Title: Post-Mortem

Chapter: 4/4

Author: Girl Who Writes

Email: Ask and ye shall receive. Take and ye shall be beaten.

Timeline: This story takes place two years after the crash.

Disclaimer: I make no claim of ownership nor do I make any sort of profit from the use of these characters; they belong to J.J Abrams and the ABC. I am merely a poor fan who just used her last five dollars on EBay.

Author's Notes: A string of exams and universtiy applications prevented me from posting this - my formal ended at one this morning. Anyway, this chapter was originally the introduction to the third and final story in this little trilogy, but I thought it would work better as an epilogue, but explains why the tone is a little different.

Anyway, yes, the end of Post Mortem and I hope you'll all read the sequel "Transience".

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She sits on the balcony, a pair of sunglasses over her eyes and a pen in her hand. She stares out at the morning sky, streaked with pink and gold and promised a beautiful day in Los Angeles. She tilts her head back and just enjoys existence for a moment.

Her moment is interrupted all too soon, but somewhere clearing their throat and pulling out the chair beside her. She opens her eyes and comes face to face with Sawyer, who takes a sip of coffee and leans back.

"Mornin' Freckles. Sleep well?" He flashes her that cocky smile she knows so well, and she self-consciously tugs her tank top lower before glowering at him.

"What time did you get here?" she asks almost primly, tossing her pen down.

Sawyer runs his hand through his hair and drinks his coffee before replying to her question. "Doc let me in when he left."

She rolls her eyes and refocuses on the paper in front of her. Things have changed more than she thinks they would have – should have. She thought she'd get a bad job because she had no training, little ambition for any sort of career. Once upon a time, she might have wanted to be a vet or something, but she had no idea of what she wanted to do.

She thought she'd be living in a grungy flat outside of the city, where dirt and crime were the second language. And she thought she'd meet up with Jack occasionally.

But she somehow ended up staying in the Shepard house, living with Jack and his mother. Mrs Shepard had made it clear that she didn't particularly approve of Kate for her only son. Mrs Shepard chose to spend the majority of her time staying in spas or visiting friends, leaving her and Jack in the Shepard home together.

She has never been happier than she is, with Jack. He works long hours at the hospital, leaving before she's awake and getting home to microwave take out and the late movie. It gets lonely, some days, in the huge house – some days she calls Sun, who lives across the city – but some days, like today, Sawyer's there to keep her company.

Sawyer took his compensation cheque from Oceanic and bummed around the country. He never contacted any of the survivors when he was on the road in Kansas or Connecticut, but every few months, he'd turn up at Jack's front door with a cigarette and a smirk on his face. All three of them knew that the only reason Sawyer came – and the only reason Jack tolerated Sawyer's presence – was because of her. Because Jack's her partner and Sawyer's her best friend.

"Whatcha writing there, Freckles?" Sawyer takes another swig from her coffee cup and makes a face at the tepid coffee.

"A letter." She glances at the sheets of note paper, mentally scanning what she's already written, what she needs to write.

"To the Doc?" Sawyer gives her a quizzical look.

"To my brother; he's a teacher in Ohio," she explains. "I need to fix things with him."

Sawyer nods like he knows what she's talking about and leans back, staring out over the balcony. They both have demons in their closest, but she can't understand all of his, and he certainly can't understand all of hers.

"Got any plans for today, Freckles?" Sawyer watches her gather together her papers and drain her coffee cup.

"Jack's taking me out to dinner," she smiles up at him, and in a voice very unlike her, "he said he's got a surprise."

Sawyer chuckles and shakes his head. "Before your surprise dinner with Jackass; any plans?"

"Nope. Free as a bird."

And she'll send her brother a letter, trying to fix everything that went wrong. She'll head off to spend the day with Sawyer, and she'll go out to dinner with Jack, where he'll offer her a real future. And nothing could ruin this for her; she's happy.