We will meet again

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Two children who were about 9 years of age, with their nanny's were in Orb's playground.. They did not know each other. But the boy with emerald eyes and dark blue hair was having more fun that the girl.

"whee!" the boy said.. he was enjoying himself in the seesaw, even if he was alone. All he did was jump and bend. The girl who had golden eyes and blonde hair wearing a green dress, in a swing looked at the boy.. She sat there silently, and she looked so sorrowful. The boy noticed her look at him, but he went back to what he was doing.

Then the girl looked at him, and he looked at her. Then she looked at him, and again he looked at her. The boy felt sorry for her because she was so down. So he approached her. The girl looked up and saw him approach her. So she looked down and blushed.

"Hi" the boy said to her while patting her at the back

The two nanny's who were chatting with eachother, smiled and watched on what their two kids were doing.

"Merna...whats wrong with her? Why is she so upset.." Eaya asked Merna,

"She's just upset because her father told her to wear a dress, and she yelled and she started being a brat and she threw all her clothes everywhere, so her father yelled at her and replaced all her pants into dresses.."

"Oh i see.. i feel sorry for her.. but still she was very stubborn... anyways she looks very pretty with her dress"

"Yes i agree... i brought her in the park so that she'll enjoy it here, but i see that she's not... i just hope your kid can make my kid happy.."Merna told Eaya, Eaya nodded

"Hi..." the boy said again, this time the girl looked up at him

"hello..."she said silently with teary eyes and she looked down again

"Are you okay?"

"..." the girl didn't say anything... but he still waited for an answer so he sat in the next swing that was beside hers.

"are you okay?"

"yes..."she said it in a shaky voice

"but you do not look okay?"

"i said im okay so stop bothering me!.."

"i was just asking"

"im sorry..."

"no its okay... im the one who should be sorry.. i bothered you..."

"no you didn't i actually like your company..." she said while wiping her tears

"now could you please tell me what is your problem i might help you..." he said with a big smile

"well my dad told me to wear a dress... i hate dresses so i got mad and threw my things everywhere... my dad got mad so he punished me by taking all my pants and shirts and replaced them with dresses... i hate them.. i hate dresses..." she started crying again

"You shouldn't hate it... you look bootiful with it.."


"you look purty with it...dont cry... "the girl blushed, he wiped her tears with his t-shirt

"thank you..."

"by the way.. what is your name?"

"Im Cagalli..how about you"she held out her hand for a handshake

"My name is Athrun...hey do you want to pu-lay?" then he shook her hand

"okay.. tag you're it.."cagalli said as she pat athruns back and she started running, then he ran after her

"tag now you're it.."

"hey! you're cheeeeting"then she ran faster to him and she patted him again

"now you're it.."

They played for about an hour.. Merna and Eaya enjoyed looking at their kids. It was already 6:00 pm, so they had to go home already,

"Cagalli-dear... we have to go.."

"same with you athrun..."

"Oh okay... bye athrun, i hope we can pu-lay again tumurrow.."

"Ya...i hope so... can we pu-lay again tumurrow nanny?"(a/n:please be aware that those aren't wrong spellings, those are how the kids will talk..)

"Yes sure athrun... merna.. just bring cagalli here okay...eaya told merna

"Ya sure..."

The two kids went home with their nanny's and they met eachother in the park again the next day... They met each other, almost every week for the past 6 years..they became close friends actually.. not only that, they became best friends... they were now 15 years old.. they didn't meet in the playground.. but they met in the park or maybe in the malls..

"Some birthday i got here... my father isn't even here.." cagalli whined

"Now, now cagalli... your father had an important meeting, you must understand him.."Merna told cagalli as they were walking home from school, they were nearing the house"

"I know merna.. but still...this is the worst birthday ever... ill just go in the playground okay... so that i can pour all my sadness there.. i'll be in the house later okay.. "

"Okay... cagalli do you need company?"

"No its okay..." she said while wiping a tear

Cagalli went in the playground and sat on the swing.. then she murmurred "I cant believe it... this is probably the worst birthday ever... my dads not here.. not only that.. athrun didnt greet me... athrun of all people, why didn't he remember? He's so mean!"she started shedding tears again, then someone covered her eyes, she grabbed the hands on who covered her eyes, and when she opened her eyes, she saw a bouquet of flowers in her face.

"huh?" she said

"for you cagalli... you thought i forgot your birthday?" athrun joked


"then what was thing of me being mean and all?"he smirked

"i'm sorry for being so harsh athrun.."

"i'm just kidding cagalli... by the way happy birthday.." he gave cagalli a large box that was wrapped neatly

"Thank you.."

"open it..." cagalli slowly opened the box and she saw a card, so she opened and read it


i met an angel in the park 6 years ago, and i became her friend

we went together for the past years and we became close friends well actually best friends hehe... everytime i'm sad, i go to her as she comforted me, and i would do the same to her. She was upset one day, and she approached me and gave me a hug. While she gave me a hug, i felt warm so i hugged her back, my heart beated fast. So i asked myself what was this feeling. I finally found out I was in love with her.." Cagalli looked at athrun with big eyes, athrun turned really red, she continued reading the letter, she had teary eyes

"that's right... i'm inlove with you cagalli yula athha... i'm in love with you best friend.. i'm not sure if you have the same feeling as me.. but all i can say is...Even if you dont have the same feeling as me..i'll always be there for you... Happy Birthday..." PS. Please open the last box" cagalli opened the last box(the last box was tiny)and she saw a golden locket, when she opened it, there was a picture of her and athrun when they were kids.

"Athrun..." cagalli said, while looking at him with teary eyes, she then approached him, she brought the tiny box with her,and also the card and bouquet.

"cagalli?"Cagalli ran to athrun, dropping the gifts athrun gave to the ground, and both of them fell in the floor, cagalli on top of athrun

"I love you too..." cagalli then kissed athrun in the lips and of course.. athrun replied to her kiss Both of them sat together and they were both blushing...

"cagalli.. this question might be embarassing.. but since when?"

"since.. you first came to me.. in the playground.. i actually had a crush on you.."

"oh ok.. cagalli... i knew that you were the girl that would be in my life.. ever since i saw you in the swing.."

Cagalli placed her head on athruns shoulder and later that afternoon, athrun took cagalli back to her house.

"See you tomorrow..."

"See you tomorrow.." and they kissed once again, athrun left and cagalli went inside her house, carrying all the gifts athrun made, she showed a big smile on her face when she entered her house

"Cagalli? You look so happy now... what happened?" merna asked

"athrun..." she said, while hugging the bouquet


"he loves me..."


"yes merna... were together now! i am so happy!"

"congratulations! im so glad for you!" as she hugged cagalli

After that day.. cagalli and athrun spent their time together everyday.. In school, and after school.. They were very much in love.. They were together for one year now, nothing happened to their relationship... But one day

"What! that cant be father!" athrun yelled

" I am sorry athrun, i was reassigned.. we have to go back to plants.. and you cant live here in Orb alone without a family. I'm sorry athrun...Please tell cagalli that too.."

Athrun shed tears, not wanting to believe on what was happening, he would be leaving the place he met the love of his life.. and he will never know when he's coming back.

"Athrun.. i'm sorry, my son.."

"athrun! thanks for the bracelet.. why'd you give it to me anyway? what's the occasion?" cagalli said while hugging athruns arm.

"cagalli.. that's a gift for you to remember me.."

"What are you talking about? Are you going on vacation" cagalli asked trying to be optimistic

"no.. i'm going back to my homeland Plants.. father was reassigned again..."


"yes cagalli.. i would be leaving first thing tomorrow.. and i dont know when i'll be back.."

"please tell me this isn't happening... please!"she said while holding her face trying not to cry, but she did anyways

"i'm sorry cagalli.."he told her while hugging her, cagalli sobbed and she couldnt stop."Always remember that I'll love you always..."

"athrun...why!" she cried even harder

The Next Day

Their fathers watch them bid farewell to eachother. Patrick felt sorry for the two.. and so did Uzumi, Eaya and Merna cried, it was like a soap opera.

"Cagalli.. i guess this is it.. i wont be able to call you because there aren't any phone services from there to here..."


"dont worry cagalli.. i'll be back someday... " he said with a smiled

"stop smiling.. this isn't a happy moment."she yelled to him angrily

"i'll miss your anger, and everything about you.." he said calmly

"Ath-run!"she wept in his chest..

He touched her hair and told her.. "I love you cagalli... please dont forget me.. i'll promise i'll be back.."

"I love you too athrun..." They kissed one last time, and their lips departed, but they were still holding hands, aeya and merna sobbed more.

"Come athrun.. we have to go.."patrick told his son..

Cagalli and athrun, wouldn't let go of eachother's hand but then uzumi came and grabbed cagalli.. cagalli tried to let go of uzumis grip trying to go back to athrun but uzumis grip was too strong

"Athrun! please! dont leave me! athrun i love you!" cagalli yelled

"I love you cagalli! I love you! with all my heart.."patrick grabbed athrun with his arms and they went inside the plane

Its been months since athrun left, cagalli was still upset, She was very depressed now that he's gone... after a year, cagalli finally decided that she had to stop thinking about him, in order to stop being depressed, She finally became a bit better. six years now passed, athrun did not come back yet. She still remembers him very well, but she doesn't know if he remembers her.

In plants, athrun was just the same as cagalli.. he was depressed and all. He also had to stop thinking about cagalli, but he still loved her... It was late at night. Athrun went in the park, he was walking, he then saw a swing and he remembered the first time he met cagalli, it made him cry... then he went back home...

Where have you gone
My love my friend

Cagalli was alone right now.. Merna had to go home to her family and her father went to another business trip, he fiancee was busy doing other things.. She never loved her fiancee but she had to try and love him, but she doesn't know how. she was just in the bed sitting down, looking at the stars

Somewhere without the rain
I feel afraid now, I feel alone
Will we meet again

The next day, cagalli walked around the house. The house was all dark, since the power went out... she remembered the time athrun told her ghost stories


"I saw a headless woman you know..." athrun said


"Yes... it came near me and told me... i'm going to get cagalli..."


"Yes.. i told her not too... but she followed me.. look she's right behind you!.." he screamed, athrun being sneaky, made something that was headless... cagalli screamed and jumped on athruns lap, "haha! i cant believe you got scared cagalli!" cagalli then playfully slapped athrun on the cheek , "dont worry cagalli, i wont let anything touch you.. i'll always protect you.."

-End of Flashback-

Remembering on what athrun said, she smiled

Can you recall what we once knew
Somewhere without the pain
I feel afraid now, but not alone
We will meet again

Months passed, uzumi told cagalli that she was engaged with Yuuna Seiran.. Cagalli was very depressed and she started crying.. Uzumi never wanted that to happen, but The Seirans threatened him, so he had no choice but to agree. Cagalli had a painful feeling in her heart. She didn't want to marry some ugly looking purple ape, she wanted to be with her handsome prince... but she had no choice, it was her fathers decision.. As she slept later that night, she dreamt about athrun... .

I can't hear your voice
But you know I feel your soul
I can't hear your voice
But you know I feel your soul

she woke up late that day.. it was about 5 pm already.. she overslept too much,she didnt eat dinner or breakfast but her dad didn't mind her, he knew she was upset.when she woke up.. she cried again, and Merna was there to comfort her... "I dont want to marry yuuna nanny.. i want athrun, athrun!"

"Cagalli.. im sorry,.. but your father has made a decision, you cant also blame your father.. he must have a reason on why he did this... " she stopped then she started talking again "please cagalli-san.. you have to change... you have a meeting with your fiancee.. "she said in a mean tone

"Athrun! you jerk! why aren't you here?" cagalli cried

She then prepared dressing into formal clothes, and after she changed, she went downstairs and saw her weird looking fiancee. It made cagalli feel uncomfortable.

"Wow.. you look lovely my soon to be wife..." he kissed her in the hand

Cagalli felt grossed out, and she thought she was going to barf...

They were soon having dinner, cagalli saw how yuuna ate, it looked really sick.. he looked like a pig when he ate. Cagalli turned purple.. she felt more disgusted.. she felt sick already... In the middle of dinner there was a doorbell.

Merna opened the door, and was surprised on who it was. She didn't actually know who it was, but she let the person in anyways..

"cagalli.. somebody is looking for you..." merna said

"let that person in merna.." uzumi said

Cagalli stood up, because she really felt sick now as she heard yuuna snort.. and upset the same time.. she was going to excuse herself until a person entered their dining area..


Where have you gone
My love my friend




"are you okay?"

".that's right... i'm inlove with you cagalli yula athha... i'm in love with you best friend.. i'm not sure if you have the same feeling as me.. but all i can say is...Even if you dont have the same feeling as me..i'll always be there for you... Happy Birthday..." PS. Please open the last box" cagalli opened the last box(the last box was tiny)and she saw a golden locket, when she opened it, there was a picture of her and athrun when they were kids.



"I love you too..."

-End of Flashbacks-

Somewhere without any pain
I'm not afraid now, I'm not alone
We will meet again

"Athrun is that really you?..." then a moment of silence...

Cagalli and athrun gazed on eachothers eyes

While Yuuna was left in a state of confusion

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