There they were, running for their lifes. Or at least trying to do so. For there was no escape: She would get them!

She urged her scared, panting horse out from behind the trees, unable to get the triumphant smile out of her face. The shock on their faces as they saw her approach them was priceless.

"Still alive?", she called out to them, her voice pearling with laughter. That seemed to pull the young man out of his stupor; he pushed the brat away, screaming at her to run while assuming a would-be fighting posture that was about the most ridiculous thing she had ever seen in her life.
Her eyes followed the running brat while her hand reached down. For a moment, she felt only the reassuring weight of the skull inside the bag before her hand wandered further down to where she had her pistol.
Raising it, she quickly aimed at the running girl, who froze immediately as she heard her speak.
"Yes, do run! And jump! And SKIP!" The piercing cries that reached her ears as she changed her aim in the very last moment to shoot the young man instead of the brat was music in her ears. As was the sound of galloping hooves that quickly approached the clearing.

When the Hessian finally came into view, she moved over to where the brat was standing and grabbed her hair from behind. It felt as though she were holding a fish that was struggling against her grip to reach the safety of the water. But this annoying little thing would never be safe again …

"Take her, she's yours!", she yelled towards the dark figure before a sound escaped her throat that even she recognised as mad, insane laughter. She felt almost drunk, the feeling of vengeance was intoxicating.

Then, everything happened very fast. Before she knew it, the foolish young man, who for some reason was not dead, leaped towards her in a desperate attempt to save his beloved little brat. In his drive, he managed to drag her off the horse. For some moments they both simply lay on the ground, panting, trying to catch their breaths. He then noticed the skull bag, lying only a few feet away from them.

He began to crawl towards it at once. An evil glint appeared in her eyes. She was by no means willing to end this little game so soon! Starting to crawl towards the bag as well, she began to pull at the young man's clothes and hair. He repaid her in the exact same way. It was hard to keep herself from laughing: this ridiculous mud-race remembered her strongly of a fight between two little girls over their very favourite doll. 'But this is definitely my doll, dear Constable!' ,she thought as she tried to bite into his hand.

Then, everything went black.