The Floods of Hell & The Flames of Heaven

It Begins...

Tasuki watched in silent fear as the beast tore through the flesh and meat, greedily chewing and swallowing before repeating in a hurried frenzy of starvation. His eyebrow twitched a little as he slowly placed the fourth plate of turkey meat and potatoes down before it. He quickly inched backwards in fear of losing a hand in her starved feeding.

"…A-are ya sure ya don't know anyone by the name of Miaka," he asked the teenager as she ate plate after plate that was given to her in an appetite that rivaled Miaka's own. " Maybe an unknown cousin, or something?"

"Yeff, I'm posiiiitiff," came the garbled reply for the girl.

A light giggle escaped Ami as she watched the reaction of the red haired bandit to the young princess's appetite. The blue haired prodigy had long since finished her own meal and was now currently seated on the edge of the rather bumpy straw cot she had awoken in about an hour earlier, currently watching her young princess stuff her face for all that it was worth. The reactions of the bandits were added amusement.

Tucking a few strands behind her ear she let her ocean blue eyes drift to that of the flame haired bandit. He had introduced himself as Genrou, leader of the Mt. Leikaku Bandits. From what she had seen, he had quite the temper on him, one to rival that of Chibi-Usa's own. However, she felt no evil within him, no sense of dread came to her at the presence of him, and thus she felt no need to be incredibly wary of him. On the other hand, the thought that he pillaged and stole for a living was a bit unnerving in some sense.

Her blue gaze lowered to the glass of water in hand before she lifted it to her still lightly parched lips and drank. For the past hour they hadn't really spoken about anything. Which Ami was silently grateful for, she didn't think her mind could work with thinking in the state it had been in. Now, though, with food in her belly and her thirst quenched, questions were slowly beginning to arise in her slowly unhazing mind.

"Excuse me, Mr. Genrou" Ami finally spoke up, her mind now set on getting some information. Though it still hurt to talk, she could now speak above a whisper, thankfully. "You mentioned a girl named Miaka, and another world earlier, what do you mean?"

Tasuki, who was still starring at the girl's eating frenzy only now shifted his gaze to the woman, Ami if he recalled correctly. He thought for a moment and then helped himself to a nearby wall, folding his arms and leaning back against it. "Well, where are ya from?"

"Um, Tokyo, Japan," Ami replied. Her brows furrowed slightly in confusion.

Tasuki nodded knowingly, "Yep. Well, sorry at break it to ya lady, but this ain't To-kyo, Japan. I believe Miaka referred to this world as Ancient China."

"Ancient China?" Ami repeated. Her confusion mounted. "I don't understand…"

"You came by book, no da," a voice echoed out from beyond the closed wooden doorway. Seconds later it opened revealing the familiar face of a smiling monk, by the looks of him anyway.

"Chichiri!" Tasuki was immediately shouting. He was before the man, and looking very unhappy within seconds. "You dirty bastard! I can't believe you left me here like that!"

The monk, Chichiri, only laughed lightly at the man's reaction. His brows furrowed a little as he then pointed to the bandit's reddish nose, "Tasuki, what happened to you?"

"What happened! You left me her that's what happened!" Tasuki pointed to the pink haired teen that had paused in her eating to peer at the two. " That little brat is a demon!"

"Hey! You ya calling a demon you damn Fire throwing Monster!" the girl immediately snapped as she stood. Her pink hair seemed to puff with her anger, as hands balled at her sides. In one hand a knife, and in the other a turkey leg: a very scary sight nonetheless.


"So, you mean to tell me," Chichiri started as he looked between the two fuming beings, " you got beat up by a little girl Tasuki, no da?"

"What!" The man immediately fell to the ground in disbelief.

"That's right! And I'll do it again!" The girl said proudly.

"You didn't beat me up!" Tasuki shouted back as he quickly sat back up and glared at the teen.

"Yes I did!"

"Did Not!"

"Did too!"

"Did- GAH!" Tasuki yelped in pain as the back of his head was greeted harshly by the metal head of the monk's staff. "Chichiri! What was that for!"

"Now now Tasuki, I thought you got out of this phase, no da," Chichiri chided nonchalantly as the younger man fumed even more.

Ami, who had silently observed the events with silent amusement, now eyed the monk carefully. Her memories were foggy, but she was sure she had seen him before.

"Get outta here monk!…" There were the bandits that attacked them, and this is Mt. Leikaku Bandit territory…"

"Come. Walking might not be the best way to get there, no da?…Now just hold on, no da."

"You," Ami stated. " You were the one that saved us!"

Chichiri's brows rose as his smiling eyes turned to the woman. His smile widened a little as he nodded, " Ah! Yes that was me, no da." He shifted his gaze to the younger of the two women for a moment, who had returned to her meal, and then back to the one who spoke to him. " I'm glad to see you both are awake and well!"

"Yes," Ami replied with a grateful smile. "Thank you, for your help…"

"Chichiri," the monk finished for her before bowing to her in respectful greeting. "And it was my pleasure, no da!" The monk straightened at that before pondering slightly, " And your names?"

"Oh!" Ami exclaimed, embarrassed by her manors. She had not even introduced Chibi-Usa or herself, to either of the men. She immediately rose to her feet and bowed in response, "Forgive me. My name is Muzino Ami." She motioned then to Chibi-Usa who was finishing up the last of her food, " and this is Tsukino Usagi."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you both, isn't it Tasuki?" Chichiri grinned as Tasuki frowned heavily.

"…Yeah, right," was the sarcastic reply from the bandit.

Ami slowly lowered herself back to the cot as she watched the two men. She concluded they had known each other for a very long time, a definite brotherly bond was noted. However, her mind did not linger on the two men's relationship at the moment and rather on the monk's earlier statement. "You mentioned something about a book Mr. Chichiri."

"Hmm, oh yes," came the somewhat distracted reply from the monk who seemed to have been silently scrutinizing both her own and Chibi Usa's appearance. " You two aren't the first to come to this world from another. From what we've been told, this world is from a book, called The Universe of the Four Gods."

"Yeah, the last girl to come was Yuuki Miaka, she was from that To-kyo, Japan too," Tasuki inserted.

Ami's mind worked over this small information before they widened slightly. She recalled the book title, "This Miaka, did she have brown hair, and have a man with Blackish blue hair? Pregnant even?"

"Yeah, the is Tamahome," Tasuki replied with a blink.

"Have you met them before Miss. Mizuno?"

"Yeah, they were in the library where I work, looking for a book: The Universe of the Four Gods," Ami's brows furrowed even more as she tried to recall the events. " It was upstairs in the reference room, and then Usa…." Ami trailed off as her gaze shifted to the now nervous Princess more bits of memory flashed back to her as she did so.

In turn both Chichiri and Tasuki shifted their gaze to the girl. Chibi-Usa fiddled slightly at that before squeezing her eyes shut, " How was I supposed to know it was a magic book!"

"Usa! You weren't even supposed to be in that room!" Ami chided with a heavy frown.

"Where else was I going to hide? I didn't want the janitor yelling at me for spilling my coke," the girl now whined, her eyes immediately turning watery. "Miss Mita already hates me enough as it is!"

"…Usa," Ami sighed before lifting a hand to her head that began to throb once more. "Well, there isn't anything we can do now."

"On the contrary," Chichiri broke in. "My former teacher, Taiitsu-kun, might be able to help you, but she wants to meet your first."

"You mean we have to go to see that old hag!" Tasuki yelped. The mere thought of seeing that scary old face again sent chills up his spine.

"I'm sure she'll be happy to see you again too Tasuki," Chichiri replied happily before looking to the woman once more. "We can leave once you are feeling well enough."

Ami watched the two men for a moment, her mind slowly turning over the options in her head. There was little else they could do, considering their situation, and thus result in a nod. "Alright, I want to leave as soon as possible."

"Tomorrow morning then?" Chichiri inquired, only to receive a satisfied nod from the woman.

"I'll get my men to prepare a few horses," Tasuki said. Standing he moved to the doorway, " and maybe some better clothes for you. I really don't think that dress'll hold up the entire trip."

Ami blinked a little and glanced down at herself, a blush soon consuming her cheeks. Indeed her sundress was little more the tattered rags now. If not for the bandages on her, the dress would be revealing more then necessary!

"Th-thank you Mr. Genrou," came the bashful reply.

"You two should get some more rest, no da," Chichiri told them, before smiling politely. "And don't either of you worry, we'll find a way to get you back home to your world! Promise!"

With that the men left, leaving the remaining senshi to themselves.

Ami sighed softly before slowly placing the glass of water onto the floor. She laid down upon her side starring at the opposite wall afterwards.

"Ami?" Chibi-Usa inquired softly. Slowly she stood and made her way over to the woman, sitting on the floor before her on her knees. "I'm really sorry about this."

"It's alright Usa," Ami replied. "You couldn't have known, so don't worry. It wasn't your fault. We should get some rest though, I have a feeling we have a long road ahead of us."

Chibi Usa reluctantly nodded at that before climbing to her feet once more.

Ami listened to the petite feet as they moved across the floor and to the other cot. She closed her eyes then, shifting enough in the bumpy bed to pull the harsh blanket over her form. Slowly, but surely she let herself be consumed by the pleasant drowsiness of sleep.

"….Are we there yet?"

"No we're not there yet…"

"Are we there now?"

"No. We're. not. There!"

"Are we-"

"WILL YOU STOP ASKIN' THAT DAMN QUESTION!" Tasuki glared at the pink haired girl that trotted along side him, his patience all but worn thin. "WE'RE NOT THERE YET! WE'VE ONLY BEEN RIDING FOR TWO HOURS!"

"WELL I'M TIRED OF RIDING!" Chibi Usa snapped back from where she sat behind Ami, her sugar pink hues narrowing dangerously at the bandit. " The saddle is uncomfortable, my butt hurts, I'm bored out of my mind, and I'm hungry!"

"Ya just ate before we left!"

"That was two hours ago!"


Ami sighed softly as she felt the throbbing in her head grow suddenly worse. She shifted her gaze to the argumentative duo and towards the horse a few meters ahead of them. Having Usa and this Bandit leader go at it reminded her a lot of when Usagi and Rei would fight constantly on no end. Unfortunately, this was a tad bit worse. It was the same fight. Usa would complain and complain, and Genrou, or was it Tasuki (she was confused by the name difference in which the monk called the man and what the bandits called him) would lose his wits about him and go off on the girl. Thus causing said reaction.

"Well if you hadn't been rushing me I might have actually gotten full!"

"You ate five plates!"

"Only five plates!"

Ami's brows furrowed as she tired to let her mind work over the continuous ranting between the man and the girl.

The Universe of the Four Gods, or more accurately titled The Universe of Four God's Sky and Earth, rung strangely familiar to the blue haired prodigy. And yet she couldn't quite pinpoint from where she had heard the story, or more so the myth. The story she was stuck in wasn't what sounded so familiar, but the title: The four gods. It was so familiar.

Her gaze drifted up once more to peer at the back of the monk that led them on horse back. They were headed towards the Eiyou, capital of Konan ( the land she learned she was in). From there they were to head to Mt. Taikyoku, home for Chichiri's teacher, Taiistu-kun. Of course the entire trip would take the better portion of the week, and it was now that Ami only realized how tiresome this would be. Never before had she wished for a car as she did now.

Though Ami had to agree Usagi's incessant ramblings were annoying, the girl did have a point. For two people used to walking small distances, and riding in cars and subways, horseback was really painful! She knew she was going to be saddle sore before they even reached the first of many small villages that apparently littered the country.

Deciding to keep her mind distracted by other things aside from her growing soreness and irritation, she turned her gaze to the bandit who rode along side the horse Usagi and she shared and tilted her head curiously.

"Mr. Genrou?" she inquired, "If you don't mind me asking, why is it that Mr. Chichiri calls you Tasuki, unlike everyone else?"

Tasuki, who was fuming silently to himself, arched a brow at the girl's question. They didn't really explain everything the night before, he supposed, and perhaps conversation would help keep the brat quiet.

"It's my Seishi 1 name," Tasuki replied.

"Seishi name?"

"Yeah," came the reply as the bandit shrugged. "To tell you the truth, Genrou ain't my real name either. Tasuki is the name of the constellation I represent as one of the Suzaku Seven."

"And the name Genrou?"

"Meh, just the name given to the leader of the Leikaku Bandits."

"So then, what is your real name?" Usagi asked as she leaned her head against Ami's back, a subtle yawn escaping her.

"Kou Shun'u, but the only people who call me that is family," he momentarily cringed at the thought of his sisters and mother.

Ami laughed slightly at the visible shutter the man gave at the mention of his family, "I take it you're not too fond of them?"

"Growing up five older sisters isn't exactly nice ya know," Tasuki frowned. He still recalled countless hours upon hours of forced into his older sister's schemes and games, from dress up to house. Anytime he hadn't played with one of them, they'd beat him up! It was one of many reasons he had left home when he was so young, to get away from those 'damn women'.

"So then, I suppose Mr. Chichiri has a different name as well?" Ami inquired momentarily letting her gaze drift to the monk.

"Yeah, I guess so," Tasuki said with a shrug, "Houjun I think.."

"Wait," Usagi started with a frown. She lifted her head a little to eye Tasuki skeptically," You guys are close friends but you're not even sure of his real name?"

"Hey, I never bothered to ask!"

"What kind of friend are you!"

"Me! What about you!"

"What's that supposed to mean!"

Hence the arguing continued.

The next few hours passed slowly, too slowly for Ami's taste. The incessant fights between the bandit and her princess were starting to rake on her nerves now, and more then once she had contemplated on shoving Usa off the horse and onto the bandit's own for the two to duke it out. However her shy nature kept her lips pursed tightly closed.

Ami's gaze shifted towards their guide who only spoke back to them once or twice, usually to poke fun at Tasuki, as he drew to a stop at the edge of an outcropping in the dirt. He smiled a little and turned a little on his horse, pointing over the ridge.

"Choukou Village," Chichiri informed the group as they reached him. "Just beyond that and a half a days ride out, if we avoid stopping, we'll reach Eiyou, the capital. Once we get there we should be able to rest at the palace and then head out in the morning, no da."

"So we can stop riding when we get to that village?" Usa inquired as she peeked over Ami's shoulder to look down the ridge at the village.

The village was of descent size, from what they could view from their position on the ridge. Wooden, but traditional Chinese homes and shops littered dirt road pathways and small alleyways. Currently it was bustling with life as people travel to and fro, and workers were visible out in the rice patties just beyond some of the buildings. Trees outlined the small village, and slowly grew thicker beyond it, which was quite the contrast compared the vast amount of desert and rock that surrounded the latter edge of Mt. Leikaku.

"Yep," Chichiri chimed happily. "For a little while anyway."

"Thank Goodness," Ami sighed softly, more then happy with the news.

"Well! What are we waiting for! Let's go! Last one there buys everyone lunch!" Before ami could even fathom what was happening, a resounding slap echoed in the air causing the stallion the two road upon to rear up with a ferocity. A cry of surprise escaped Ami as a laugh of excitement left her charge, and off they were, charging down the path that would lead them down from the outcropping and towards the village below.

"H-hey!" Tasuki shouted irritably after the two slightly standing in his saddle with a frown. "Why that no good little-"

"Come on Tasuki! Don't want to be the last one do you?" Chichiri called as he road past the bandit.

"What! Chichiri you too!"

That seemed to be the case as the monk road on ahead after the two girls, waving his staff in farewell to his bandit friend. Tasuki growled ferociously before he reluctantly joined in the race, muttering colorful words all the way.

"A small village, about three hours out of the mountains, the place where the bandits are," the voice spoke into the shadows where the figure stood stoically peering at one of the floating bubble like orbs, "that's where they were headed in my vision."

"Hmm," came the deep hum from the figure. A long moment of silence filled the dark expanse before he spoke up. "Enmu, send a few men there, I want them to collect her for me."

That familiar blue tinted figure stepped forward from the dense shadows to stand along side the human boy that had just given his fore sighting. "Yes Milord, right away." With a deep bow she melded back into the shadows and out of sight.

"And what of my prize?"

"I said I'd bring her to this world," the voice replied as the figure slowly moved forward, the midnight black armor adorning his body just barely visible now. "I never said I'd help you get her." The boy frowned in heavy irritation as he glared at the much taller figure. Another moment of dense silence filtered into the shadows before an audible sigh escaped him, "I'll give you the capabilities to reach your woman, but should you interfere with my plans, boy, you will have Hell to pay."

"Thank you," came the reply as he slowly lowered his head and bowed, " Lord Kung."

"And Ami and Usa for the win!" Usagi chirped with a toss of her fist in the air, her pink pig tails bouncing slightly as she did so.

Ami however was slightly pale, her knuckles white from the grip she had on the reigns and was more then happy to scramble off the saddle of the horse as it slowed to a stop within the small village boundaries. She took in a deep breath before glaring unhappily at the laughing teenager that still sat upon the steed.

"You could have gotten us killed Small Lady!"

"Oh come on Ami it wasn't that bad," came the laughing reply from the girl who worked her way off the horse.

Chichiri watched the two silently with a small smirk as he slowly road up behind them. He too dismounted as he watched the woman and the girl's exchange. He had done a lot of contemplation on the two since the night before, and he finally concluded something: they were definitely not like Miaka, spiritually anyways.

Mizuno Ami, apparently a type of 'librarian' in her world, possessed a very strong Chi, especially the night he first saw her and the strange blue glow that she emitted, a light that somewhat resembled that of Seiryu's own light he had seen years prior during Yui's Priestess Ceremony. However, the light itself was a different energy entirely from that of the blue dragon. It was far too pure, and innocent.

Then there was the girl, Usagi ( or lovingly called Chibi Usa by Ami). She acted a lot like Miaka, save for a harsher temper and a bolder confidence. There was something familiar about her though, and her Chi as well was far different then any normal being. Not as prominent as that of Ami's, but definite nonetheless. She too, though, held a sense of pure innocence to her, and underlying power.

Chichiri knitted his eyebrows together in silent contemplation as he led the group through the bustling street of the small village. Behind him he could her Ami release a small sigh as Tasuki and Usagi once more got into another shouting match, this time over paying for lunch. He pushed their voices from his mind though as he weaved through the crowd. Though he felt no ill will within the two females, they were definitely not telling Tasuki and himself something about themselves. Their reaction to waking up in a strange world was far more bold then he expected. Then again, perhaps it was just his nerves on end, with the rising threats of bandits and disturbances in the Earth's energy, it could well be just that.

"Chichiri!" Tasuki's voice soon whined out. The bandit was at his side within seconds, pointing angrily at the frowning girl who walked along side Ami. "Tell her I'm not wasting my money on her damn stomach!"

Chichiri arched a brow at Tasuki and then over his shoulder to Ami, who shot him a shy apologetic smile, and then to her pouting companion. His gaze then turned back to the man and he gave him an equally apologetic smile, "But Tasuki, you lost the race, no da!"

"You can't be serious! You're supposed to be on my side you damn monk!" Tasuki growled ferociously.

Suddenly a loud squeak echoed into the air, a pink blur suddenly rushing past them.

"Ami! Look! Aren't these too cute!" Chibi Usa squealed in delight as she reached one of the few merchant carts on the street lifting up two hand made Chinese dolls. "Oh! They're so cute! Don't you think?"

Ami smiled softly and moved past the now embarrassed monk and bandit to the girl's side to admire the dolls as well.

"Oh these are rather beautiful," Ami amended with a nod of appreciation for the craftsmanship of the porcelain doll the young girl held out to her. Carefully the woman took a hold of the doll fingering the intricate hair and clothes that adorned its figure. It was far more lavishing then the tunic and pants she was given earlier that morning, pants that were much to large and a tunic that looked more like a trench coat on her.

"Oh Ami, can I get one!" Usa squealed as she eyed the cart that was filled with different dolls of the sort, dressed in traditional Chinese garbs of vibrant colors and rich threads.

"Oh, Usa, you know we can't," Ami replied softly replacing the doll on it's perch and earning a small pout from Usagi. " We have no money."

"We don't but," Chibi Usa's eyes lit up with an idea as she turned on heal to peer at the two men standing behind them with the horses, " I bet one of you two do!"

"W-what?" Chichiri squeaked out nervously noting the glint in the young girls eyes. "Oh look, stables! How about I go and take the horses, no da!"

"Chichiri, what- Hey!" Tasuki yelped as he was once more deserted by the monk. His eyes moved from where the monk disappeared within the crowd, with the train of horses, to now peer down at the pink haired demon that managed to cover the distance between them. His eye twitched in annoyance.

"Oh, Mr. Genrou," Usa started meekly, her eyes soon turning into large ovals of watery puddle goodness, "won't you get me one of those dolls?"

"What! No way!"



"Why not!"

"BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO! Besides! Aren't you a little old for dolls!"

"Of course not!"

"I take it you really like my dolls," a voice broke in.

The three individuals shifted their gaze to the figure that stepped out of the small building the cart of porcelain dolls was standing before, and Chibi Usa almost had to blink to make sure she wasn't seeing things.

"H-Helios?" the young princess whispered, earning a glance from both her guardian and the bandit.

The boy was tall, perhaps a few years older then Chibi Usa herself, and slim in frame. He did seem to resemble the future Priest though, save his eyes were a dark forest green, and though the hair cut was might similar, the color was not of the beautiful sheen of platinum blonde the Princess remembered, but that of a dark brown which made said green eyes stand out all the more. Green eyes that only now rested upon her.

"I'm sorry?" the boy inquired.

Chibi Usa blinked at that her cheeks flaring up in embarrassment. Before she knew it she was bowing to the boy apologetically, "I'm sorry. You look remarkably like someone I know, forgive me."

"Oh! Don't worry about it, I seem to remind everyone of, well everyone," came the light hearted reply from the boy before he laughed a little.

Ami smiled softly at him and then turned her gaze to Chibi Usa. She herself never knew exactly what the famed Priest of Dreams looked like, but she supposed this was it. Her gaze moved to the cart of dolls, her curiosity peeks.

"Are these all hand made?" Ami asked.

"Yes they are," the boy replied. "From the porcelain to the clothes."

"Oh wow!" Chibi Usa chirped once more bouncing away from Tasuki who sighed in silent relief. "Whoever did these must be absolutely great! They're almost as good as the ones from my t-….erm, homeland."

"Well, they're not good, but thank you anyways," the boy blushed bashfully as he lifted a hand to scratch his head.

"You mean you made these?" Ami looked at the boy with disbelief.

"Yes Ma'am."

"They're so cute!" Usa stated once more before sighing sadly, " I wish I had money to buy one."

"Yeah well ya don't, now let's get going or do you not want your food?" Tasuki folded his arms as he tapped his foot in irritation.

"Yeah, I guess," Usa frowned a little before reluctantly turning from the cart.

The boy watched the girl for a long moment, pondering her seemingly. He turned to his cart of dolls and grabbed the one the older woman had been holding, the one he had seen the girl hand to her.

"Hey wait!" the boy called after the three that had started into the street. He was rewarded by a pause in their steps, turning to peer at him.

He approached the pink haired girl and held out the doll, "Here."

Chibi Usa blinked a little glancing to the doll and then to the boy, "Y-you giving this to me?"

"Yeah well, they aren't selling as much as I hoped," came the soft reply from the boy he blushed slightly, "and well, not too many pretty woman you age by my dolls anymore, so I figured, why not."

Chibi Usa watched him for a long moment and then dropped her sugar pink gaze to the doll. Her cheeks flushed she smiled slightly and accepted the doll, "Thank you very, very much. I'll take good care of it."

"I know you will," the boy replied before turning his gaze back to the cart. "Well I should get back to work, please come by again if your still in town, since I'm assuming you and your friends aren't staying too long, right?"

"Oh, of course!"

"Great then! Goodbye!" With a wave the boy was dashing back towards the small building.

Chibi Usa watched him disappear inside with a small smile and then turned to look at the grinning Ami and the smirking Tasuki. Her cheeks flared up even more, "What!"

"I think someone has a crush," Tasuki teased.

"I do not!"

"I think it's cute," Ami amended softly with a small laugh. "But what would Helios say if he found out."


The boy slipped into the building, his booted feet moving over the weak floorboards and to the nearby window. Forest green eyes peered out the opening and watched as the group disappeared within the crowded street. A small smirk grew upon his lips.

"So that's her?" a gruff voice replied from within the room.

The boy shifted his gaze momentarily before it returned to its silent observation, "Yes. Remember, do not harm her in anyway, or it will be your head."


To Be Continued...

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