The curse of such a tendency
To fall back on compliancy
I've given up trying to see
The reason no one noticed me

I stood always in the background
Making not a single sound
Keeping up the silent trial
To try to make you smile

I scream but no one hears
I wail upon deaf ears
In my mind I'm always weeping
I'm even tortured when I'm sleeping

But I can't ever complain
I must have gone insane
I've given all I own
And yet I'm still alone

I do all that I can
To try to help you stand
And all you give in turn
Is a glower meant to spurn

And yet I keep on going
Although I keep on knowing
I can't expect a thing
For me the birds won't even sing

Yet I've no feeling of contempt
Though you've naught made an attempt
To thank me for my actions
I'm just one of your distractions

I'll keep looking toward the light
And when the day turns into night
Perhaps while I am dreaming
I can stop my silent screaming