Crimson Eyes

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
Note: I've wanted to write a Naruto x Kyuubi for a while. Enjoy.

"And the new Hokage is… UCHIHA SASUKE!"

Cheers rung throughout the crowd as the Uchiha went to the podium, surrounded by his three wives, one of which had been Naruto's first crush. He had brought back polygamy.

Naruto stared dimly as a Jutsu was used to instantly carve Sasuke's face into the Hokage monument, making it permanent.

Sasuke was the new Hokage.

Naru… to…

Naruto felt the glares, the triumphant smirks, all gazing at him.

Sasuke had taken everything. The village had taken everything. Iruka and Konohamaru, the only ones that stood by Naruto, had been killed. They supposedly were traitors. Only Naruto knew better, and after Tsunade and Jiraiya killed themselves to defeat Orochimaru, Naruto's precious people were next to none…


Except for one…

them… Take…

And finally, Naruto decided, he didn't like this, especially after Sasuke bought out the Ichiraku, taking the very last thing away.

It was time for revenge. It was time to wear…

My… eyes…
She had come to him in a dream, unlike the usual vice versa. She had been clothed in nothing, save her nine furry tails and pointed ears. Naruto didn't notice this though… It was the night of Iruka and Konohamaru's executions.

She had told him she could make the pain better. All he had o do was take off his clothes and become hers. And she would be his. She could give him some of her blood, as part of the demon-human ritual. Of love… He and she, would be immortal.

He was lost. He was confused.

He did it.

It worked very well. Every second of every day, cuddling, kissing, Kyuubi was relentless in her efforts.

And eventually, Naruto's now slitted blue eyes gained warmth. But, with that warmth, brought what the nothing had blocked. All the pain.

Kyuubi tried harder, even let Naruto have control of her, allowed herself to be his love slave, in the hopes he would feel better.

And it worked…

For a little while.

Then came the day that blew it all to pieces. Sasuke decided to destroy Naruto's apartment building. Everyone but Naruto was out of it, and Naruto was inside his own mind, inside a cage in his mind to be exact.

He was too busy, in fact, to notice that his body was on fire on the outside. Kyuubi's moans of pleasure, in sync with his own, were much more important now.

However, when he opened his eyes to find himself surrounded in flames instead of pressed against Kyuubi, nine furry tails and two legs pressing on his back to make sure he didn't stop, he knew something was going on.

And he was pissed.