Well I have 2 loves, X-men and Teen Titans. So I am doing a possible 3 chapters of an action crossover. I hope you like it, because I love it, so much. Inspired by the work of ArchiCrash.

Funny Things Can Happen

Chapter 32

Something Strange

It was a casual day at Titans Tower. The sun was bright and Beast Boy played his normal video games. It was early and Robin was already training in the work out room. Starfire was making one of her Tamaron creations in the kitchen, Raven was reading on the other side of the couch, Cyborg was working on his car, Jinx had wondered off towards the roof, and Titania was eating a cookie next to Raven.

"Beast Boy?" asked Raven as she closed her book.

"Yeah Rae?" asked Beast Boy not looking away from the screen, and moving his feet as Titania went running into the garage happily.

"What are you playing?" asked Raven.

"Some new game I got yesterday." he said, blinking.

"What are you doing today?" asked Raven, leaning against him.

"I don't know, I was thinking of maybe heading to the park and getting some ice cream." He said saving the game and turning it off.

"That's interesting. I was thinking we could go read in my room." she said picking up her book and walking off.

"On the other hand that's a good idea." said Beast Boy, jumping up and following her.

As they reached Raven's door the tower shook and the alarm went off. Raven screamed as her birth mark reappeared and started burning. It had never done so before and she was starting to go numb when it stopped all together.

"What was that?" asked Robin, running out of the training room.

They got to the main computer just as the tower shook again. Raven's birth mark flared and then stopped. They looked at her as she collapsed on the floor. Beast Boy held her as it shook again. As her birth mark reappeared once more, hid bare hand burned as he held her hand. Jinx came stumbling down the steps as the house shook again, she had a small gash on her head that had small amounts of blood trickling down it. Cyborg came running up the steps carrying Titonia, who was making her shields franticly around random things.

"You don't think it's Trigon again, do you?" asked Cyborg.

"I hope not, what do you think Raven?" asked Robin, as she sat on the couch.

"I only felt him the first time." said Raven, confused.

It was dead silent only for a second as Robin made his way to open the shades, that the shaking came and a large blast could be heard. As he opened the curtains, they could see a large crack in the earths surface. The quickly backed away from the window as something came flying at them. A person crashed through the window hard, and slowly got back up.

"That hurt." said the man before collapsing and clutching his leg which had a large glass shard in it.

"Ahh!" yelled Starfire, before being stifled by Robin.

"I hate. . . to bother. . . you, but could you help." he said gathering his breath.

His hair was shoulder length dark brown with what looked like a bowl over it. He had a metal suite on, gloves, and what looked like a bag in his hand. Cyborg and Robin went over to him. The guy starred at Robin for a second, after his leg had been numbed.

"Hey, aren't you Robin, from Gothem?" he asked in wonder.

"Uh. . . yes and you are?" asked Robin.

"Well my friends call me Avalanche and. . . shit!" he said trying to stand again.

"What's going out there?" asked Cyborg as they held him down.

"Your not going to heal if you stand on your leg." said Robin.

"Incoming!" yelled Avalanche as he moved them out of the way with a small shake.

Another person came flying through the already broken window. This time it was a girl with brown hair and white bangs. She looked around and noticed Avalanche being held down by two individuals. She quickly sent a blast knocking the two away.

"I knew touching that idiot would come in handy after grabbing his face.

"So Rogue, how was your flight?" asked Avalanche after Rogue started healing his legs after she had grabbed onto a healing mutant around five minutes ago.

"Who are these people?" she asked.

"I don't know." said Avalanche with a shrug and standing up.

"I'm Starfire, this is Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robing, Jinx, and Titania." said Star happily, "We're the Teen Titans."

"Oh yeah, now I remember you guys?" asked Avalanche, "You know you could help out there."

"What exactly is going on out there?" asked Cyborg.

"Well Apocalypse has teamed up with Azazel and some other demon named Trigon." said Rogue.

"Azazel and Trigon?" asked the rest.

"Yeah. My stupid brother, just had to find out who his father was, waking up Azazel, he's an idiot." said Rogue angrily.

"Nightcrawler's your brother?" asked Avalanche in shock.

"You know I would think Toad would have blabbed that out already." she said as she headed back out the window.

"That was weird." said Beast Boy.

"So are we going to stand here or fight?" asked Robin after a brief minute.

"What about Titania?" asked Starfire quickly.

"Titania, make a shield around you and don't remove it at any cost." said Raven quickly, watching Titania do so.

As they made their way to the fighting grounds, they could make out some people fighting. Avalanche and Rogue where already there and it appeared to have died down a bit. The earth had re-closed and the groups where now talking.

"Did we miss is?" asked Robin.

"No, I think there planing, yo." came a boy hopping down in front of them quickly.

"Who are you all?" asked Raven.

"Where the X-men and the idiot there is a Brotherhood." said a man with a red visor as he walked towards them. Both Raven and Starfire looked at Avalanche and the other guy dreamily.

"Here we go again." said Robin and Beast Boy at the same time.

"Well, we have a few hours to plan." said a flaring red head as she landed next to the one in the visor.

"Well who are you?" asked Robin.


Not as good as I had hoped.