1Chapter Fourteen: An End of Goodbyes

Raven sighed in contentment. It was over. It was finally over.

Well, not really over. Trigon was still going to try and take over the mortal world, and Slade was still out there somewhere. The clever little snake had slithered his way past two dozen spellcasters.

That's why during the fight there hadn't been any help from Einderan's people. Some were pursuing Slade, many were healing the wounded and injured, and the rest were, well, the wounded and injured. Only when Raven had sealed the demon away did anyone come to investigate. Not that it mattered. Mael was somewhere else, and wasn't coming back any time soon.

The same could be said for Malchior, though somewhat different. He was now buried twenty feet under Titans Tower in a three foot thick steel case that had almost every enchantment known to man to ward off anyone trying to free him again. That had been a near thing.

What Mael lacked in sheer power (Which wasn't much), he made up for, more like augmented really, with cunning. Einderan had said, if the demon wasn't so ambitious, he would've been a general of Trigon's legions. But in the end that lust for power was exactly what kept him from attaining it.


The sorceress pushed these thoughts from her mind forcefully. For once in her life she was trying not to think depressing thoughts. It had been two days since the fight, during which she was asleep most of it, and she knew that her sorcerer friends would leave soon. She wanted to be happy while she still could be. Because when Einderan and the others left...

"Hey Raven. Whatcha' doing up here all alone?"

Raven opened her eyes and looked out at the sunset. It really was a breath taking view, the best in the city really. Considering Titan's Tower was ten stories high and situated pretty far out in the Jump City Bay.

Then she turned to a certain green changeling that had come up to join her, "I'm up here all the time by myself."

"Oh, ya... Well what are you doing anyway?"

"Thinking and watching the sunset. Why?"

"I dunno. Can I join you? Cyborg is... eating... and Starfire is making one of her... things... again... And I'm not brave enough to stop her... Last time the thing she made ate me..."

Raven chuckled, remembering. It was true. She had made one of the most ungodly concoctions ever known to man, and the radiation from the Zorka Berries she used brought it to life. She when she gave it to Beast Boy for dinner... It had Beast Boy for dinner...

"Hey! It's not funny! That thing tasted worse than Plasmas!"

Raven giggled more at this. Sometimes Beast Boy COULD be funny... On occasion... About once every month or so...

Beast Boy laughed with her, then sighed and turned to leave, "Oh well. If I'm going to get eaten by some alien gourmet dinner I might as well face it like a man."


The changeling stopped, a little surprised, "What is it?"

Raven turned around and got off the ledge she had been sitting on. She took a breath, then said, "I... Just wanted to thank you."

"For what?"

"Helping me win when my anger got out of control, saving me when you and Adonis turned into those... things, for attacking Mael when he first arrived, sticking up for me when the others started harassing me about who I am, for bringing me back when Mael choked me... Thanks for simply caring..."

Beast Boy blinked. Raven was thanking him. RAVEN was THANKING, HIM.

"You always try to get me to smile, to get me to laugh... Thank you."

"Raven...", He was at a loss for words. He didn't know what to say. Something in him wanted to say something funny and carefree. But then he realized that Raven was actually opening up slightly, and didn't want to ruin it with one of his, which he admitted, horrible jokes.


"You don't have to thank me for any of that. I would do it all again. That's what friends do ya know? I mean, we're there to depend on each other so that if we fall the others can catch them..."

This time it was Raven who was speechless. Beast Boy had said something deep and intellectual. Raven began to look around quickly.

"What is it?"

"Is the portal opening? Is the world ending? Beast Boy, you sounded smart for a second!"

"I sounded smart? Really? Alright I sounded-HEY!"

Raven chuckled again. Beast Boy couldn't help it and laughed with her. She turned back to watch the sun fade the rest of the way below the horizon. Beast Boy walked up beside her, also enjoying the sight. It really was, quite a view.

"Hey Raven..."


"When this is over, I mean, REALLY over, like after you kick your father's butt and all that stuff... Maybe you'd like to go see a movie or something?"

Raven stopped. She wasn't even breathing for a second.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on, I-"

"I'd like that Beast Boy. Does this mean you don't think I'm 'creepy' anymore?"

"Well... Raven your room is decorated with things that look suspiciously like heads, most of the books you have try to kill you when you open them, so..."

Her face dropped considerably. At this, a figure in the shadows tightened it's fists, and gritted it's teeth.

"But then, my room... I have discovered ten new species of fungus growing under my bed, and twenty new kinds of insects. And I'm not sure but am almost positive there is a giant gerbil living in one of my piles of clothes. Go into my room at night and it's pretty creepy to. I guess it just depends on what you define as 'creepy'. I'm short and green with pointy ears and fangs. I'm sure that qualifies as creepy in someone's book..." Then he caught the look of shock on her face. Man, was it that surprising that he could be intelligent every once in a while? Dude... "Oh, and I'm not kidding about the gerbil part."

She laughed and shook her head.

Beast Boy blinked, "What, you think I'm kidding? I'm dead serious, there is a giant, evil gerbil living amongst the piles of clothes in my room!"

And then it hit Raven that indeed, this was possible. Consider:

It was Beast Boy's room.

Food was readily available.

It would be easy to hide.

Holy crap, Beast Boy wasn't giving off any vibes to say he was kidding.

She grimaced, and then began to walk towards the door back down into the tower, "Um... We have to tell Robin... I mean... That could be bad..."

The two walked downstairs, their voices fading until they could no longer be heard.

Einderan stepped from the shadow's, smirking. He chuckled, "I'm glad Raven's happy... But if that little..."

The sorcerer teleported back down into the tower, a wicked grin across his face...


The Titans stood just outside of Jump City, watching as the refugees and soldiers prepared to leave. They were almost ready. In fact, they were basically just waiting for the order to go.

Einderan sighed. It had passed so quickly. The fighting stopped, and then he had to start getting ready to leave. And when moving with thousands of people, that took a while. He and Raven really hadn't had any 'family time' to speak of. And it kind of hurt somewhere deep down.

Speaking of hurting, he cringed as he saw Frista make her goodbyes. Starfire currently was crushing her, and the young sorceress's face was blue.

Einderan motioned to Kians, and walked to say his own final goodbyes. Frista limped the other direction, breathing heavily and grasping her side.

He shook hands with Robin, "Thank you for everything you have done."

"Not a problem. You saved the city from being destroyed by a dragon, I think we can call it even."

Einderan nodded and moved to the next titan, Starfire. The poor Tameranian was already crying, and seemed to be ready to gush forth a flood of tears to drown them all.


His bones started cracking as the alien embraced him, "I will miss you all my newest friends!"

"Miss, you, to, about, to, die..."

She let go and dropped Einderan to his knees, gasping. She smiled uncertainly.

"When I come back, how about you not do that?"


He stood up, popping his spine back into place, and stepped in front of Cyborg, shaking the half-robot's hand firmly, "Don't worry, we'll take care of Raven for ya."

"If you do I'll be in your debt even more than I already am."

Then he came to Beast Boy. He smiled knowingly and shook the changeling's hand without a word.

And finally Raven, who looked on the verge of tears.



They embraced each other, then Raven told him, "Come back soon."

"As soon as we can. You know that we won't be back until... after it happens, but we will come soon. Farewell everyone. We are off to wander until we find a planet to hide out on..."

Suddenly Starfire's eyes lit up with an idea, "My home world of Tameran! My knorfka Galfor is emperor, and he will provide much support for enemies of the demon Trigon! And it is such a wondrous and beautiful and-"

"Thank you Starfire, I believe we will go there. We have few other options really. Besides, if everyone is as strong as you we may pick up a few more warriors while we're there... Good bye."

With that, Einderan turned and started walking away. Everyone was sad to see him go, but they all knew it was for the best.

Then the sorcerer realized something, and turned around, "Oh yes, you, can you come here for a moment?"

Beast Boy pointed at himself, and Einderan nodded. He looked around at the others and walked forward uncertainly.

The sorcerer put an arm around the changeling's shoulder and lead him away out of earshot, "My sister is a good person isn't she?"

"Um... ya?"

"I love my sister, you know this?"


"Good. Now, if she is happy, I don't care. But I've read the signs off you, and I'll warn you now. If you ever, in any way, shape, or form, hurt my sister... If you so much as think about doing something that will brake her heart... I'll come back, and... castrate you."

Beast Boy gulped.

"After that I will commence to pull out every one of your major organs, starting by dragging your spleen out through your mouth. I will take what's left of you, and rip that into tiny shreds. And I will take the shreds, grind them into a powder, and through the powder into the deepest volcano I can find. And after that, I will hunt down your soul, and without hesitation, rip it in two. Now, I've never experienced this, and I don't think it would destroy you, but having one's soul cut in half can not be a good feeling. Are we clear?"

Beast Boy was frozen in terror, his face white, "Crystal."

Einderan crouched down to be eye level with him, "Are you sure? I don't want any confusion on this matter. Confusion could cause problems, and problems could cause... the deaths of any possible future children you ever hope to have. So, do you have any questions? Anything needing to be stated again in a manner simple enough for your brain to comprehend it? Anything at all?"

"No, I think I got it."

"Good. Remember you little half-pint, immature, happy-go-lucky, lazy, insignificant waste of power, if you so much as cause my sister a moment's pain, I'm coming back and you'll be nothing but a grass stain on a window in that tower that you live in. I don't have mercy, I don't have hesitation, any and all damage you do to my sister will be repaid a thousand times over, and a thousand times again, until the only part of your being still existing is the part able to feel pain. Did all of that get through your skull?"

Beast Boy nodded dumbly.

"Good. Well then, goodbye, and may God smile upon you." Einderan said in a cheery tone, patting Beast Boy on the back. The traumatized changling walked absently back to his friends, very pale.

"What'd he say?"

"Just some stuff..."

"Such as?"

The look on Beast Boy's face told Cyborg he didn't want to know. In fact, none of them wanted to know. It took an awful lot to make someone who's skin is naturally green go white with... probably fear.

Spellcasters, at a motion and a few words from Einderan, raised their hands and chanted an identical spell. A huge portal opened, and they started going through it. The older sorcerer watched, and waited.

Finally it was just Frista, Kians, and Einderan. The first two glanced at Einderan and went through the portal.

Einderan was about to go through as well, when a figure running towards him caught his attention.

Rocker, Kirk, stood hands on his knees, panting from running so fast. He had a large backpack, and a guitar case in his hands. Einderan looked him over, eyebrows raised.

"You want to come with us?"

The guitarist nodded, still panting.

"You're sure?"

Another nod.

"Alright, go on then."

With a smile, Kirk dashed through the portal. His portal away from his old life... and into a new one. And hopefully, a better one. One where he could learn to play without destroying the surrounding block. One where he could control his powers.

Or at least one that involved something other than a future behind bars. That was apart of it to. Besides, it just felt right. Kirk had a feeling in his gut, an instinct. It was the right thing to do. He smiled, and broke through the other side.

Einderan looked where the guitarist had passed through the portal, and smiled. They could always use more help. And with some training... Kirk would be a lot of help.

The sorcerer turned towards the Titans, and sighed. It was time to go. He turned and took a step towards the portal.


He only just managed to turn, before Raven had him in a hug that almost rivaled one of Starfire's. The dark sorceress had silent tears streaming down her face, and shook slightly.

"I'm scared."

"We're all scared of the future, because we don't know what will happen. Because we can't PREDICT it. Raven, the future is not set. Be strong now, for me, your friends, be strong for everyone that lives, has lived, or will live. And if you ever feel that you aren't strong enough, take heart in the knowledge that you aren't alone. You have friends, family... I feel so useless, I want to help you so..."

"We both know you can't."

"That doesn't change the fact that I want to. Raven, you have the strength. In you is the power to destroy Trigon. Or the power to spread his reign throughout the mortal realm. But the choice is yours."

Raven nodded, then took a step back. Einderan wasn't looking at her though. His eyes were distant, scanning the sky. He was looking at something, as if he were somewhere else, seeing a different thing. And from what his sister could tell, he just might've been.

"It won't be long now. I don't know how he will attack, and I can't say when, but it will be soon. Raven, you and your friends forget we were here. Just in case, don't give father any clues to help him track us down."

She nodded, "Right."

"Be strong Raven... He is coming. I can sense it. His anticipation, his thirst for blood, his power... It will come quickly. Be strong, be safe, and don't be afraid." Einderan snapped out of his trance, and then smiled down at his sister, "And don't be afraid to follow your heart. Until we meet again, Raven..."


Archaic runes covered the chamber, glowing and burning. Slade kneeled in a circle of fire, before four eyes that looked out at him. He had thought of informing his master of the recent destruction of Mael Kirheinse, but this recent news had driven all other thoughts from his mind, and made the symbol on his forehead burn in anticipation.

"Slade. The time is now..."


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