1Chapter One: Shadow Fall

"I see you all came back for an encore performance!"

They really, really hated this guy. Oh Slade held a special place in their hate department yes, but this guy was possibly the most annoying villain they had faced.

"Oy! You little snots back for another lesson?"

Except of course for him.

They didn't know how. They didn't know why. But somehow two of their most persistent and annoying adversaries had teamed up.

To one side stood a green man in a suit and a rather large top hat.

To the other side was a man with red hair, glasses, and an annoying British accent.

Mad Mod and Mumbo Jumbo. They stood almost back to back, each holding their canes at the ready.

"Though I really appreciate you coming for another show..." Mumbo began, bowing.

"Now it's ta-ta Titans!" Mod finished with a smile, hitting the button on the top of his cane. Two giant robots made to look like British soldiers (Huge hat and all) appeared from no where, brandishing their rifles.

"Hocus Pocus!" Mumbo yelled with a wave of his arm. Two gloves appeared, and quickly grew till they were as big as the robots. They had two black spots about where eyes would be.

(You know, the gloves from when Mumbo sucked the Titans into his hat and the robots where Mad Mod turned Jump City into a black and white place with the British flag as a sky)

Finally one of the Titans broke their stunned silence, "Duuude! Not these guys again!"

"Titans, Go!"

Robin ran forward, tossing his exploding disks. Starfire fired her starbolts and flew towards them. Raven started chanting as a black aura surrounded her hands and she started using her powers to throw objects. Cyborg fired his sonic cannon. And finally Beast Boy turned into a Rhino and rammed strait into the fray.

The robots weren't even dented, and the gloves didn't even seem phased. One of the robots fired it's rifle, hitting Beast Boy before he could get to them, and the other fired at Cyborg, catching the half-machine off guard.

Meanwhile, Mad Mod had somehow produced a small table, and two chairs. He sat down, and procured two cups and a small pot, "Join me for a spot of tea chum?"

"Oh, don't mind if I do."

As the two sipped their tea, they watched the battle, "Those toys of yours are really quite impressive."

"British engineering, best in the world. Say, your glove things aren't to shabby either."

"Why thank you, I take great pride in my work."

"You know what chum, we should have done this a while ago."

"I agree. Sure we might have to share the credit, but it is so much better to be winning for once! I feel so happy I almost feel like singing! Maestro?"

A piano started to play from some dark corner of the room, and Mumbo stood up, walking into the battle. Mod grabbed his cane and followed.

(Underlined words are sung)

Mumbo blasted Robin with a torrent of water from the flower on his suit, and sang "It feels good to be on the winning team!"

Mod sang the next verse, "For the bad guys to win at last!"

"Being defeated for so very long,"

"Victory is such a blast!"

Then both of the super-villains sang together, "The bad guys win today!"

"Nothing any of you can do or say!"

"Steal all of the gold and get away!"

"While you are here to stay!"

Mad Mod tipped an imaginary hat as he and Mumbo walked out the front door, "Ta-ta you lot! Final grades are in, and you all fail!"

Mumbo hit a high not with, "Winning makes me feel so tipsy!"

Mod joined him as they walked down the street, "Steal all we want and get away scot free!"

"Now I'm singing about victory!"

They both sang the last line together, "We beat the Titans just you-and-me!"

Robin ran out, and jumped on his bike, doing a wheelie as he did a burn-out after the escaping villains. Cyborg ran out, him and Beast Boy getting into the T-Car, taking off after them as well.

Raven started levitating, saying, "Starfire, come on!"

However, the Tameranian princess was currently humming the song Mad Mod and Mumbo Jumbo had been singing. Raven sighed heavily, rolling her eyes, "Starfire!"

"Oh, sorry friend Raven!"

The two girls finally took off from the jewelry store and followed the rest of the team.

Back at the villain's armored car, Mod was driving insanely, driving on the completely wrong side of the road.

"Crazy Yanks! Learn to drive!" He yelled out the window (British people drive on the left side of the road, Americans drive on the right.)

Mumbo looked out the window, and saw that Robin was pursuing them. He turned back to Mod, saying, "Observe, nothing up my sleeves, nothing in my hat."

He held his hat out the window as Mod watched interested, and tapped it twice with his magic wand, "Mumbo, Jumbo!"

Suddenly bolts and rivets started flying out of the hat, both villains laughing insanely.

Robin watched in horror as all of the things holding his bike together started flying by his head. Finally, the wheels separated from the bike, the handle bars broke off, the engine whirled itself to destruction, and Robin found himself riding absolutely nothing. He closed his eyes and prepared for the shock of landing, when a strong arm grabbed him by the cape.

"It looks like you could use a hand." Cyborg said, hauling Robin into the T-car, pushing Beast Boy into the back seat so the boy wonder could sit up front.

"They trashed my bike!"

Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy all became extremely grim.

Beast Boy finally said, "Those monsters..."

"We'll get em back man."

"There are three things no one should ever mess with. My hair. My mask. And especially my bike! Titans, Go!"

"Going, going, gone!"

Cyborg hit a little red button, and huge booster engines popped out of the car. They gathered blue energy, then shot off at speeds that forced them back in their seats.

Mod and Mumbo looked out the windows to see what the noise behind them was. They saw the T-Car rapidly approaching with a huge blue light behind it.

"Uh-oh." Mumbo said, hanging his head.


The T-Car collided with the villain's vehicle, sending it flying into the air, braking into many pieces. It started raining jewelry and money, as well as parts of the armored car. Finally, Mod and Mumbo landed on the pile, groaning.

"Nobody messes with my bike."

Instantly the two villains were on their feet, brushing off dust, "Kids these days, they just never learn!"

"Perhaps another demonstration is in order?" Mumbo suggested, pulling out his magic wand.




"Cane attack of evil!"

The two villains cried, twirling their cane/magic wand expertly, then bringing them together to touch and complete the attack.

However, nothing happened. They looked above them, and saw Raven with a self satisfied grin on her face, and both of their canes hovering over their heads, surrounded by black auras.

Both of the villains caught their breath, their eyes growing wide and their pupils growing small.

"Now now my little ducky, don't do anything rash."

Raven used her powers to snap both wands in half, braking their powers.


Both villains in a flash of light turned into weak old guys, their power sapped. However, Mumbo grabbed his hat (Which was just as magical as the cane) and said, "I still have enough magic to get us away from here!"

Beast Boy, who had turned into a bug, turned back into his human form and snatched the hat away, "Not this time."

Robin advanced on them, and Mod straitened his glasses, putting on an uncomfortable smile, "Hello, gov'ner."

The Boy Wonder grabbed both of them by the collar, "You owe me a bike. I'll be sure to mention that on your criminal charges. I hope you have fun in prison!"


At Titan's Tower there was a celebration going on. There was music, pizza, drinks, pizza, movies, and pizza. And some weird thing Starfire made that everyone was afraid to go near. Especially now that the alien princess had dissapeared somewhere without telling them what it was.

It was a great party, really. But Robin sighed as he looked around. As always, Raven was no where to be seen. He had a good idea where she was though, and made his way discreetly to the roof.

He almost fainted in shock when he got their. Raven was indeed levitating, as was normal. But there was also Starfire, doing the same thing.

"Friend Raven, why do you almost never participate in the celebrations of victory?"

"Because it never feels like we've won."

"But we defeated the Mumbo and the Mad Mod, and both have been sent to prison. Why does that not feel like victory?"

"Starfire, why are you up here? I know you want to go to the party."

"I wish you to partake in the unhealthy foods and the watching of the T-V as well. We would not have won if it had not been for you."

"You understand me better than the others, except for maybe Robin. You've had control of my body, my powers. You know that my emotions, happiness included, are dangerous."

"I wish I understood, truly I do, but I do not. I do not understand you at all..." Starfire admitted sadly.

"Join the club, honestly neither do I."

Starfire opened her eyes and smiled brightly, "A club! Please, how do I join? Do I acquire a cloak like yours?"

"Starfire, it was a figure of speech."

"Oh... Still, may I please have a garment to cover my face like yours?"

Raven opened her eyes and looked at Starfire, very confused, "Why?"

"Because, whenever I accompany you to your, er, rather depressing café 'hang-out' spot, I am always looked at rather strangely. And people always talk to me with some hostility. I thought perhaps dressing in something like you would um, make them stop."

Raven blushed, blowing up a random object in Beast Boys room, and told her, "Alright. But only if you take me shopping for clothes so that whenever you drag- I mean when I go with you to, uh, 'Pink World', people don't look at me like I'm a sickness."

Starfire's eyes got real big and sparkly, and her smile would have blinded someone glancing at the tower, "Yes friend Raven! We have a deal!"

"I don't wear pink, yellow, bright colors, or anything with flowers and/or furry creatures on it."

The alien princess's face fell, "Oh. Snugglewort." She said, sighing angrily.

Robin did faint at this. He fell down several flights of stairs as well. Raven, shopping for clothes, and Starfire going to a depressing café. It was too much for the boy wonder.

Both of the girls looked at the door curiously, "Friend Raven, what do you think that was?"

"I think someone just fell down the stairs."

They walked to the door to see who, when a voice from behind them said, "Well, well, well, isn't this a nice surprise princess."

Starfire turned instantly, eyes glowing and starbolts ready, "Who are you and what do you want?"

Raven had frozen, eyes wide.

"Silence girl, I do not wish to speak to you." The man said, snapping his fingers. Starfire's powers were dissipated, and she was flung against a wall.

"Now then, it's just you and me now princess. I'm curious, why isn't this world paradise yet? Have you found a way around your destiny?"

Raven turned around slowly, trying to swallow a lump in her throat.

"Oh well, it's of no matter. We can burn this world with or without you."

Raven looked up at the man, her breath catching in her throat.

He was tall, taller than Cyborg. He was clothed completely in black. His clothes were loose, and he had a cloak over it all, which billowed slightly. He was hovering effortless ten feet above the tower. Laughing he pulled back his hood.

The man's hair was brown, and his eyes were a solid red. No white in them at all. His face was pale, and skeletal, his smile demonic.

"Your voice, who are you?"

"You don't remember me? I'm hurt." He chuckled and bowed, "I am Mael Kirheinse, sorcerer in the court of Lord Trigon."

That name instantly found a place in Raven's past. She took a step back, knowing that she had no where near the power of this man.

Mael frowned, "However, since you have taken it upon yourself to try and refute your destiny, I believe you must be punished. I'll give you a choice. You're life..." He waved his hand, and Starfire was lifted by an unseen force, "Or her's."

Raven watched helplessly as Starfire was slowly crushed in his power. Starfire screamed, "Take me! Leave her out of this."

The sorceress felt his power slither around her like an evil python, tightening brutally. Raven looked, and saw to her horror as Starfire continued to suffer the same fate.

"Let her go! I told you to take me!"

Mael smiled sadistically, "No, I thought about and decided it would be much more satisfying to kill her and make you watch. After all, we can't loose our portal to this world now can we?"

Robin heard as Starfire screamed in pain, and it snapped him out of his faint. He looked around, then grabbed his communicator, "Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven are in trouble! The roof, now!"

Raven saw the edges of her vision start to turn black, and her breath became increasingly difficult to continue. She managed to finally put three words together.

"Azerath, Metreone, Zinthos!"

The black aura broke Mael's grip, and it traveled up his power and hit him. He released Starfire, but was otherwise un-phased by this sudden attack.

"Hmmm, I guess you do have something resembling power. But what should I have expected from Rasemune, daughter of the great Trigon."

"Titans, go!"

Robin burst out of the door to the roof, hurling exploding disks. These were stopped with a simple wave of the hand, and fell harmlessly to the ground. Cyborg busted through the ceiling, firing his sonic cannon madly. It bounced off an invisible shield, dissipating into nothing. Beast Boy was last, leaping at the new sorcerer as a Raptor (Dinosaur). The green changling was electrocuted for a few moments before he was thrown to the side.

"Foolish mortals. If you leave I might allow you to live out the rest of you short, pointless lives. This is between me and Rasemune here."

"My name is Raven!"

Mael chuckled and stopped the black whips that threatened to cut him to pieces, "Temper, temper princess. We can't have that, not when your meaningless emotions are in control of your powers."

Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire unleashed a simultaneous assault, using every projectile weapon they had. The explosions were deafening, and a thick haze formed from the smoke, blocking out their view of the sorcerer.

"Did you guys get him?" Beast Boy asked.

"Hahahahahahaha! Pathetic!"

Suddenly all of the energy, weapons, and power the Titan's had flung at the sorcerer shot back at them. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg were hit hard. Beast Boy managed to get behind some cover, and Raven deflected the attacks with her power.

When the smoke cleared, Mael still hovered there, arms crossed and smirking, "I never knew tormenting humans could be so fun. Maybe that's why Trigon finds such succulent enjoyment in it."

Raven set her jaw and levitated to his level, "This is between you and me, leave them out of it."

"Between you and me, indeed. Perhaps it is. Yes, I think this will do nicely," He uncrossed his arms and glared at her, "Besides it's time someone put you in your place you little spoiled brat!"

"Azerath Metreone Zinthos!"

"Alak Zam Tah!"

The power of the spells met in between them, with a burst of darkness. All of the light was being sucked into the area where the two shadow beams were meeting. Which was slowly beginning to shift towards Raven.

"Are you still using those infernal words? Have you not become ready for more powerful ones?"

Raven grimaced and put more power behind the spell, trying to force Mael back, to no avail. The red eyed sorcerer laughed insanely, "I'll never know why your father believed you could actually fulfill that prophecy. He should have killed you just like he killed your mother."

The sorcerer didn't know how much of a nerve that would strike. The sorceress's power turned red, and it pushed back his as if it were nothing at all. Mael was flung back, and he fell the few stories to the ground.

Raven smiled sadistically, her entire body surrounded with red, until she closed her eyes and held her head with her arms, "Get back in your place!"

She slowly started to fall to the roof of the tower, settling softly on her knees, desperately trying to bring her emotions back under control before she killed someone.

Until a black portal appeared in front of her, and a smirking face rising out of it. Then a body, legs, until before her stood Mael, towering in his height above her kneeling form.

"So young and pretty, but oh so fragile. Still, I think I see why your father finds so much enjoyment from enslaving you pitiful creatures. However, now it has come to an end. Your father will praise me for ending such a worthless life."

He put his bony hand her chin, bring her face up to look at him. He held his hand in the air, and a sword of total darkness formed. He held it at the ready, saying, "Bless the blade that slays you."