At The Dance

The Great Hall was flooded with students. The tables were gone and several candles floated above their heads. The middle of the room was bare. The only few tables were on the side and Jordan was up near the teacher's table, controlling the records and songs.

Harry sat beside Ron at a table. Hermione wasn't around anywhere. Ron was too busy gawking at Lavender to care. He didn't even care that Ginny was dancing with Draco. Harry shook his head.

"She's so gorgeous," Ron said dreamily. "I wonder what it'd feel like to touch her—"

"Oh stop, you're grossing me out," Harry said.

Ron turned to him. "I was going to say her hand, you Pratt."

"Even worse," Harry joked.

"Oh shut up."

Harry was startled to see Hermione sitting beside him. How did she get there? How long had she been there? She smiled.


"Hi," Harry blinked. He watched as Ron stood up and walked over to Lavender. He stumbled only a little.

"He's love struck," Hermione giggled. "How cute."

A slow song came on, making Harry's heart skip a beat. He looked over at Hermione. She looked amazing. She was in a strapless red dress and her hair cascaded past her shoulders. It just made him even jitterier than he already was.

Harry took a deep breath. "I believe… You owe me a dance," he said. With a quivering hand, he took hers and led her to the dance floor.

She slowly slid her arms around his neck. Harry's heart beat rapidly in his chest. He'd been close to her before but this time it was different. He looked over at Ron. He was grinning and giving him thumbs up. Harry rolled his eyes. He could feel her eyes on him. Nervously, he looked at her. She looked away, startled.

He looked at Ron again. He was nodding and mouthing, "Tell her" over and over. Harry shook his head. Ron nodded more. Harry kept shaking his head. Ron was so busy nodding he accidentally hit Lavender.

"OW!" she exclaimed.

"I'm so sorry!" Ron apologized. "Are you okay? Lav, I'm so sorry."

Harry laughed. "Way to go stud," he mouthed. Ron and Lavender took off. Well actually, Lavender left, Ron followed.

Thoughts came into his mind. This was the last time he was going to see his friends, and the girl he loved. Sure he'd get to see them again, but it wouldn't be the same. He had to tell her.

"Hermione," he paused. Nothing bad happened yet. Good. "I've been wanting to tell you something for a while. I just… Something kept getting in the way."

She nodded, smiling. "Go on."

Harry took a deep breath. "Hermione, I—"

The music seemed to get louder. Harry cursed under his breath.

"You'll need to speak up," she informed him.

Harry nodded. Here goes, "I love you!"


"I love you!"

"I can't hear you!"

Harry shut his eyes, taking a deep breath. He didn't see Hermione gesturing to Jordan to turn down the music a little bit.

Harry yelled, "I LOVE YOU!"

She heard. Everyone heard. He'd yelled it just as the music was turned down. He opened his eyes. Everyone was staring that them.

"curses," Harry mumbled. He couldn't even look at her. He looked at his shoes.

Finally, she spoke. "Harry?"

"I know, I know. It's okay, I was just… Kidding. Yeah. Ha-ha. I don't love you—I mean I do, but not love… Do you get what I mean? I was kidding," he said nervously. He was shaking. "Hear that?" he said for everyone to hear. "I was KIDDING."

"I sure hope not."

"what?" now it was his turn to stare.

"Please say you weren't kidding. I've been waiting so long to hear you say those words."

He continued to stare at her. He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't. "What?"

"Were you kidding, or not?" Hermione was starting to get impatient. "because if you were, it's not very nice to get a girls' hopes up!"

Harry slowly shook his head. "No, I wasn't."

She hugged him tight. "Oh thank Merlin! I love you too Harry. I always have."

"Really? Wow. I've been trying to tell you but… Well you already know what happened."

She laughed. "Still the best day."

Harry smiled. He couldn't be happier. He moved closer, doing the one thing he'd dreamt of doing for a long time. He kissed her.

The End

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