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Hao and his sugar pals

One night, Hao was finding sweets in the house. He wanted something sweet to eat for the day. Soon he searches in the cupboard and finds a carton full of SpongeBob chocolate (I didn't know where the idea came from). Hao starts to eat one...

Hao: Hmm.. This chocolate tastes good!

So, he eats more and more chocolate. Yoh went down to get himself milk, he saw his Aniki eating but he didn't bother because he was too sleepy.


After Hao has eaten the whole carton of SongeBob chocolate, he started shaking like mad.

He went to the room of Anna and Yoh. (Fine, Anna and Yoh are sleeping in the same room.)

He opens the closet of Anna and started wearing her clothes. Then he headed through the dresser filled with make-up.

Hao helped himself with the make-up. He puts on lipstick and alot of mascara. Though Hao is a boy, he still has experience through the 1000 years. Anyways, Hao opens the radio and plays his favorite Beyonce song which is Crazy in Love.

Anna wakes up and opens the lights.

Yoh rubbed his eyes, after a few seconds, a loud yell that pretty much sounds like a little girl.


Anna slaps Yoh in the face to calm him down.

Next, Anna slaps Hao on both of his cheeks...

Hao: Yay! Blush-on! You don't have one of those Anna-chan!

That make Hao recieve another slap which is the strongest Anna can give.


the next day------

Hao felt his cheeks hurt like mad...

Hao remembered the incident that happened last night and promised tonever to it again...


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