Title: Post-Mortem

Author: Girl Who Writes

Email: Ask and ye shall receive. Take and ye shall be beaten.

Timeline: This story takes place two years after the crash.

Disclaimer: I make no claim of ownership nor do I make any sort of profit from the use of these characters; they belong to J.J Abrams and the ABC. I am merely a poor fan who just used her last five dollars on EBay.

Author's Notes: This story was written with "Movie Magic" in mind. "Movie Magic" just sets the scene for Jack and Kate's relationship. This story will be approximately three chapters of around 650 words and was written to Dido's Album "Life for Rent".

Thank you to everyone who was so nice about my first fic, "Movie Magic". I hope you like this story as much.

I always thought that I would like to live by the sea.

They got rescued.

She remembers the day well, standing at the edge of the jungle, watching the others – her friends – line up alone the shoreline, shouting and waving.

She had true friends, for the first time in her life. Once, she had had Tom, but now… now, she has friends.

Sayid and Michael are stoking the fire as fast as they can; matches are being dropped into the sand, fizzing out, dead. Sayid and Michael are swearing and dropping more matches; she comes up behind them, laughing.

"Don't you want to get rescued, Kate?" Sayid looks at her, as she takes the matches and strikes it, lighting the wood the first try.

"Being stuck here wouldn't be the worse thing that's ever happened to me," she smiles to herself and steps back from the fire. She focuses in on it and tunes out the cries of the others.

She can hear Jack yelling himself hoarse, and she wonders. She wonders if the island was that agonising for him; would he remember their time together as a time of suffering because they were stuck on an island haunted by polar bears, or would he look back on his time on the island as something good because she was there with him?

She wonders if he remembers that she won't be going home with him.

She walks over to him, her arms crossed over her chest and a smile on her face. His face is flushed and he's laughing as the ship gets closer to the island. He drops his arm and loops one casually around her waist, staring out to see.

It's over.

Not because she doesn't love him; no, she loves him fiercely; the others found it almost comical how they circled around one another and attempted to protect each other. But they clung to each other; two years they've been here, and they both stayed strong.

No, it's over because the second she sets foot on that ship, she's on her way to prison. She won't be able to talk to him, see him… she'll be behind five inches of reinforced glass holding a grimy telephone to her ear – if he comes to visit her.

She leans into him, and the smile drops off her face. Her arms snake around his waist and for the first time since she met Jack Shepard, she doesn't feel comforted by his presence.

He looks down at her and their eyes meet briefly and their lips meet in one last, cool kiss; a kiss that left them both wondering exactly how they ended up having to leave each other.

She was right; her name was highlighted on the sheet that was faxed through. They had a pair of handcuffs ready for her and there were cries of protest as they hurled her around. And as Jack moved forward and she went to stop him, to tell him that it was alright, that she had earned this, it was Sawyer's fists that went flying.

And while one of the men lay on the sand, his hand cupped around his bleeding nose, Sawyer offered him a bitter smile, pulled a cigarette out of his back pocket and said, in that southern drawl that loaned his sentiments a sarcastic quality, "You don't treat the lady like that."

And she wonders what she did to be called a lady by Sawyer.

And as they lead her to the speed boat, to be taken out to the ship separately from the others, she sees Michael looking at something. Joanna's passport; too late for that now, even if she had gotten around to finishing it. Catching a look of the scorch mark over Joanna's photograph, she feels a vague twinge of regret.

She looks back only once, to see them all crowded along the shoreline, silently. She can hear Aaron crying and she can see Charlie's arm around Claire. She can see Jack and Sawyer stand together but alone as she is escorted out of their lives.

She doesn't see either of them again for a very long time.