Blood is Blood


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"She's a Derevko."

He says it like it's a bad thing, my father.

It is, I know. Or at least, it…

No, it is.

After all Irina and Katya and Elena have done – the lies, the deceit, the deaths that have been attributed to them… I mean, they're all made of the same devious mettle.

The Derevko sisters.

They have no loyalties. They'll turn against the people that they supposedly love and leave them painfully aware of the betrayal; they even turn against each other. That old, "Birds of a feather…" saying doesn't apply, even though, by all rights, it should, and they should have some semblance of family loyalty even if that family is made up of traitors. But it doesn't apply.

It's disgusting.

"This is good."

I look up over the rim of my mug.

"The coffee, I mean."

Nadia smiles and takes another long sip.

I smile back.


Sometimes I wonder.

Nadia. My sister.

I don't think of it in terms of half- or full-sister. Blood is blood, right? We're both the daughters of Irina Derevko. So she's Arvin Sloane's daughter and I'm Jack Bristow's. Does it really matter so much?

But I keep wondering: Will we end up like them? Will Nadia and I become like Mom and Katya and Elena, traitorous and sly and… turning against one another?

I hope not. I don't want it to end up like that.

Blood is blood, after all, and it's thicker than anything else.

"She's a Derevko."

He says it like it's such a bad thing, like there's poison in the name itself.

Sometimes I wonder if Dad remembers or if he just doesn't want to see it or what.

Nadia sits across from me, typing something or other and I can't help but wonder if she ever thinks about it; if she thinks about our heritage, who we are, who she is destined to be, and who I am destined to be.

"She's a Derevko."

Destined because, by blood at least, I am a Derevko.


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