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Walking out of Algebra, Ron met up with Kim, who was coming from History.

"Man, has Barkin lost it." Ron complained, watching Kim listen with a smirk on her beautiful face. "He was substituting today, I mean really, oh man, KP."

Kim smiled, and shook her head. "I told you in freshman year You should have made a good first impression." She replied, "But yet, you choose to give Mr. Barkin a weird look.."

Ron's brow dropped. "Well, try keeping a straight face when he starts to go over homework we never had and he would have hated you, too."

Arriving at Kim's locker, the redhead spun her combination, and opened her locker.

And like clockwork, Wade beeped in. "Kim, we've got a lock on Drakken." The genius said, typing on his computer and bringing up a Map of the Florida Coast, with a red dot far off from shore. "The red dot is where his current lair is."

Ron smiled. "I guess trackers do come in handy, even though they itch." With that, he started to scratch a spot on his right arm, and surprisingly, it started to glow red.

"Sorry Ron, it was under your skin, or risk being lost forever."

Kim rolled her eyes playfully. "Any idea on what he's up to?"

Wade shook his head. "Not that I can tell...but it seems a bit more complex."

"If it's anything like last time," Ron turned to Kim, "Make sure you know which guy you fall in love with."

Kim knew he was talking about Erik and the whole 'snythodrone' thing, and she just smirked. "That won't happen, because I already have the perfect man." With that, she leaned in for a kiss, Ron responding and kissing her back.

"Uh guys...?" Wade reminded them that he was still there.

Quickly, the two broke off the kiss, and blushed slightly.

"Okay, so, who's our ride?" Ron replied, his freckled face still a light pink.

Drakken typed on his flat screen computer, with Shego standing over his shoulder. "So, if I can get rid of R-R-Oh who cares, then Kim Possible will be truly defeated?"

"Correct, Dr. D." Shego replied, watching him type down everything they would do.

Drakken continued to type. "She'll feel all upset about it, won't she?"

"Yep." The raven haired girl said.

After a long pause, Drakken frowned. "Are you sure she'll be truly defeated? I mean, what will happen?" He questioned.

Shego nodded. "Of course. Did you see how quickly she went after Erik? And he was a snythodrone!"

Drakken smiled. "I suppose you're right." With that, he clicked save, and proceeded to finish the plan.