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The fic is after the anime, so everyone else thought that Hao was dead... There!

Chapter 1: Spirit of Fire

Hao was laying down on the grass. It was a peaceful evening. (Okay so in my fic, Hao's 'partners' are not here.) He was there to look at the stars of course... It seemed that this night was different. He felt that something was bound to happen.

"Hmm? Doushita no Spirit of Fire?"(Hmm? Whats wrong Spirit of Fire?) Hao questioned. Spirit of Fire was acting differently recently.

"The stars looks nice tonight doesn't it?" Hao said. "You want to visit Yoh?" Hao's smile disappeared.

"Why are you asking me to visit Yoh?" Hao replied with a bit of anger in his voice, Spirit of Fire flinched. (Fine, the Spirit of Fire CAN talk or communicate telephatically with Hao.)

"I just want to see you happy again, Yoh is the only person that can make you happy... Maybe, he will, you know, be happy as well?" Spirit of Fire said.

"Happy? (now Hao is annoyed) You're telling me that Yoh is going to be happy? Did you see him before? He was mad, he was disappointed, all his friends hate me. So Yoh will hate me as well!" Hao shouted back.


"I want to be alone now," Hao replied, trying to lower down his anger for the moment. Spirit of Fire disappeared in flames...

Spirit of Fire is now doubtful, regretting that he said that to his master. He was thinking that Hao doesn't even need him anymore. He felt sad because he knew what Hao felt. But he knew that Hao really missed Yoh so much, Hao hoped that they will meet each other again.

Now Spirit of Fire wants to leave Hao's side, he thought he was useless. /Should I go back to the Great Spirit/ he thought. After a few minutes. /I don't think so. They would probably not accept me./

Suddenly, it began to rain...

"Hmmm... Ame (rain), I better go and find Spirit of Fire now..." Hao thought..

Tiny droplets of water started to fall down on the Spirit of Fire...

Then, the Spirit of Fire felt... pain.

Water started to extinguish SoF (Spirit of Fire). He was dying, fast. He has to go to shelter now, then he thought. /This is the perfect way. This is the only way I can leave Hao's side./



It was nice meeting you...

Hao felt something. Something was terribly wrong. He has to find SoF now and find shelter through the rain.

"Spirit of Fire! Where are you!" Hao looked here and there but couldn't find him...

He smelled smoke. Then he saw smoke. He immediately ran to that place. When he reached there, he saw a black figure, laying down on the cold muddy floor. He went nearer and nearer to the figure and...

"Spirit of Fire?... Is that you?..." Tears started to stroll down Hao's cheek..

He rested his head on SoF, then he slept...

"...Spirit of Fire..."

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