Chapter One -

It was three weeks before the terms starts. Hermione excitedly filled her trunk with her belongings. She'll go to The Burrow in the morning to meet up with her two best mates. Hermione had secretly been in love with Ron since third year – she had loved how they always bickered at each other, how he had always been protective of her. On her 6th year at Hogwarts, she had promised her self that no matter what, she would have to tell Ron. "As if he didn't like me back" she though. In her heart, she knew that Ron loved her the way she loved him. She carefully re-read the letter that Ron had owled her three days ago

Dear Hermione,

How's summer. We had just arrive from our visit to Romania with Mum and Dad. Harry will be arriving shortly. Dad had thought best that we rescue him from the muggles before he loses too much weight over the summer – I hear they're still starving him! I'd give anything thing to curese those bloody muggles! Mum says to invite you too. So can you come to the Burrow? If you're allowed to send me an owl, we can fetch you through floo on Thursday night! Oh, and I have got something very important to ask you! But that would have to wait until you're here…



She folded it carefully and put it in her trunk. After packing her belongings, she happily went to bed, day dreaming of how Ron would tell her that he loved her.

Three week before the start of terms and Draco wished that time would sit still. She did not want to leave her mother alone. After Lucius had died, Narcisas had been in the pits of depression. He would give anything to make her happy again – well, maybe not anything. He was glad that Lucius had died with his beloved Voldemort.

He thought of his father, how he loathed him! He had always been beating up Narcisa and had never shown love for Draco -- beating up Narcisa for Draco's behavior. Lucius had always wanted Draco to be a death-eater like him, but Narcisa had thought otherwise. She would always teach Draco about love and equality among wizaRDS. But if Draco had shown any signs of this, he would get mad!

Lucuis being dead, he can now treat muggleborn as equals without fearing Lucius finding out – well maybe not Granger or Potter.

Hermione Granger – "that woman!", He muttered. He had still not forgiven her for slapping her during their third year. Or beating her for top marks in all their classes. And for being always happy with her bloody little friends – Saint Potter and the Weasel. He just hated the Golden trio for always embarrassing him.