Author's Note: I know, that last chapter was small, and it sucked, but I was completely blocked, and it was a small filler chapter. I'm still a little stuck on where this is going, but I'm just gonna roll with it. This chap, well, ur not meant to fully understand it, but what the hey, u'll get what I mean later on.

Paine sat on her bed and closed her eyes, feeling her senses enhance as she was careful to remember she wanted to be alone.

Her mind cast itself back to the conversation she had just had with Rikku. How could she just go out and say it? It wasn't exactly easy to admit to Lulu, let alone Rikku. The name stilled her thoughts. Lulu. How long had it been since they'd met, before the past twelve months?

She thought back to that time, before she'd met Rikku, before Rikku and Yuna themselves had met Lulu, and before Lulu had met Wakka. When it was just Lulu, and no-one else, Lulu aged 19 then, with Paine's age being just 14. She tried to remember that vital information that Lulu had told her, that information that she could rely upon to help her make up her mind.

5 Years Previously

"Happy birthday little one." A smile formed on Paine's face as she turned to face the target from with the silky voice had come from. She was carrying a large birthday cake, and she set it down on the table, before turning towards Paine and holding out her arms for a hug. Paine ran over, jumping into the arms with ease, with the woman tightly hugging her. "My my, you've got a lot more grown-up wince last year."

"Yeah! I'm taller than all the girls in my class!" A bright Paine recalled. The elder of the two laughed, leaving Paine with a confused look plastered on her face.

"Always trying to prove you're worth, aren't you Paine?" Paine looked at the older of the two with confusion. "You don't have to prove yourself to me. You know what I think of you."

"Of course! We're best friends!" A smile took a hold of Paine's face, and Lulu smiled with it. Paine left the dark-haired woman's arms and then and walked over to where Lulu's present to her laid. Lulu nodded to her and Paine pulled off the wrapping paper to reveal the large black box, looking back at Lulu in interest.

"Open it." Lulu urged hero n, and Paine ran a hand along the smooth black leather, finally letting both hands rest over the clasps. She unclasped the cool metal, and then, slowly, and with anticipation, opened the box. In it was a large amount of leather, with belts resting on top of it. "If my calculations are correct, then that outfit should fit you by the age of 17. Look underneath it too, but be careful now."

"Ok." Paine's face was already lit up with excitement, and her fingers trembled slightly, as she lifted off the thick leather to reveal the long steel blade. Looking at it in wonder, she ran her hand along the cool metal, before grasping the handle, and lifting it with ease. She cut the air swiftly before placing the blade back inside its box. "This is beautiful Lulu. How'd did you get them?"

"It doesn't matter. You, Paine, are a born warrior, and I hope, that someday, when we meet again, that I can turn to you for help, if I need it." Lulu smiled at her young friend.

"I always help you Lulu! You're the best friend ever!" Lulu found herself being swept up into a hug that resembled a strangle-hold.

"I know you will. You've got a big heart, big enough for the world to fit in. Let's hope you stay that way, eh?" Lulu playfully ruffled up the young teen's hair and saw a grin form on her face again.

"I will! I promise!" She grinned hugging the goth-like woman again, to have the hug returned happily. "I'll never change."

Present Day

Paine looked at the ceiling of the Cabin and cursed loudly. "Vilg! Fro lyh'd E nasaspan?" She spoke it to the unseen air, and jumped when she turned to see Rikku looking at her.

"Can't remember what?" Rikku looked at Paine, and wondered on why the warrior was so hostile recently.

"Nothing Rikku. Just leave me alone!" She swiftly stood and stalked out, leaving a confused Rikku speechless and wondering what she'd done wrong.