Chapter 11 'I won't leave you'

Raven woke up the next morning the sun shining through the tent into her eyes.

"Ugh…why is it so bright?" Raven gasped grabbing her throat. "I-I can talk." She said almost smiling…almost.

Raven quickly climbed out of the tent. She had to tell Beast Boy that he really wasn't going to be getting parents back. "Beast Boy." She said looking around.

Cyborg was sitting on the ground looking depressed. "Hey Rae, looks like you can talk again." He said. "You ready to go?" He asked.

Raven looked at him skeptically. "Where's Beast Boy?" She asked.

"He's gone Rae." Said Cyborg. "Left early this morning, said something about going to see that Philip guy and ran."

"No." Whispered Raven. "We have to save him." She said.

"We, have to get on the plane." Said Cyborg.

"No, you don't understand." She snapped some random objects blowing up. "They weren't really his parents, they were holograms. Something's going to happen to Beast Boy." Yelled Raven.

Cyborg looked at her confused. "You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Snapped Raven. "I'm leaving." She said taking off into the jungle.

Cyborg groaned following her.


Beast Boy pushed the lab door open. "Ummm…hello?" he asked peeking his head inside. "Philip? Phil? Dude you in here?"

There were a few crashing sounds from somewhere in the lab. "Garfield." Came a voice from behind him. "I wasn't expecting you this early." Said Philip.

"Yeah, uhhh…sorry about that but umm…I don't think I can do this." He said.

"What?" Asked Philip slightly angry. "Why not?"

"I've lived without my parents for about half my life and while I'd love to see them again…I can't be without my friends…without Raven." He whispered.

"I see." Said Philip. "I knew I should have gotten rid of her a different way." He whispered.

"What?" Asked Beast Boy his pointed ears perking up. "It was you wasn't it…you were the one who made her unable to speak, you were the one who tried to kill her." He said.

Philip chuckled. "You're more clever then they give you credit for." He said.

Beast Boy shot a glare at him and looked around the lab. Suddenly something caught his eye; the tubes that once held his parents were empty. "Where did you-."

Philips eyes became fearful.

"They were never really there…then what did you really want?" Asked Beast Boy.

Philip smirked. "Garfield I'm hurt, you don't trust me?"

"You tried to kill Raven." Said Beast Boy.

"She was going to ruin my plan." Said Philip. "You see Garfield, by taking some of your DNA and injecting it into myself, I'll have the ability to transform into animals too. I could rule all of Africa with those powers."

"I'm leaving." Said Beast Boy.

"Where will you go, your friends are already gone, their plane took off a half an hour ago." Said Philip.

Beast Boy's ears drooped. "This is all your fault." He said anger rising.

Philip chuckled. "Garfield-."

"My name's Beast Boy." He said.

Philip watched him amused. But his amusement suddenly turned into fear as he saw him transform into a hideous looking creature…the beast was unleashed.

"Now Gar-Beast Boy don't-."

The beast swiped a claw at him knocking him against the wall and making him smash into a few chemicals.

Philip stood up shakily. "You win don't-." he was cut short by the beast letting out a loud howl and smashing him into the other wall knocking over some test tubes and shattering Philip with glass.

The beast walked up to Philip looking down at the man. He had obviously knocked him unconscious. Beast Boy quickly transformed back to himself looking sadly around the room. "Raven." He whispered sadly. Beast Boy slumped down the wall. He had nowhere to go anymore, he was stuck in Africa.

He put his head into his hands. "Raven, why did I ever agree to this, I wish this never would have happened." He said his voice echoing throughout the lab. "I should have told you when I realized it…but I had to be like my stupid self. I just wish I could see you again and tell you that I…I love you Rae."

"I love you too."

Beast Boy jumped looking up to see Raven and Cyborg standing by the doorway.

"GUYS! I thought you left!" Yelled Beast Boy springing up and bolting over to them.

"We couldn't leave without you man…I mean who would I beat at gamestation?" Asked Cyborg.

"And who would bug me when I'm meditating?" Asked Raven.

Beast Boy smiled. "That's true." He said. "Wait…Raven did you say that-."

"Yes." Stated Raven a small smile playing on her lips.

Beast Boy quickly pulled her into a hug. Raven felt herself blush and just as she was about to speak Beast Boy pressed his lips against hers pulling her into a long kiss.

"Awwww now isn't that sweet." Said Cyborg.

They both broke away blushing furiously.

"So…how are we gonna get home?" Asked Beast Boy.

"Don't worry." Said Cyborg. "I called Robin on the way here…he's stalling the plane."

"Can he do that?" Asked Raven.


"I'm telling you my girlfriend's pet is stuck on that plane." Said Robin from the other end of the phone.

Starfire seemed to brighten at the mention of her being his girlfriend.

"Sir, you've been going on about this pet of your girlfriend's but you have yet to tell me what type of pet it is." Said the pilot.

Robin laughed nervously. "Well, you see it's a-."

Starfire pulled the phone away from him. "His name is Silkie, he is a mutant silkworm and I am lost without him, please find my bumgorf." She said sobbing into the phone.

"Okay little lady we'll find him for you."

Starfire began crying louder. "I am fearful that he is not on the plane. Please do not take off until you have found him." Said Starfire sniffling.

"All right." Said the pilot trying to calm her down. "We won't take off till we find…Silkie was it?"

"Yes…thank you!" Said Starfire her cheery personality back. "Have a wonderful day." She said hanging up the phone.

Robin blinked looking at Starfire. "You're a good actress Star." Said Robin.

"Thank you Robin…you are a wonderful actress yourself." She said.

Robin laughed. "I'll take that as a compliment."

Suddenly the screen flashed on Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg were staring at them. "Yo Robin we're boarding the plane. You can stop stalling the pilot now." Said Cyborg.

"Okay." Said Robin. The screen went blank. "How are we gonna do that?" He asked turning to Starfire.

Starfire grabbed the phone and dialed some numbers. "Hello? I have just recently called about my pet silkworm…you remember me yes?" She asked.

"Yes." Said the pilot. "Is there a problem…we didn't take off yet if-."

"I believe he was inside if my purse this whole time." Said Starfire. "But thank you anyway." She said hanging up the phone.

The pilot slammed the phone down glaring. "Stupid kids, last time I listen to one of those over emotional teenagers." He mumbled.

Robin looked at Starfire then back to the phone and cracked up laughing.

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