This is a fanfic my friend Dragon-kun made, and allowed me to post here. Dragon is the best writer in the world, but his spelling is... Well... A teeny bit better than Diablo's. -.-;

Zoids Story Part 1

A lone black Zoid appeared on the horizon as the sun was setting behind it. The Zoid resembled a raptor in some respects. The Gun Sniper as it was called, entered a small town and stopped in front of a building. The cockpit opened and a rope ladder descended down to the ground. The pilot climbed down and looked around before removing her sunglasses. She reached back, grabbed her long cerulean hair with cyan highlights and quickly wrapped it into a loose bun. She brushed some dirt off her blue jeans which were supported by a dark green studded belt. She sighed a bit as she knelt down and fixed one of the many safety pins holding her pants together. As she stood up, she put her hood over her head and zipped up her hoodie as the temperature in the desert began to drop. She walked into the tavern as the Gun Sniper's cockpit closed. She looked around and noticed a few Imperial soldiers sitting at a table drinking a few rounds of beer and laughing. She moved the hood over a face. She moved to the bar and sat in the only available seat in the corner of the bar next to a guy. She looked at him quickly. He had short brown hair and was wearing worn jeans, boots and a grey t-shirt with black sleeves. The guy turned to her and smiled a bit.

"Hi, um, never seen you here before." She looked at him and shrugged. She mentioned to the bartender silently and ordered a drink. He looked at her and drank some of his drink.

"You don't talk much do you? Hi, I'm Ace." She nodded as her drink arrived.

"Ammy." She said sipping her drink. Ace looked at her and shrugged, wondering why she was so silent. Ammy looked around a bit before looking back at Ace.

"So, where are you from Ace?" She said quietly looking at the Imperial soldiers who were finishing up their drinks. They stood to leave as one looked at Ammy. She moved her head a bit behind Ace's to avoid being seen. The soldier shrugged and walked out of the tavern letting the door close behind him. Ace looked at her a bit puzzled by her reaction. He thought for a second before answering her.

"I'm from a small Republic town?" Ace looked at Ammy a bit nervously. She looked at him, smiled and nodded in assurance.

"I'm from the capital my self." Ace nodded feeling a bit more relaxed.

"I don't think it's wise for us to stay here. I was heading back to my town really and I kinda got sidetracked and well yeah." She shook her head and set her glass down.

"I have business to attend to, you can leave." Ace looked at her and sighed.

"Listen, I just met you and I have absolutely no idea what you are doing in Imperial territory. However going into the heart of the Empire alone isn't exactly the smartest thing to do." Ammy laughed a bit as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Do what ever you want, just don't get in my way." With that, she stood up and dropped some Imperial currency on the bar and headed for the door. Ace grinned a bit, wondering why she was so intent on going into Imperial territory. He followed after her and saw her climb up the ladder to her Gun Sniper.

"A Gun Sniper?...Why?" Ace looked at the black Zoid as she gave him a dirty look. Ace shut his mouth and walked to his own Zoid. The jet black fox like Zoid with gold trim waited patiently.

"Ha, now this is a real Zoid. Meet the Shadow Fox." Ace grinned as the cockpit to his Zoid opened and he hopped in. He started it up and walked next to the Gun Sniper.

"Just stay out of my way, ok?" Ammy smiled as her Zoid ran heading for the heart of the Empire. Ace grinned slightly and followed her in his Shadow Fox.


Ammy stopped her Zoid on a ridge overlooking an Imperial base. The sun had set a few hours ago and the surrounding area was dark. The only source of light came from the base. She turned the Zoid around so the tail was pointing towards one towards one of the buildings in the base. Her chair rotated from the cockpit and she faced the back of a very large sniper rifle. The Zoid's tail became rigid as a gun barrel appeared out of the center of the tail. She peered into the scope and grasped the handle. She slid her finger to the trigger and took aim. Ace in his Shadow Fox walked next to her.

"What are you doing?" Ace looked into the base to see numerous pilots and soldiers scrambling as an alarm suddenly sounded, shattering the silence of the desert.

"Ace, you idiot, you tripped the alarm! We are dead now thanks to you!" Ammy returned to the cockpit as the Imperial Third Zaber Fang division ran out of the base and towards them.

"Relax Ammy. I got our escape planned." Ace pressed a button, opening vents on the side of the Shadow Fox. The vents released a dark black smoke which in a matter of seconds encircled them.

"Good idea, you distract them, I have something to do." Ammy ran her Gun Sniper towards another ridge as the Zabers closed in. Ace sighed still in the smoke. He slowly backed out of the smoke, firing his gattling gun repeatedly at one of the Zabers.

"Third Division leader to base, enemy is hostile, repeat, enemy is ho-gah!" Before the solider could finish his transmission, Ace tackled him and pinned him to the ground.

"Ammy, hurry! "I can't, hold on a second!" Ace turned around as a Zaber Fang knocked him down. The new Zaber aimed the gun at the Shadow Fox's cockpit. As the pilot was about to pull the trigger, a cloud of smoke surrounded it, confusing him just long enough for Ace to escape. He leapt out of the smoke and into the remaining two Zabers. Ace looked around as the one in the smoke emerged. He was surrounded and there was nothing he could do to save himself. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the base. Ace and the Zaber pilots turned to see a huge ball of fire rise up from the base. Ace blinked as, out of the corner of his eye, one of the Zabers fell over. He grinned leaping the Shadow Fox into the air.

"Strike Laser Claw!" Ace yelled as the Shadow Fox's claws began to glow. He brought the Zoid's claws down on the Zaber Fang. It fell over as the gun on the top shattered. Ace landed happily as the final Zaber fell over. Ammy's face appeared on his cockpit display.

"Well, thanks, I guess." Ace smiled and scratched the back of his head.

"Your welcome, and thanks for saving me back there.." She nodded and turned her Sniper and began to walk away. Ace hesitated for a second and then ran after her.

"Ammy, wait! Let me come with you. I mean, you need me, for close range combat." Ammy smiled faintly.

"I guess Ace. I mean if you think I need you, for close range combat, then let's go." A small smile crept on his face as he walked his Zoid along side hers.


"Sir, here's the data on the Zoids that attacked one of our bases." An Imperial solider handed a few papers to a shadowy figure. The man took the papers and read a bit.

"Shadow Fox? Get me this Zoid." The solider saluted the man and left the room. The figure took another look at the paper before picking up a radio.

"Omegas, prepare your selves. Mission objectives: Capture this Zoid" He scanned the Shadow Fox's photo and picked up the radio once more. "And kill this girl." He set the radio down again and scanned Ammy's picture. There was silence on the other end of the radio for a second.

"Yes Sir, mission objectives understood."


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