo again, watching Kazuma practice. She had taken to wearing blue more often now, and she didn't wear black that much.

"Hey, Kazuma-kun!" She called and he walked to sit next to her.

"Yeah?" He wiped the sweat from his face with a towel.

"I've been thinking. Maybe you'd like to teach me a little bit of martial arts?" She leaned on him.

"Why not?" He slipped his hand into hers, which were now clean, with no black nail polish adorning them.


La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la…


"Kagura?" Kagura's boyfriend reached over the table at the restaurant to hold her hand. "Do you love me?"

"Huh?" Kagura looked up at him with wide eyes. "Yeah…"

"I mean, do you really love me, with nothing else in the equation? Do you love me with your whole heart?" He looked deep into her eyes.

Kagura was silent as she closed her eyes and dug deep into her heart. She opened her eyes a moment later, a smile playing on her lips. She squeezed his hand. "Yes. Yes, I love you… I really love you!" There were tears at the corners of her eyes.

"Good. I really love you too."

Thank you, and goodbye, Kyo-kun… Kagura thought as she leaned over the table to kiss the man.


Akito taught us to live life to the fullest, and take chances for the people you love. No matter what…


A tomboy woman sat at a table across from Shigure. She was wearing men's clothing and leaning back in her chair. "Okay," She said. "If we're going to write a novel together, we have to go through some rules. First of all—" She looked up to see the author smiling at her. She scowled. "What?"

"It's just that…" Shigure laughed. "You remind me a lot of someone I used to know." His laugh faded into a sad smile. "You know, I could learn to really like you, Akio."

The woman blushed slightly, but the scowl stayed on her face. "Like I was saying…"


Drinking up all this good love and life…


"Okay Nii-san. See you then." Yuki snapped his cell closed and looked back up at Machi. "Sorry about that, my brother called. So, did you like the Mogeta movie?"

"Yeah, but it was kind of awkward, surrounded by all these little children." She laughed softly.

"You know…" Yuki rested his arms on her shoulders. "You smile and laugh more and more these days. I like it…"

"That's because I love you more and more these days." She leaned up and kissed him.

"No more black…" Yuki broke off from the kiss.


Yuki closed his eyes and smiled. "It's not black anymore. My life, it's not black. I don't have to be alone… There's no more black…" Yuki laughed and picked up Machi, twirling her around. "Thank you, Machi." And Tohru too…


La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la…


Tohru clipped the last of the laundry to the line and stretched. Today has been tiring. She looked up to see Kyo on the roof. She smiled and climbed up after him.

"Kyo-kun!" Kyo jumped a little at the sound of her voice, but scooted over so she could curl up next to him.

They both looked out into the fading light in the distance. The blue sky gave away to orange and crimson streaks, the last of the golden rays of sunlight disappearing behind the buildings in the distant city.

"The sunset really is beautiful, isn't it?" Tohru wrapped her arms around Kyo's one arm and hugged it. Kyo leaned his head to the side to rest on top of hers.

Akito…You really did love the juunishi in the end, didn't you? You gave your life for them. Thank you.

"Yeah…" He replied. "It would be nice to just sit here in this moment forever…"

We'll all live our life to the fullest for you…

"Yes… That would be… wonderful." The couple watched to last rays of light give away to the sparkle of stars and the glow of the moon.

No matter what…


Taking in all the sweet love and life.


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