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You've got mail

Chapter 4

So there I was again, wakin' up in a strange place after gettin' knocked out thanks to Akane and her damn temper

Later Duo told me I was out for 'bout a hour before I woke up, but to me no time at all passed between landing head-first on concrete and wakin' up tied to a chair with people arguing next to me. Since I had no clue what was goin' on, I kept my eyes shut and my breathin' regular. How to fake bein' asleep after wakin' up was somethin' I'd figured out to fool Pops.

It was also something I used regularly on Nabiki during her 'sleeping Ranma' photo shoots.

Pretendin' to still be unconsious, I listened to the people next to me. At first I was relieved when I recognized Kat, Yuy and Chang's voices, though the guy who sounded a lot like Dana had mea bit confused at first. Still, I was glad I hadn't opened my eyes right away because they were arguin' about what to do with me.

Of course, as soon as I heard Kat tell Yuy to keep his mouth shut cause they certainly weren't gonna shoot me my eyes popped open an' I knocked myself over backwards tryin' to stand up so I could get out of there. I must've yelped or somethin' because I saw them spin to look at me just as I tipped over. However, I do remember yelling when I landed with my hands smashed between the back of the chair and the floor just before my head hit the concrete.

This time I wasn't knocked unconsious but things still got real blurry for a bit. I do remember bein' rolled on to my side, picked up off of the floor, and then layed down on somethin' flat and tryin' not to puke when they sat me up again to untie my hands.

Everything was pretty fuzzy there for a while, and I don't really remember much, but I must've fallen asleep because I woke up on the couch back at the guys house.

Wakin' up and seein' Yuy messin' with a gun scared the crap outta me because one thing I did remember was what they'd been arguin' about before I knocked myself over, and at that point even I wasn't fast enough to dodge a bullet. Escpecially with a concussion.

I was relieved when he only glared at me and then left. He must have gone to get the other guys because they all showed up a couple of minutes later.

Kat looked me over while the other guys, and the guy who was Dana, stood around us and watched. Kat even did the whole light in the eyes thing and all the other stuff Doc Tofu does when ever Akane knocks me silly. He even did the 'how many fingers am I holding up' thing. Let me tell you somethin'. There's an art to figuring out how manny fingers someone is holding up when you are seeing double or triple, and I've had lots of practice.

He looked surprised for some reason when I seemed to be more or less fine. Of course by then I knew how to fake most of it, and did ok 'til he asked me to get up an' walk. Since I couldn't see straight, the first thing I did was trip and try to land on my nose. Chang caught me an' sat me back down on that couch thing they had.

Yuy started askin' me questions but Kat told him to leave me alone for a bit. In response, Yuy glared at him and moved to stand by the door with his back to the wall, his arms crossed, and his gun in one hand.

Kat rolled his eyes, shook his head, and muttered something about over kill and usin' guns on people with serious concussions, before turnin' back to look at me again. He told me that due to my condition I really should stay put until at least 10 o'clock the next moring. In return, I watched his eyebrows shoot up when I told him it was no big deal, it was only the second one that week and that I'd be fine in a couple of hours.

Wufei started sputterin' and cursin' in Chinese and Dana started cursin' at Akane in English, while Kat just stared at me with wide eyes and slack jawed. I even got a raised eyebrow from the great stone face, Triton Bloom from where he was watching over Kat's shoulder. Yuy just shrugged. Either he dismissed what I said as a lie, or I'd found someone with as much experience with concussions as me.

In any case, once they'd finally quieted down, Kat, Dana, an' Chang decided that I was stayin' put for the night because they didn't trust me not to get hurt worse if they let me go home. He also told me to quit using his last name, his first name was fine.

I figured I'd wait till they were asleep an' sneak back ta the Tendo's. I knew exactly what Akane an' the two old idiots'd do to me if I was gone all night without tellin' 'em I was trainin'. To say nothin' 'bout what it'd cost me to deal with Nabiki afterwards.

That's when Dana told me I'd better not try sneakin' out to go home, because if I did he'd tie me up again just to keep me where he put me.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that he'd do it too. I was relieved when Wufei mentioned callin' the Tendo's to tell 'em where I was so I didn't have to ask to use the phone just to listen to Akane scream at me some more.

After he left to do that, I finally remembered to ask Dana what she wanted me to call him now that she was a guy. Kat started gigglin' at the now she was a guy part an' even Yuy smirked.

Dana scowled at both of 'em an' grumbled while I watched, confused. Finally she told me to call him Duo here in this house but to call her Dana any where else. He still looked pissed, so to cheer her up I told him about Ranko and pretendin' to be a girl so my mom doesn't make me kill myself. Kat an' Duo laughed 'til I got to the part about the seppku contract, at which point they started lookin' upset again.

Since I was tyin' to keep them in a good mood so they wouldn't change their minds about shooting me, I told 'em to forget it an' asked if someone would help me to the bathroom and if I could have some water.

As a distraction, it worked. Duo helped me to the bathroom and kept me from runnin' into the walls while Yuy followed. He at least stayed in the hall. In the mean time, Kat ran off to get me something to drink, while his boyfriend stayed put in the living room.

By the time I was done in the bath room I was so tired an' dizzy I didn't even bother turnin' back into a guy when I got splashed with cold water. Yuy looked a bit startled and suspicious when I came out as a girl for some reason but didn't say anythin'. He just followed us back down the hall until I nearly took a header down the stairs that woulda takin' Duo with me. That's when he picked me up and carried me the rest of the way. I really didn't complain, I was too damn dizzy to fuss 'bout bein' carried.

When we got back to the living room, Wufei raised an' eyebrow at me an' smirked before tellin' us that the Tendo's knew where I was and that I'd be stayin' for a bit. When I asked what he meant, he said they'd decided to keep me until Kat was sure I was fine.

All I could do was groan.

Akane was gonna kill me.


That night I slept on the couch and the guys took turns waking me up every hour, to make sure I was ok. It would have annoyed me, except that Doc Tofu used to have the girls do the same thing whenever I had a concussion 'til he figured out it wasn't necessary as long as I stayed awake for a couple of hours once I woke back up after being knocked out.

I tried to tell the guys I was fine, and that they didn't need to keep wakin' me up but did they listen?



The next mornin', since they wouldn't let me go to him, I talked Kat into sendin' someone to get Doc Tofu after breakfast. Half an hour later I could hear the Doc an' Wufei comin' in the front door.

"Landed head first on concrete after punching a hole in a steel roof you say and hit his head again an hour later?" Doc Tofu hmm'ed when Wufei agreed.

"Well then, as long as he hasn't broken anything he should be perfectly fine by now."

I could see the doc grin as he came in to the room while listenin' to Wufei as he asked the doc if he was sure.

"Of course I am, the same thing happened about two months ago," his eyes found me "didn't it Ranma?"

"Yeah, hurt like hell then too. At least this time the warehouse wasn't abandoned."

He smiled as he pulled a chair up beside me. "So what did you do to make Akane mad this time Ranma?", he asked.

"I didn't do anythin'." I told him. "She got mad 'cause I've been goin' out at night to spend some time on my own this last week or so. She says I've been messin' around with the other girls and that I'm a pervert. Same as usual, except now she's accusin' me of messin' around with my friend Dana as well."

By that time the only one not in the room listenin' to me and the Doc was Duo. I figured he was listenin' in the kitchen or gettin' dressed up as Dana. When he bounced into the living room wearin' a pair of red shorts, a black shirt, girl's sandels, and bra stuffed with somethin', I had my answer.

An' of course, the first thing he did was try to flirt with the Doc, who took one look an' told him it'd work better if he used water balloons to fill his bra instead of rolled up socks. He should have stopped there, but for some reason, he added a comment to the effect that otherwise he made a very good girl. He also called Duo 02 which gave me the final clue as to just exactly what and who my new friends were.

The fact that he not only knew immediately that Duo was not a girl, but also seemed to know exactly who and what Duo was, was a not well recieved, and with in seconds, I was the only one not either holdin' or pointin' a weapon of some kind at the Doc. Kat, Yuy, and Bloom all had guns, Wufei had his katana, and Duo had managed to pull a pair of throwing knives from somewhere.

I just sat there trying to absorb the discovery that two people I liked and trusted as much as I did Dana and Wufei had killed hundreds of people, and that the other three guys had killed hundreds more. The damage they'd done to different bases (according to the news) meant very little to me. After all, I deal with Ryouga and Shampoo almost every day and the damage they cause with out even thinking about it. It was the people the pilots had reportedly killed that bugged me.

This flashed through my mind in the second between the Doc calling Duo 02 and me whipping my head around to stare at the ... pilots. Because that's who they were. The only one who's expression I recognised wasYuy. He had on the same expression he'd had when Dana and Wufei brought me into thier house the first time.

At first the guy's reaction to Doc Tofu hadn't made any sense to me, but by the time the Doc had convinced Yuy to take the gun out of his face I'd figured it out. The Doc calling Duo 02 had sparked a memory which added to what I'd seen in the warehouse before I hit the concrete head first gave me the answer I'd been hunting for. It expained the gun oil, the med kit, the bloody bandages, and all the other odd things I'd seen. It also explained why one or more of the guys would dissapear for days at a time.

I was stunned. The five guy's I'd gotten to know, including two of the best friends I'd ever had, were the Gundam pilots. Terrorists, rebels, murderers, or freedom fighters depending on who you asked and when.

It was Kat tellin' the doc he had thirty seconds that snapped me back. Next thing I knew I was in front of the Doc and the guns were aimed at me. Three seconds later, the Doc had tapped half a dozen pressure point sand I was crumpled on the floor, face up, limp as a noodle, able to move only my eyes, and fully aware of what was going on around me.

I watched Doc Tofu glance around at the five guys who looked like they were decidin' between attackin' an' runnin' away. He looked a bit confused, then frowned in annoyance an' grumbled to himself, "G you idiot." Then he asked Duo to contact someone he called G and ask him for confirmation on his, the Doc's, identity, he also asked Wufei, who he called 05, to greet some lady named Sally Po for him the next time he talked to her. That earned him Wufei's gun in his face, an' a demand to know how he k new her as well as a demand to explain how he knew who they were. Doc held his hands out to the sides an' told him he'd worked with her before an' that he was supposed to be thier local medical contact but Proffessor G had obviously forgotten to tell them that.

I knew the moment the Doc dropped his hands back down. I watched as Kat lowered his gun and told Bloom and Yuy to do the same after the Doc explained about the fact that he was supposed to be thier local contact for medical attention through someone he called Proffessor G, though the rest of his explination made no sense to me at all. I listened as Wufei asked Kat if the Doc was tellin' the truth and then put his katana back in it's sheath when Kat said yes. I also figured out where Duo kept his knives when I watched him hide them again just before heading back upstairs to supposedly get ahold of this G person

Even after Duo'd come back downstairs and he'd convinced the rest of the guys that they didn't need to shoot him to keep him quiet, it still took a couple more hours for him to convince Yuy to let him leave. By the time Yuy was satisfied that Doc Tofu wasn't a 'security risk' I knew that the Doc had been born on L1 and had moved to earth to finish his schooling and later had remained on Earth to work with his Uncle before inheriting his clinic in Nerima after he'd retired. I also found out the he thought Pops should be skinned, Tendo needed medication, and that Akane needed a good spanking.

I also found out that Nabiki was a fairly well known hacker, not that anyone knew exactly who she was, who did contract work for the right price. Somehow that didn't really suprise me.

As he was getting ready to go, Doc Tofu repeated his advice to Duo, telling him to use water balloons instead of socks. Duo's eyes narrowed a bit, but he just grinned at the Doc an' told him he'd have to remember that. By that time I'd managed to prop myself up against the couch next to him, and just had to ask how the heck he knew that water balloons made better fake boobs than socks. Doc just waved it off an' said he'd had to dress up as a girl as part of a dare in high school an' that his sister had told him the same thing. I tried to imagine the doc in drag an's started laughin' at what my mind showed me.

Soon as the doc was out the door the guys started arguin'. I only caught a couple of words before Yuy glared my way an' made 'em shut up.

There is a reason that Nabiki calls me the master of the Anything Goes foot-in-mouth technique. In this case, in spite of all the effort I'd put into learnin' to think before talkin', with help from Kat an' Dana, I opened my mouth before engagin' my brain.

"You're the gundam pilots! What the hell are ya doin' in Nerima? Ya lookin' for the Oz chick who showed up a couple a months ago?" came flyin' out a my mouth before my brain could catch up an' tell me to keep my mouth shut.

At that point my brain caught up to my mouth an' I shut up before I could say anythin' else. Unfortunately for me, the damage was already done an' I was suddenly surrounded by five hard faced pilots, all of 'em glarin' at me like they were tryin' to see inside my skull. Though to tell you the truth, I really didn't notice since all my attention was of the gun not two feet from my face, aimed at my eyes, and held by a pissed off Odin Yuy. Somehow I got the feelin' that he was hopin' I'd give him an excuse to shoot.

I wasn't until Kat asked me, in one of the coldest voices I ever heard, just what it'd take to keep my mouth shut, that I started noticin' stuff other than the view down inside the gun barrel. That's when I noticed the other guy's reactions, but somehow Kat managed to scare me more than any of 'em.

All I could do was stare at him an' try to sink into the courch an' wonder if this was a dream. Kat'd always made me think of something cute an' fuzzy, but damn that boy could be scary!

I must've been quiet an' just stared for longer than I thought 'cause next thing I knew, Yuy's guntapped me in the forehead an' Kat asked me again when I'd figured it out an' what it'd take to keep me quiet. All I did was squeak an' try ta move closer to Duo. It wasn't long before I had to give up 'cause I was still too doped up to do much more'n wiggle.

Ok, I'll admit it, right then, as out of it an' doped up as I was, if my mom could have seen me she'd've made me kill myself right then an' there. I was actin' like a damn girl! But that seemed to make the guys realize that I wasn't gonna be goin' anywhere with out help, an' they seemed to relax a bit knowin' I was stuck where they put me.

Once everyone'd calmed down, me included after the guys stopped glarin' at me an' Yuy put the gun away, Kat asked me again when I'd figured out who they were, an' this time I managed to answer. I told him about seein' the gundams after punchin' through the ware house roof an' puttin' them together with Tofu callin' Duo 02 an' watchin' 'em leave the house at night an' followin' em to the warehouse. I also told him 'bout how the gun oil in the livin' room and the bandages in the garbage couple of weeks earlier had gotten me curious in the first place.

He also asked if I was gonna tell anyone who they were. I told him "nah, I wasn't gonna tell anyone anythin' 'cause I didn't want anythin' ta happen to you guys since you're the only friends I've got who don't threaten to kill me, try to beat me, or try to seduce me on a regular basis." and followed that up with, "I wouldn't even tell anyone 'bout Yuy. Who, by the way, only drew attention an' made sure people'd remember him when he acted like an asshole all the time."

That started Duo chucklin' while Yuy growled and stalked off somewhere. Kat noticed me tryin' to keep my eyes open an' after decidin' to save the rest of his questions until later, grabbed Bloom an' headed outside. Leavin' Duo an' Wufei to keep an' eye on me.

By that time I was more than ready to lay down again, an' did so even though I ended up with my head in Wufei's lap where he'd sat down near me on the couch while I was tellin' him 'bout the Doc. As I did my best to wiggle myself into a more comfortable position, he asked me what was wrong with me, why was I so weak? Did he need to go get the Doctor again?

As I finished settling in, I snickered an' told him there was no point since the Doc was the one who made me this way in the first place.

Wufei raised an eyebrow an' asked what the doc had done so I told him 'bout the pressure points an' stuff the doc had figured out to keep me in bed when he wanted me to stay there, an' that I'd be useless for a couple of days 'til the herbs an' pressure points wore off.

For some reason this upset both him an' Duo, an' when they asked me why he'd done this to me, I told them about the Doc havin' to find some way to keep me in bed when he wanted me to stay there. In the end he'd had to resort to a combination of pressure points and herbs. I added that the effects would wear off in a couple of days, but until then, I'd be almost helpless. Which was why he didn't use it much, an' when he did, made sure I had somewhere safe to hide until they wore off, usually the clinic or his place.

Wufei seemed impressed an' asked what kinda doc Tofu was an' if he used such methods often. I told him I didn't know for sure, but that the Doc was real good, an' knew his stuff, but to get the hell away from him if Kasumi showed up or if anyone mentioned her name. When Duo asked why, I started telling them stories about what happened when Doc Tofu went nuts around Kasumi.

By that time Kat and Bloom had come back inside, without me noticin', so I was startled when Kat started laughin' with Duo while Wufei snickered softly at some of the wack stuff the Doc did when ever Kasumi showed up. I tried to move so that I could see Kat, but damn near passed out. My head an' neck hurt so bad when I tried to twist my head around that I couldn't stop the groan.

Right after that happened, Kat herded everyone except my pillow out of the room, and told him to let me sleep. I saw him pick up a book on the table beside the couch and then I was out like a light.


When he woke me up for supper, Wufei volunteered to share his room since his was the only one with out two people already in it. He said that it wouldn't be good for me to sleep on the couch in my state. Little did I know that he'd volunteered his bed as well since it was the only one in the room.

After the meal was finished and the dishes had been washed Kat went off to finish his homework, pulling a protesting Duo with him. Yuy disappeared outside when Wufei drafted Trowa to help get me upstairs an' into the bath before he joined Kat an' Duo in the living room.

There is very little that is more embaressing than having to have help to take a bath and get dressed. It was bad enough when the one helpin' me was the doc, but havin' that help come from Wufei and the others made it worse somehow. At least Wufei didn't insist on hangin' around while I soaked in the tub after he helped me scrub myself off, although he did tell me he'd be back in half an hour to help me get out of the tub, dried, dressed, an' into bed. However he didn't mention that he was going to bring someone else with him. Thank the kami's it wasn't Duo, Yuy was bad enough.

Still I don't really remember all that much after they helped me get dressed in a pair of borrowed boxers an' a t-shirt that was almost too small. I seem to remember bein' picked up an' carried, but at the time I dismissed it as a hallucination since the only one able to do so woulda been Yuy, an' I was sure he wouldn't do such a thing to help me of all people. I don't even remember my head hittin' the pillow.

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