Crimson Eyes

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Naruto sighed and looked at his hands. Damn it. With Kyuubi in heat, her bloodlust, which wasn't in use as she was too horny, had leaked into him. In other words, he had basically gone partially insane while killing Sakura. Yes, the point had been to torture her, but that had been somewhat overkill.

Then again, he was a demon. But he was also human. But some lower demons believe their sole purpose in life is to kill and torture humans, except in a much worse way than what Naruto had done.

Then there was the matter of Sasuke. At one moment, he seemed worried and sad, the next, he was a raving lunatic. A sick raving lunatic, that made Naruto want to skip the whole torture plan and just kill him.

But also, he was going to kill Sakura anyway, so did it matter how he did it? To his human side, yes. His demon side was annoyed he didn't do worse.

Oi, Naruto…

Naruto sighed. Now was not the time, but maybe a good mating could calm him down. He leaned against his tree, closed his eyes, and felt himself being pulled into his mind.

Naruto glanced around. He was inside the cage. He was clothed, as usual, and he saw Kyuubi grinning at him, completely naked. As usual.

"Nothing special tonight…" said Kyuubi. "First, I'm below, then I ride you. Sound good?"

Naruto grinned and nodded. However, the demon part of his mind, a portion of it at any rate, was still thinking, before Kyuubi settled onto a cushion.

It's last thought was this: What was with that strange aura surrounding Gaara's sister?

Around the World…

NOTE: The death of Sakura was basically what a demon from Yu Yu Hakusho would most likely do to a human, especially one they didn't like. I am basing some of my demons off that for this fic.

Uchiha Sasuke was fighting an inner battle. Sakura was dead, yes. Her dead body was in his bed, yes.

What to do about it? Sasuke wasn't sure. It might look like he murdered her-

NO. He should be grieving, not thinking about what it would look like. He lov-

If it was found out she was dead there, he might lose his jo-

He'd give her a beautiful funera-

He'd burn her body and no one would be the wiser.

All the while, Sasuke's eyes were flickering between a heartbroken black, and a color, that while similar to the crimson of the Sharingan, was definitely not crimson. And definitely wasn't the Sharingan.

Sabaku no Gaara sleepily opened his eyes and rolled over in his bed, a small smile gracing his face at the sight of his slightly plump wife. He had met her on one of his trips to the leaf, more specifically, when Shukaku was properly sealed.

Eventually, they had fallen in love. But, they could not get married. Her father wouldn't allow it. However, he had been killed in an accident of some sort sometime later. Not even a week after that, the Hokage had sent for Gaara. Gaara got married.

However, Gaara's sister claimed she was in love with the Hokage, and the Hokage smiled and said her loved her too. Gaara, wanting nothing but happiness for his sister, left her.

But Gaara had been having… Dreams. It was complete darkness. All he ever saw was darkness, and two slitted eyes. And heard his sister's screams.

Gaara's thoughts stopped when his lovely wife opened her lavender eyes. It was those curious eyes that first attracted him to the beauty.

"Good morning Gaara-kun."

"Good morning Hanabi-chan."

Hyuuga Hinata yawned tiredly and glanced at the empty spot next to her in bed and smiled. He hadn't slept in the same bed.

Before someone had killed him, Hiashi had set one last thing into motion. He had arranged for his eldest daughter and her cousin Neji to get married. Hoping the Hyuuga would be "purer" if this was done.

However, he hadn't taken into account Neji had been secretly seeing TenTen. So, when Hinata and Neji got married, Neji had snuck off and taken TenTen's virginity, instead of Hinata's. Which, by the way, Hinata had no problems with.

But, this left Hinata alone. Completely an utterly alone. There were almost no Hyuuga left, the large compound was mostly elders now. Soon, it would just be her and Neji. And if Neji applied for a second wife and then moved out with TenTen, possibly divorcing Hinata.

Then Hinata would be completely and utterly alone.

Miles away, a hanyou, a kitsune hanyou to be precise, woke up and grinned, glad his mate's heat was over. He had things to do and a horny demon in his head would definitely be distracting.