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Kazeiro no Hitomi

"Wind Colored Eyes"

By Kaze no Ato


Kenshin sat huddled in a corner of his room, the sparse things in his room having been completely destroyed in his last attempt to keep his other self from coming forth. The bed was shredded; he still wasn't quite sure how that had happened. It had happened the last time that he went to bed. He hadn't slept in a week and a half.

"Go away, just go away." He murmured, clawing at his face.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. I believe we've been through this. You know I'm not going to leave. Nothing is going to make me leave… this you also know.

Can't you just let me have some peace? You don't need to come out, just stay inside.

But I can do the things that you can't. You can't show Kaoru that you care for her… I can do that and more.

NO! NO! NO! NO! I don't want to, and you can't either.

You're slipping, Kenshin. I can feel your will weakening, and soon you won't be able to keep me at bay any longer. I will be able to do what I want, without you interfering. And you'll know everything that I do. Everything.


"Shinomori, you know as well as I do that Kamiya-san doesn't need to be here any longer. I am afraid if she remains here much more, that something terrible will happen to her." Hiko stated solemnly, staring Aoshi in the eye.

"Seijuro-san, what you have come forward with regarding Himura Kenshin's mental state is very disturbing news. Why is it that I am just now hearing about this?" Aoshi demanded while still keeping his cool.

"He's been doing so well since then, Shinomori." Hiko shook his head, sinking into the chair opposite Aoshi. "For some reason, Kamiya-san sparked something within him. Perhaps she reminded him of Tomoe, with her caring attitude and the willingness to help him."

"I see. You are correct in your assessment, then. Kamiya-san is to be released soon, and Himura-san will be transferred to a ward for the criminally insane."

Hiko shut his eyes tightly. He had tried so hard to keep Kenshin from the harshness of a crimial mental ward, he knew the way the patients were treated in places such as that. Hiko hated to admit it, but perhaps his parental instincts and want to protect the young man who had been a son to him had put Kamiya Kaoru in danger. The man stood and walked from the office of his colleague.

"I'm sorry." Aoshi murmured as he watched the retreating form of a man who had become a friend to him.


This was it. She was being released from the mental hospital and going back home, a place she desperately didn't want to be. The raven-haired girl wanted to be here, wanted to help the man with those beautiful eyes and a tortured soul. There was nothing she could do to stop it, either. Kamiya Kaoru knew she was well enough to go home, and that was that. She had spent the morning saying her good-byes, even to the brat Yahiko. Seijuro-san, Sae and Tae, Misao and everyone else she could think of. Everyone that is, except Kenshin, who had refused to come out of his room unless it was necessary to do so. Kaoru stood at his door, a piece of a paper in her hands. Crouching, she pushed the paper under the door. A last glance at the door, she left.

Miyako and Eiji stood there, awaiting Kaoru to join them. Eiji stepped forward as Kaoru neared. "Are you ready to go, Kaoru?" he asked her.

"Yeah, I am. Let's go." She murmured, dejectedly.


Kenshin stared at the letter that was pushed under his door, it wasn't a very large piece of paper and had three lines written upon it. He crawled across the floor, mocking laughter echoing in his head causing him to stumble slightly. When the redhead reached the letter, he picked it up gingerly and read it.

"They take me away

I miss your wind-colored eyes

Do not forget me"

His heart broke as he read the simple Haiku that was written in Kaoru's flourishing scrawl. Tears fell from his dulled eyes, but he was thankful that she was gone. He couldn't hurt her if… A searing pain arced through his head, causing him to curl on the cold floor.

Hmm, they took her away from us. Naughty, naughty people. Don't they know I always get what I want? You can't stop me now, Kenshin. Goodbye, my weaker half. It's my time to shine.

"No…" Kenshin tried to yell, but the word wasn't more than a whisper as he blacked out.

When he came to, his eyes were heavily flecked with gold and a sinister smile played upon his lips. He was free, and there would be no stopping him. He gathered his clothes, changing to make himself more presentable. For the first time in more than a week, Kenshin stepped from his room. Walking down the hall, he began to think of how he was going to get to Kaoru when he heard his name being called. Looking over his shoulder, he spotted Sanousuke waving to him.

"Kenshin! Man, am I glad to see you. I just caught Jou-chan as she was leaving, she said that you weren't leaving your room. I was getting really worried." Sano said, walking up beside Kenshin.

"Aa, she was right. But Kaoru isn't here anymore, so it's safe for me to be out now." Kenshin replied, doing his best to act as his other personality would. "Let's go out to the courtyard to talk, I'll show you where I always went."

"Sounds great, I'm glad that you're feeling better Kenshin." Sano said, walking a bit ahead of Kenshin.

Sano couldn't see the evil smile on Kenshin's face as he whispered, "As am I."

Their walk was a quick one, and those they passed were happy to see Kenshin out and about again. Kenshin moved the ivy covering the hidden retreat and motioned for Sano to go in ahead of him. They sat a while in silence, before Sano spoke.

"I can see why you like this place. It's nice, quiet and you can almost forget you're inside a mental hospital." Sano said, smiling.

"There's another reason I wanted to bring you here, Sanousuke." Kenshin said, turning to his friend. "I wanted no one to see your death."

"What the hell? Kenshin…wha--!" Sano's sentence was cut short as Kenshin's muscled hand pinned his throat, cutting off his air supply. "Gaah… ah!"

"You see, Sanousuke, your friend is no longer in control of this body. I am, and I will retain control of this body. You see, Kaoru will be mine and no one is going to stop me." Kenshin squeezed Sano's throat again, a strangled cry escaping from the young man. "Goodbye, Sagara Sanousuke. You will soon be one less person in my way of getting to my prize. Kamiya Kaoru."

The last thing Sanousuke saw, before his his windpipe was crushed and his life ended, was the golden eyes of a killer. Kenshin's hand slipped from his throat, Sano's body making a soft thud as it hit the grass. A smile came to Kenshin's face as he drug Sanousuke's body under the ivy for further protection from prying eyes. "Mm, who else will be in my way..?"