Title: Father Mine

Summary: AU Harry Potter had been feared by the wizarding population since he was nine years old, now he's going to Hogwarts with Remus his Professor and adoptive father...but what will everyone else think of this? RH

Rating: PG-13 (I still don't know the names of the new ratings so we'll stick the more common ones! )

Status: 2.5 chapters written, 1 chapter posted

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Pairings: Sirius x Remus, Remus x Harry

Notes: I wrote this a while ago and only just remembered about it. I love this story to bits and I hope you will too. Please don't hate me for some of the things that happen to Harry!

Harry yawned as he stretched and pushed back the covers of his bed, he swung his legs out and shivered when his feet met the cold floor. He rubbed his forehead and his fingers brushed over the lightning shaped scar that he had been given on that night all those years ago. Harry was currently nine years old and living in Godric's Hollow with his sister, the girl who lived, his father, the head of the sports department at the Ministry for Magic and his pregnant mother, charms professor at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Then there was him, boring old him, nine years ago the Dark Lord, or Lord Voldemort had attacked him and his younger sister. The only thing he remembered from that night was screaming, a flash of green light heading right towards him and a burning pain on his forehead. The screaming stopped and all he could see was a pile of crumpled, smouldering robes in place of what had been looming darkness.

Everyone else had proclaimed his sister the girl who lived because of a circular burn on her left shoulder that he knew to have been caused by a lamp that had fell on her and the bulb had been left on her skin. He'd tried to tell his mother that when he was younger but she had patted his head and told him it wasn't funny to joke about those kinds of things. Harry had later learned that she was being 'patronising' and so he'd never brought the subject up again lest she be 'patronising' again.

He winced as the scar on his forehead stung painful but he ignored it and instead got up and got dressed. He trooped down the stairs pulling on an emerald jumper that Mrs Weasley had knitted him. It had a silver H on it, his father disapproved of it and Harry would later learn that this was because they were the Slytherin colours. The Weasley family were good friends with the Potters and Harry got along well with the one his age, Ron and then there was his younger sister Ginny who blushed every time he entered the room.

When he got downstairs the rest of his family was still asleep and they wouldn't be up for another ten minutes. That was enough time for Harry to prepare breakfast as he usually did. Sure, as every wizarding family does, they had house elves but his mother and father found he was much more useful working than he was doing anything else. It was Harry's job to cook meals, wash dishes, do the laundry and ironing, clean the house, house elves were only used for trivial things like getting the remote from halfway across the room.

Harry cracked some eggs into a pan and got out some bacon and sausages ready to make a fry-up. Unhealthy he knew and extremely fattening but he really didn't care at the moment. He left everything to simmer as he dashed the house library and grabbed some books from the section he had been reading recently. They were his parent's old school books and Harry was already onto the second year textbooks having mastered and learned everything in the first year ones.

He knew he didn't have a wand and he knew he shouldn't practise magic and above that he knew that he shouldn't do wandless magic but it was fun. Also Harry felt good about being able to do something he knew very few, if any, others could do, especially at his age. He smelt burning and dashed the kitchen to the see the bacon shrivelled and burnt and the sausages crispy, he looked at the dial and saw someone had turned it up from 3 to 6.

Harry glared around until his eyes fell on his grinning sister, "Isabel, did you do this?" he demanded, she nodded and giggled childishly.

"Well, duh," she sneered at him and he glared.

"Come here you brat," he cried lunging for her, she screamed and ran. She made for the stairs, Harry gulped, "No, Is, please!" he begged.

She shook her head and smiled at him, "Mum," she yelled up the stairs, "Harry's bullying me!" Harry ran to the kitchen and waved his hand over the food so it was perfect and he had enough time to get it onto plates before his mother stormed into the kitchen a sobbing Isabel in her arms.

"Harry what have you done this time?" his mother demanded glaring down at him.

"Nothing mother," he replied keeping his head down, his face was hot and red with anger but he didn't want them to see that.

"Liar, mummy he hit me," Isabel whined.

"Harry, apologise now," Lily, demanded but Harry shook his head defiantly, still not looking up at them.

"No, she's lying, I didn't even touch her!" Harry protested but he yelped when his father came in the room and grabbed him by the ear.

"Apologise now you insolent brat or you'll be in a lot of pain," Harry yelped and clawed at his father's arm. Lily took Isabel out of the room telling James to deal with his son.

James kicked Harry's stomach and the smaller boy doubled over in pain, "That was for making me come in," he kicked him again, "that was for not doing as you're told," and one more kick, "and that was for hitting your sister. She's younger than you," James preached, "and smaller, you should know better than to hit someone who can't defend themselves." With that James made for the door, "Now get to you're room boy and if I see you once today you'll be in more pain than you know how to deal with."

With that final statement Harry's father left the room, Harry staggered to his feet and limped out of the room, he'd fallen at the third kick and twisted his ankle badly. He dragged himself upstairs to the sounds of Isabel's giggles and her loving parents praising her for some other idiotic thing she'd done.

1 week later---

The doorbell rang, "Get the door brat," came James' voice from the dining room where he was with Lily and Isabel.

"Yes sir," Harry replied, he went to the door and opened it, "Good day Mr Black, Mr Lupin," he bowed to the two men that stood in the doorway.

"Whatever kid," Sirius grumbled, "Where's prongs?" he demanded.

"The master is in the dining room sir," Harry replied, Remus raised an eyebrow, master? That was an odd way to refer to someone's father wasn't it?

Once Sirius was out of site and Harry had turned to go back up the stairs Remus reached out and put a hand on the boy's shoulder, "Harry?" the boy turned, "it is Harry isn't it?" The black haired boy nodded staring at him with such piercing green eyes Remus was almost intimidated, "Why do call you're father master?" he asked.

"Because," Harry shrugged Remus' hand off his shoulder, "as far as I'm concerned he isn't my father," Harry smiled, as though pleased with him-self for saying it.

"That's not a very nice thing to say," Remus scowled, "why do you not think him you're father?"

"Because he hates me," Remus reeled back, whatever had happened to this child to make him say these things…and that stare.

"What makes you think he hates you? Have you argued with him recently?" Remus asked tentatively, he knew James and Lily both had fiery tempers, Lily more than James, but still…if this kid had both Remus for one didn't want to cross him.

Harry reached for the bottom of his baggy long-sleeved top, which Remus noticed was a couple of sizes too big. He pulled the top up to reveal dark purple and green bruises, Remus' eyes widened, "Did James do that?" Remus asked staring at Harry in confused horror. Harry nodded, "Have you shown these to Lily?" Harry shook his head, "Why?"

"She wouldn't care," Harry replied.

Remus was about to ask why when, "Moony, are you coming or not?" Sirius called over to him as he, James, Lily and Isabel came out of the dining room.

Remus turned around to ask Harry if he was coming only to find the space empty, he sniffed the air, Harry had gone up the stairs. He turned to face James, he saw the anger in the man's brown eyes and shrank back, he could tell James was telling him not to say anything. "James," the man's eyes narrowed, "isn't Harry coming with us?" Remus asked.

"Mum," Isabel tugged at the hem of the red-haired woman's robes, "I don't want him to come he'll only spoil everything."

"Let's just go Moony, leave the brat, James says he's a trouble maker," Sirius groaned and ran a hand through his hair as though Remus was some petulant child.

"Don't talk to me like that Sirius," Remus said threateningly, his eyes narrowing.

"Please guys, let's not fight, Remus if it'll make you happy bring the boy, but don't expect any of us to look out for him. You bring him then you look after him, got me?" Lily reasoned.

"Lily how can you say that, he's your son," Remus tried to say but the witch only ignored him.

"Harry's been disowned," Isabel told him, "Mummy and daddy say that as soon as he comes of age they'll kick him out and if he misbehaves enough they'll put him in an orphanage."

Remus stared at them in shock, to his minor relief Sirius had the decency to raise an eyebrow, James didn't look at any of them and Lily bent down to scoop Isabel into her arms. Remus turned and called up the stairs, "Harry, come on, we're going to the zoo."

Harry didn't come down, "Boy get down these stairs now," James called, "don't make me come up there and get you."

At that Remus heard feet on the stairs as the boy appeared, he was pulling the sleeves of his top down over his arms and holding the hems in his fists. Remus paled…he smelt blood, fresh blood; he looked down at Harry who was glaring openly at his parents and sister who cuddled into his mother. Sirius sighed and they all left, the zoo wasn't far away so it didn't take long and when they got there Remus said, "Guys, I'm going to take Harry to the loo, don't wait for us," the others shrugged and nodded heading for the birds cages.

Remus pulled Harry aside under the shade of a tree and sat him down, "Harry, what have you done?" Remus asked in all seriousness.

"Nothing," Harry said innocently but his shifty eyes betrayed him.

"Harry," Remus gently took one of the boy's wrists and pulled it towards him with a slight tug, Harry yielded and let go of his shirt. The sleeve rid up to reveal small criss-crossing cuts and white scars and little rivulets of blood running over his arm. "Why?" Harry didn't answer, "You're not happy are you?"

"I am happy," Remus blanched, was this kid insane, "this makes me happy," Harry confessed jerking his arm slightly to show what he meant.

Remus sighed and ran a hand through his golden hair, he leaned heavily back against the tree trunk. He motion for Harry to come over, the small boy crawled over to him and sat between Remus' splayed legs, leaning his back against the others chest. Remus reached up and began to run his hands through Harry's hair, "I don't know what to do about this."

"You don't have to do anything," Harry replied relaxing a little more, enjoying the feeling of Remus' hands in his hair.

"Yes I do," Remus closed his eyes in thought.

"Remus," the werewolf made a 'hmm' noise so Harry carried on, "will you be my dad," Remus' eyes flew open.

"Harry I," they were interrupted by a high-pitched scream.

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