Chapter 1- Moving In

Mid summer was approaching the city of Tokyo. The leaves were still green on the trees, yet the kids were in their summer clothes playing football. Near the kids playing a game of pigskin, was a girl named Kagome. Kagome, who was babysitting three little kids, had lived in Tokyo all of her life.

Kagome had interesting features. She had black hair she had gotten from her mother. (Anyone got a good name for her; I'm so out of ideas!) Her smile seemed perfect; the doctor said she had some of the best teeth he had ever seen in their life. Though she wasn't the skinniest girl on the block, she was anything but ugly. Then there were her eyes.

Those eyes of her could make someone who was upset; feel a sudden sadness for the girl. They were a dark brown and sadder than the ocean. But they weren't always like that. They were once happy, but soon lost their joy when the closest thing in her life got torn away from her. Her father was the only true person she had ever opened up to, though he never minded hearing about her day or what was wrong. She knew that he would never tell her secrets, which made their friendship so strong.

But sadly, her dad died. Since she was only eleven, she was heartbroken. She never talked to her friends about the accident or how he died, since the heartache was too horrible to bear. Lucky for her, Rin and Sango, her best friends, understood the closeness to her father and never pressed the subject. She was eternally grateful for that.

Since then, her heart had been clouded with sadness and colder than stone, trying to ease her pain. A while after the death, her heart almost became clear again, but she always appeared to force a smile onto her face. Truly, she was afraid of being hurt again like she was when she lost her father. Her friends seemed to understand what had happened with her father, since the obituaries held all the information about his death. None brought up that article to Kagome; they knew she had already read it.

Kagome wasn't cold to her mother, and tried to keep closely to her. She kept her happy by keeping up her grades and visiting her grandfather's grave, who she had lost when she was very little. Since she never truly remembered her grandfather, she couldn't feel the emotion that filled her heart when she glanced at her father's grave, which was next to her grandfather's. Memories of the two were caught on tape and in photographs, and Kagome spent many nights watching films of her family when they were whole.

Kagome never spoke her grandfather's name around her mother. Her mother had never gotten over her father's death. Cancer took the remaining sand in his hour glass, slowly selling his grains to the grim reaper. He was gone in a blink of an eye, and now eleven years had passed since his demise.

Kagome's eyes now watched the three kids that she was babysitting, seeing the oldest running around with her arms in the air. The middle child only seemed to sigh as she chased after her, though the third kid was into the game completely. Suddenly, she saw the chased child stop and point something out, which made the other two look as well. A look of fright fell on the youngest face as he ran from the other two and straight to Kagome. Without warning, he jumped onto Kagome, making Kagome fall back on the step she was sitting on.

"Shippo, what are you doing!" Kagome asked, slowly sitting up and placing Shippo on her lap.

"God Shippo, you are such a baby." The middle girl said.

"Now Karan…" Kagome warned, though she let the threat stay in the air unfinished. Karan was an 8 year old kid who seemed to know everything, or to herself she did. Her big brown eyes were filled with destructiveness, yet her red hair made her look innocent when people first met her. Kagome preferred to watch the others alone because Karan held no respect for anyone other than herself. It took at least three times of asking and two threats till Karan listened to Kagome.

"Shippo is not a baby Karan. Just because you're older, doesn't mean that you are better than him. You are so mean." The oldest child said. Hitomi was about 11, and was Kagome's favorite child. It was mainly because she was a lot like Kagome and Kagome felt like she was an older sister for Hitomi, which was exactly what Hitomi thought. Hitomi had black hair, which made people wonder if Kagome and Hitomi were related when they noticed they both also had brown eyes. The only difference between the two girls' eyes was the fact that Hitomi held such innocence and naivety, where as Kagome only had knowledge and loneliness.

"What happened?" Kagome finally asked, making the boy on her lap look up at her with soft green eyes. Shippo was the youngest of the three children, and seemed to have the cheeriest smile around. His fluffy red hair blew through the air as he pulled it from his face, smiling a toothy grin at Kagome. His fluffy tail swished when he saw the worried look on her face. Shippo was about 7 and was very shy at first. When Kagome had first met Shippo, the younger boy got scared and clung to Hitomi until convinced that Kagome was nice. By the end of the first night, Shippo was attached to Kagome.

"I saw it!" Shippo said meekly. Kagome's eyebrow arched in confusion.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Well Hitomi, Karan and I were playing that game in the front yard, and then we heard this big noise. We all stopped to see what it was and then I saw this massive demon coming straight down the street. I got scared and that's why I ran into you." Shippo explained, watching Karan roll her eyes.

"It wasn't that big, and it was just a truck." She said, annoyance written on her face.

"Well maybe not to you Karan, but you're older and have seen trucks like that in the movies before. Besides, how many of those have you seen in this neighborhood?" Kagome asked.

"None, but that doesn't mean that Shippo has to get all freaked out like a sacred fox and run to you." Karan liked to use the word fox when making fun of her adopted brother. Each child was not related, each losing their parents when they were younger. Their adopted mother took all three in as her own children. Kagome easily picked up the young kistune in her arms, slowly walking towards the edge of the lawn.

"Karan, stop picking on your brother. Now which way did the truck go?" Kagome asked.

"At those old people's house, you know the ones. I broke their window last month with my baseball and you ratted me out to my mom."

"It's not my fault that I told you three times to put the bat down and you didn't listen. Maybe next time you will go into your backyard like I said before." She replied, watching the girl scowl at her before sulking off into the backyard. Kagome only sighed before walking onto the side of the street, looking the road. She knew of the house that she was describing, and she slowly peered over to the yellow house.

Outside in the yard was the truck that the children mentioned. She blinked when she realized that it was a moving truck, which slowly filled her mind with thoughts. She shook her head when she heard Shippo's gasp.

"That's the demon that I saw from earlier! It's going to eat everyone in that house." He said, making Kagome smile lightly.

"No Shippo that is not a monster. As Karan said before it is just a truck. It's called a moving truck, and it helps people move from one house to another. It keeps all of the family's possessions safe from getting broken. "Kagome explained to the fox.

"But then why do those people keep getting swallowed by it?" Shippo asked, pointing to the back of the truck.

"Those are called movers, and they help unload and load the possessions into the truck for transportation." Hitomi replied, appearing beside Kagome.

"That's right; they are just hired by the family to help them out." Kagome replied. Shippo gazed in wonder before pointing to a young boy on the lawn.

"Is he a mover too?" Shippo asked. Kagome looked up from Shippo to see a boy about her age sitting on the grass with a football. He was smirking at another boy, throwing the ball up to the second boy.

"Um no, I think he's moving in there." Kagome said slowly before placing the child on the ground. "Hitomi, why don't you take your brother into the backyard with Karan and play a game? I'm going to talk to the new neighbors Oka?"

"Sure thing Kagome, but you can't stay too long or else Karan might try to take control." Hitomi warned before grabbing her brother's hand and leading him into the backyard. Kagome watched the two kids for a moment before letting her gaze travel to the entire yard. She slowly let her gaze settle on the grave yard behind the fence, silently saying a pray for her demised relatives.

"Oka, this is not the time to dwell on the past. Especially when we have new neighbors coming into the neighborhood." Kagome said to herself, looking back at the house. But to her surprise, both boys were gone and the only people left were the movers. Kagome blinked slightly before sighing. "And of course I miss the new neighbors."

"Well I wouldn't say that exactly." A slightly older woman replied, causing Kagome to jump in surprise. She looked up at the women, who now seemed to be containing a giggle. "Sorry to scare you, but I saw you looking over at my house and I decided to come say hello. Is this your house?"

"Um no, I'm just babysitting. But I do live in the neighborhood, right down the street from you. Hi, I'm Kagome."

"Well hello Kagome, my name is Izayoi. It's a pleasure to meet you." Izayoi was a tall black haired woman with warming purple eyes. She wore a light shade of pink lipstick that seemed to brighten her delicate smile as she extended a small hand. Kagome took it and shook gently before pulling away.

"It's nice to see some new people in the neighborhood; most people have been here for as long as I can remember."

"Have you lived here long?" Izayoi asked.

"All of my life actually. You could say I know this neighborhood a little better than most real estates." Kagome said humbly.

"That's wonderful, maybe you could show one of my sons around! He's probably about the same age as you, and he always has a hard time settling into a new home. My older son never has a problem getting used to a new place, but the younger one is always so uncomfortable with change. We've only moved two times, but it takes him some time to get used to the people in the neighborhood." Izayoi replied.

"Is he shy or something?" Kagome asked, making Izayoi laugh.

"Oh no, nothing like that. Most of the people from our old neighborhoods were too old for him to do anything with."

"Well you won't have to worry about that here; we have a large variety of kids here. There is a couple more my age, and I could introduce them to him if he wanted. I'll come around tomorrow if you want."

"Oh I'm sure that he would enjoy hanging out with a cutie like you." Kagome blushed slightly at the blunt compliment, making Izayoi smile. "I always forget how easy it is to embarrass someone now days."

"It's Oka, it was just unsuspected." Kagome admitted.

"I feel bad for leaving such a nice conversation, but I know that if I leave Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru alone for too long they will end up breaking something in the house, or in each other. Goodbye." Kagome waved her goodbye as Izayoi walked back over to the house, leaving a strange feeling of confusion left in Kagome's stomach.

"Well that was interesting." Kagome muttered to herself, though she dropped her voice before she left her thoughts run wild. I wonder what her son is like. I don't even know his name, how am I supposed to introduce him to people if I don't know his name! Wait, she said something like Inu…oh I can't believe I forgot already. Well he does have another brother named Sesshoumaru, but who else does he know? Does he even know anyone on this street? I doubt it, unless he knew them from something else. That could be possible; there are other boys on the street.

"Kagome, come quick!" Kagome sighed at Shippo's distressed call and slowly made her way towards the backyard. I wonder what happened to the other couple that was living there. I mean, I know I haven't seen them in a while, but wouldn't they have said goodbye if they were going somewhere? They always seemed to like me, I'm sure they would have told me. I guess I'm just going to have to just talk to Ayame when she gets home from work.

"Stop being so rude!" Kagome mentally groaned when she heard loud screaming coming from the two older children.

"I can be rude if I want to, and you can't tell me not to be." Karan replied to her sister's command.

"They won't stop fighting and I've tried everything." Shippo said in misery. Kagome only sighed and crossed her arms.

"Oka you two, knock it off or both of you are going to bed right now!" Both looked over at her in shock.

"But it's barely dark yet, we can't go to bed!" Karan said.

"Well then I suggest you two stop and get into the house so that I can make dinner." Kagome said. Both kid glared at each other before stomping into the house. Kagome smiled before picking Shippo up, walking towards the dimly lit house. She slowly kicked her shoes off before walking into the kitchen. The two bickering children from before now sat at the table, eagerly awaiting their dinner. Kagome set Shippo down in front of the table before she walked over to the shelves.

"You kids oka with spaghetti?" She asked, all three nodding their heads. As she slowly filled the pan with water, Hitomi's curiosity got the better of her.

"Well how are the new neighbors?" She asked. Kagome paused for a moment before she remembered Izayoi.

"I've only met one of the family members, but she seemed very nice. She wants me to introduce her son to the people in the neighborhood." She now dumped the spaghetti into the pan before continuing. "I'm sure that he's nice too. That means that when I bring him here, you all must be on your best behavior."

"Well what about his father?" Hitomi asked.

"Izayoi didn't say anything about a farther or husband, so I'm not really sure. I guess we'll have to find out later on when we meet her son." And with that, Kagome focused on their dinner.

And that is the beginning of a new story! I know that I have my other story still out now, but I'm happy to say I already have this entire story written out. It will have 26 chapters and will be around 208 pgs long, so you're all in for a ride! I'm hoping this is a hit, since I worked really hard to write it. I'm telling you all now, there will be a slight change of character in the following people:

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Kagura (She'll still be very sarcastic and will start fights like in the series, but she might act a little more modern girl than 500 years ago girl. You have to understand I had to modernize the characters too.)

Sesshoumaru (Not that much, but he won't try to kill Inuyasha every time he sees him. But yea, they will get into little verbal fights and stuff like in the normal series.)

As for demons and stuff like that, everything stands. Inuyasha is a half demon, and Sesshy is a full. All the others that are demons in the story are demons too. Now that I have gotten that done, you must also understand that this will NOT NOT NOT interfere with my other story, though I will be upset if I don't get any reviews for this story! Well this is the beginning, hope you like it!

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