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Alone At Hogwarts

Head boy Harry Potter has taken a liking to his best friend Hermione Granger and practically begs her to skip out on the last trip to Hogsmeade. What is Potter up to?
Ron Finds Out

Harry's urgent whispering awakened Ron as he shook him, begging him to wake up. Ron batted Harry's hands away as he rolled over.

"Come on Ron, I need your help," Harry couldn't take it anymore. He jumped onto Ron's bed and began to jump up and down. If anyone else were awake, they would have thought it funny to see a Head boy jumping up and down on a bed. It did the trick.

"What the bloody hell," Ron asked as he rolled over, knocking Harry off the bed. Harry fell with a loud thud. Ron looked down at his best friend. "Harry? What are you doing there?"

Harry rolled his eyes as he stood up. He brushed himself off and took a seat on Ron's bed.

"I've gotta tell you something," Harry whispered.

"Why are we whispering," Ron asked looking around suspiciously as if expecting Voldemort to emerge from the shadows.

"So no one hears you git."

"Oh, right. Go on."

Harry looked around. He sighed. "Come on, let's go to the common room," he suggested.

Ron remained in bed and Harry dragged him down to the common room. Ron sat down on the sofa as Harry paced back and forth. It made him dizzy.

"It's way too early for this. Will you sit down," Ron yawned.

Harry continued to pace, muttering words here and there.

"Come on Harry! I want to go back to bed," Ron whined.

"Alright! Fine!" Harry replied huffing. "Don't get all… Mad when I tell you what I've gotta say."

Ron nodded. Harry took a deep breath.

"Ron, I'm in love with Hermione," Harry sputtered, cringing. He was afraid Ron would jump from his seat and beat him.

The two best friends stared at each other. Harry held his breath as he waited for a response. The seconds seemed to pass by slowly as they continued to stare at one another. Harry was turning slightly blue.

Suddenly Ron burst out laughing. "Oh that was funny. Breathe will you? You look like a turnip," he said through fits of laughter.

Harry sighed with relief. "You aren't mad?" he asked.

"Why should I? I don't fancy her, I fancy Lavender," Ron replied. He let out another laugh, but stopped short and gave Harry a death glare. "You woke me up for that! I mean it's thrilling and everything but you could have waited till morning!"

"It is morning."

"I meant seven or at breakfast!"

"I couldn't wait. I need your help. I'm planning on telling her."

"So tell her."


"By using words," Ron cracked.

Harry rolled his eyes. "You're a funny, funny man Ron," he said sarcastically. "But seriously, how?"

"I haven't got a clue."

Harry smacked his hand on his forehead. He had to tell her and he was running of time! After the trip to Hogsmeade and the dance, they'd be going their separate ways to do whatever they wanted with their lives.

"Think Ron, think!" Harry pressed desperately.

"It's too early for thinking! I haven't got the strength," Ron groaned as he lay down.

Harry continued to pace. What could he do? Words wouldn't be enough. This would be easier if Ron tried to help. He turned to ask again but his best friend was already heading back for the boys' dorm. Harry sighed heavily, sitting himself down on the sofa. He stared at the fire for seconds, maybe even minutes. Then a brilliant idea hit him. He jumped up and was about to speak when he realized no one was there to hear his brilliant plan. He grinned and ran up to the boys' dorm. He reached Ron's bed.

"Ron! Wake up! I've got it," Harry beamed.

Ron groaned. "Oh not now! Not now!"

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