Note: quite a few chapters will be narration until Karania achieves her Pokemon Mastery. This should take a few chapters, and I'm not sure that I'm going to write out badge battle sequences for every badge, as this story does not center around that. Also please remember that this is a pokemon/star wars fic, so there will be more Jedi stuff than actual battling, unless you count Jedi fighting.

Different But How?


"Different" that was the words that always rang through Karania's head as the other psychics spoke about her powers. "Not like us" was another phrase they used to refer to the fact that Karania's powers were unlike anything they had ever seen before. Karania didn't understand why she was different from the other psychics when she thought that she was one of them, which they disagreed and said that she wasn't since she could do things they couldn't. Karania couldn't place it but she felt that she was a part of some group that she wasn't aware of. Could it be this highly rumored Jedi ideal that they referred to as the Force? Karania didn't know, though she hoped that she would discover eventually who or what she truly was so that others wouldn't just say that she was different from them.

Karania still remembered those times during her childhood as her powers surfaced. She remembered that her mother had taken her to train under Sabrina for a while until Karania's powers grew even stronger than those of Sabrina, and Sabrina was forced to let Karania go to learn how to control her powers on her own. Easier said than done, Karania had thought at the time when she had no one to offer direction to her when she desperately needed assistance in honing her powers to be all that they could be. Those were the years while Karania was searching for the meaning behind the ancient pokemon prophecy about the Girl of Legend, Karania had heard rumors that people thought that she was the Girl of Legend since she had seen many legendaries over the years she had been training to hone her powers with no thought whatsoever of becoming a trainer until Lance, the Dragon Master of the Kanto Elite Four said something when he saw her and saw that she didn't participate in any of the battles, even though she was sixteen, that were taking place at the annual festival that was being held at the Indigo Plateau. Karania remembered that Lance had hinted that her powers were strong enough that she could help many people immensely if she trained to become a Pokemon Master. Karania thought his words were true and so she began her quest with her pokemon license and one Master Ball, since the starter pokemon had run out at Professor Oak's Lab. The Master Ball was supplied by Lance, who suggested that she begin her quest in the Johto region, which was located a little beyond the Indigo plateau up a dusty path a ways until you came to a town that was known as New Bark Town. This was where Karania registered to compete and so her quest began in the Johto region.

Karania remembered that shortly after registering for the Johto league, she ran into Suicune, the legendary water beast that was native to the Johto region. Surprisingly enough Suicune didn't flee when she saw Karania but bowed her head and knelt forward on her front legs as a way of saying "You're special, I want to go with you." Karania was surprised nonetheless, but she threw the Master Ball Lance had given her at Suicune and easily caught it. This sealed the moment in time when the Girl of Legend was revealed. The Girl of Legend, Karania Avalon, had been found.