Title: Cracked and Broken

Synopsis: Rose is told something ahe finds hard to believe. A short snippet on the Doctor's state of mind following the Time War and the changes he underwent.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my imagination… Sadly...

Rating: K

A/N: This is a snippet from a longer story I'm writing which I don't think I willpost.

"The thing about the Doctor… The thing you have to understand is- he always wanted to fix things."

"What things?" asked Rose, confused.

"Everything. The Universe. Life its self. He had to I think, before- before it was an accident of sorts, he didn't go somewhere to fix it, he often didn't want to be involved, but he would become involved, often against his better judgment. And after the- afterwards he seemed not to care. Now- it's different. He's changed, the universe has changed. We all blinked and we missed it- the moment when whole species died, the instant when stars- galaxies shivered in their place. The second when time changed."

Rose pulled away from large dark eyes that seemed far to old, Rose felt instinctively that she knew- she knew things that Rose didn't want to know. And Rose felt afraid, the halting soft voice had only paused howeverand presently the woman turned back around in the enclosed cell.

"He helped so many before. He was such a kind being, a protector of the weak, defender of beings of any kind. Humans would call him moral, a man of character." Rose looked up, afraid at the pause. "He's not that Doctor anymore."

Rose swallowed back a sob as tears fell to her cheeks. "He's not?" she asked, instantly wishing she had held her tongue.

"No. Now it's him that's broken Rose. He's the one that's cracked- just like time, cracked and broken. Blind and yet… He is the Doctor, he's just not the Doctor he was." A smile brushed lips that seemed unused to it.

"He still wants to fix everything but now he can't."

"Why not? He's sti-"

"Because he knows he can't put right the damage that he's done. And if he can't do that- how can he put right the wrongs of others? No he's broken, just as broken as the universe he tries to fix."

:The End: