Chapter 1 'journey to a familiar land.'

"TITANS TROUBLE!" Yelled Robin loudly.

Raven dropped her book. Beast Boy put down his game controller. Cyborg rolled out from under the T-car. And Starfire dropped Silkie's leash and bolted into the main room.

When the 4 of them finally reached the main room Robin was standing in front of the computer he looked almost confused.

"Where's the trouble?" Asked Raven.

"Who is it this time, Mad Mod, Mumbo, Adonis-."

Robin quickly cut Beast Boy off. "It's…not around here." Said Robin confused.

"What Gotham doesn't have enough heroes up there or something?" Asked Cyborg.

Robin shook his head and turned back to the computer. "It's…in Lamumba." He said.

"Please what is a Lamumba?" Asked Starfire confused.

"It's a place in upper Africa."

All of the titans turned to Beast Boy mouth gaped. "What?" He asked shrugging.

"Sense when do you know about Africa?" Asked Cyborg.

"I just do." Mumbled Beast Boy a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Anyway." Said Robin. "Someone's gotta stay here and protect Jump City." Robin looked around at his teammates. "Any volunteers?"

"I-." Began Beast Boy.

"I shall stay here with you Robin." Said Starfire cheerfully.

"Ummmm…Star I really wasn't going to-." Robin looked at Starfire her eyes shimmering. "OK." He said smiling at her. "So…Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy…umm…I guess you guys should pack, you'll be leaving tomorrow at 5 o'clock." Robin smiled brightly at Starfire.

Raven rolled her eyes and left the room without a sound.

"See ya latter ya'll." Said Cyborg he walked out the door too.

Beast Boy walked back over to the couch and turned on the game-station.

"Friend Beast Boy…you do not wish to also pack?" Asked Starfire popping up from behind the couch.

"Nah…I'll pack tomorrow." Said Beast Boy pressing the start button.

"You're going to pack at 5 o'clock in the morning?" Asked Robin. "It's a miracle if you're usually up by 10." Said Robin.

"Did you just say five in the morning…DUDE! I thought you meant in the afternoon." Complained Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy you do realize how far Africa is away from us right?" Asked Robin.

Beast Boy sighed. "Yes." He stood up and drug his feet out the door.

"So Robin what shall we do while our friends are gone?" Asked Starfire smiling at him.

"Ummm…" Said Robin nervously.


Beast Boy was in his room sitting on his bed. He was going back. Going back to the one place that he never wanted to return to. He could still see the vivid image of that river, and the boat, and-. Beast Boy shook his head trying to get rid of all of the painful memories. He stood up walked over to his closet and drug out a rather large suitcase and threw it on top of his bed.

He then began to rummage around his room looking for things to take along on the trip. Why there. I'd go anyplace but back there.

Beast Boy picked up some clothing from the floor, it looked clean enough. He shrugged and threw it into his suitcase.

"Maybe if I just explain to Robin calmly that I don't want to go I could just-."

"You chickening out?" Asked a calm monotonous voice from the door.

Beast Boy turned around. There was Raven leaning against the doorway her hood covering her face. "No! I'm not chickening out I just…" Beast Boy paused briefly and looked down. He found a small picture clutched in his hand. He turned it over there was a man in the photo he was pretty tall around the height of six feet. Beside him was a woman that was a bit shorter then him and in front of them was a little boy no older then the age of 4. Beast Boy froze and looked at the picture his eyes going wide.

"Are…you OK?" Asked Raven walking up behind him.

Beast Boy jumped and spun around hiding the picture behind his back. "Never better…why?" Asked Beast Boy smiling brightly.

Raven gave him a questioning look. "All right…well Robin wants us up by four thirty tomorrow because he said that we have to be on the flight by five." Said Raven.

Beast Boy groaned. "And I thought getting up at five was too early." He complained. "Oh well I guess I should get some shut eye."

"Beast Boy it's six o'clock at night…it's still daylight outside." Said Raven.

"I need my beauty sleep." Stated Beast Boy.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Whatever, see you tomorrow then." And with that she left without another sound.

"Night Rae!" Called Beast Boy.

He watched the door swish closed and quickly he pulled out the picture from behind his back. "I thought I'd lost this?" Whispered Beast Boy. He pulled himself back onto the bed and continued to study the picture. Pretty soon he found his eyes beginning to close and before he knew it he was fast asleep at the foot of his bed.

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Oh and if your wondering what Lamumba is. It's the place Beast Boy use to live when he was in Africa as a kid. At least I think.