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Beast Boy sat at a booth seat, across from his good buddy Cyborg. Beast Boy was drinking some water while Cyborg was drinking a pop. The two friends had recently graduated from Jump City University and were just thinking about the future. They were sitting in a large, popular restaurant near the university which they had graduated from

"What are you gonna do now that you have a degree?" Cyborg asked his friend

"To be honest with you, I don't think I am ever going to need that degree in engineering, I mean the city paid our college fee, they paid us so much for being Titans, life is set, nothing could be better," Beast Boy said with a cocky smile and demeanor

"Careful BB, that money wont last forever, and besides what are you gonna do for the rest of your life, go clubbing and partying all night like you did in college?" Cyborg responded exasperated. He was very worried for his friend, he had watched in shock at how Beast Boy had been treating college like a game, like some big joke, just like he was as a Titan. Except different, he hadn't gone chasing girls, he hadn't gone to those large wild parties, he hadn't been up till three in the morning, he was so much more mature as a Titan? What happened to him? Cyborg thought as he studied the cocky, carefree man in front of him.

"Either way, Jump City would love to put an ex-Teen Titan back on payroll protecting the citizens from the next generation of villains," Beast Boy responded with his same confidence

"BB, there are no villains, there is no future in crime fighting, you have to start taking life seriously," Cyborg warned, aren't you supposed to stay mature as you get older? Cyborg thought with disgust, he hated Beast Boy acting so immature and unleashed

"Sorry Mom, forgot we already put all the villains in jail before we all apparently grew up," Beast Boy responded bitterly. What's Cy's problem? Always got a problem with what I do, always reminding me of how we caught all those villains. Why is he so stiff, all because he has some damn degree in some electronics field that will get him big bucks. I hate it whenever he does this, which is like everyday! Beast Boy thought angrily as he glared at his friend

"Listen BB, I am just worried that you aren't taking life seriously as you should be doing, you know thinking long term, I mean it's a miracle you even graduated in the first place!" Cyborg continued

"Listen, I am sick and tired of these conversations on my future or what I do in my free time, don't you have something else to talk about?"

"Sure, spoke to Robin in Gotham yesterday," Cyborg said casually

Beast Boy's now looked interested and his cocky laid back demeanor shifted to a tense one, "What did he say," he asked in a very demanding tone

Cyborg sighed, he isn't going to like this one at all, "He asked Raven to marry him," Cy broke the news in a sober tone

"WHAT! She, she di- didn't say ye- yes did she?" Beast Boy stuttered in disbelief at what he was hearing, Cyborg simply nodded in an affirmative. No, I didn't think it was possible, after she broke up with me I thought the same thing would happen that happened with us, she would just say it wasn't working out and dump him, I didn't think it would go this far! Beast Boy thought, remembering how Raven had broken his heart those years before…



"Beast Boy, we have to talk," Raven said quietly, they were in Raven's room talking.

"Sure Raven, is their a problem?" Beast Boy asked cautiously, damn it, "we have to talk" that's what they say when they break up in the movies, Beast Boy thought with fear rising in him as she gave him a sad look

"Beast Boy, I really don't think our relationship has improved at all since we started going out," Raven told her soon to be ex-boyfriend

"What do you mean Raven, haven't you been having fun for the past few months?" he asked, giving her a kind smile

"That's it Beast Boy, "fun" that is all you do, come on, your personality and mine doesn't go together at all," Raven responded darkly

Beast Boy was taken back at her response, "I thought you had a good time at the parties, and I enjoyed those a, those a, that a, what was those places called?"

Raven sighed, "You don't even know or remembered or cared about those cafés and poetry corners we went to, you were almost asleep at each one. I hated those parties; we really have nothing in common Beast Boy, I am sorry to say so,"

Beast Boy looked very down and was extremely bitter when he said, "So that's it, your done with me, all we have done has no meaning?"

"We haven't done anything Beast Boy! Don't you see there is nothing for us, we are almost opposites you know?" Raven responded

"Yeah, sure, if that's what you think, but Raven, all I know is I love you and I cant stand the thought of possibly losing you," Beast Boy declared, begging for his love to return to him

"Sorry Beast Boy, I-I just don't have those same feelings for you," Raven responded quietly, while shaking her head in a no, she was a little taken back by what Beast Boy had just said
"So its over?" Beast Boy said even more bitterly than before

"Yes, it's over," Raven stated firmly



"BB, she said yes, aren't you going to react or something?" Cyborg said with concern

Beast Boy was not there, he was out recalling that painful day, he was remembering her breaking up with him, he remembered how he cried for the entire night. He finally heard Cyborg's distant voice and returned back to reality, "Married, great, if it makes her happy," he said quickly

"BB, are you sure your okay?" Cy could tell from his voice he didn't believe a word he just said, except the last part maybe. "Robin wants us to go to Gotham and help him prepare for the wedding, Starfire is coming from Tamaran, so it will be like a Teen Titan reunion, Robin says he will call the old Teen Titans East to come," Cyborg told his shocked green friend

"Why does he want us to come so quickly?" Beast Boy asked suspiciously

"The wedding is in three weeks," Cyborg said quickly

"THREE WEEKS!" Beast Boy said in disbelief, jeez, they are doing this awfully quick

"Yeah, three weeks, its not like they have much family to invite or anything," Cyborg said

"When do we leave," Beast Boy said, every response and answer he got from Cyborg felt like scissors or knives cutting a piece of his heart out. God, why does life have to be so damn cruel?

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