The Stolen Heart

By Anime-2000

Hey, hey! Would you believe it? Anime-2000 started another fanfic!

Settings take place in the Memory Arc, ancient Egypt. Mana is the previous form of the Dark/Black Magician Girl, and Mahaado is the previous form of the Dark/Black Magician.

But anyway, I've decided to try out a new pairing, Bakura x Mana.The idea came to me after Mahaado's fight with Bakura. To simplify the settings in the story, we'll pretend that Atemu and his priests did not first meet Bakura when he stormed into the throne room, dragging the dead mummy of Atemu's father by a rope from his latest raid.

Also, there will be some Mahaado x Mana later in the story because that's really my favorite pairing for Mana, and I can't help myself from writing it—Eheh...most of my other fics are M x M… So no, readers of my 'Magic Trilogy', I swear I am not betraying DM x DMG. Or BM x BMG, if you're a Yu-Gi-Oh! purist. AndI plan on making this about five chapters long.

One more thing: This didn't load correctly the first time, so I had to reload it and fix a few things. If something doesn't look right, please tell me in a review!

Thank you for allowing to me explain all this stuff that you probably really don't care about! Enjoy!

It was a simple thing, really. There was nothing particularly special about it, nothing incredibly amazing to behold. But then again, that was what Mana loved about it, the sheer simplicity. As she sat cross-legged on her bed, she held the leather string that looped through the little hole near the top and watched the white heart swing back and forth like a pendulum. It was about as thick as a finger, made of alabaster, and if carefully examined, one would see that it was crudely carved.

Well, she did buy it at the bazaar for minimum price…

She grinned at the reminiscence of her argument with the merchant and put it around her neck. With an exaggerated sigh, she stretched her legs out and fell back onto her bed. Mahaado's still not back from his meeting with the pharaoh and other five high priests yet, Mana thought, her eyelids drooping over the two dark blue orbs. Not that she had any doubt in her teacher, but she was concerned. He'll be fine, Mana told herself. She yawned and rolled to her side and curled up into a ball. But I hope nothing's happened…


"Your majesty!" A guard burst into the chamber, panting as he knelt down before his king. "My Pharaoh," he gasped and looked up at the tri-colored haired ruler, "someone has broken into three of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. All the treasure was taken"

Pharaoh Atemu's eyes widened. "Was my father…"

"No, my king," the guard reassured him, "the former Pharaoh's tomb was not harmed in any way."

A young, blue-eyed priest with a tall headdress directed his attention to the priest standing at the right of Atemu. "Priest Mahaado, three crypts were defiled tonight! How could this thief get past the traps in all three of them?"

Mahaado looked down at the floor. "I do not know, Seto," he admitted and sighed. "But I suppose since those tombs were older, the security may not be quite as advanced as the... more recent ones. A tomb raider would have few difficulties navigating around the traps, perhaps avoiding them altogether."

"I beg your pardon, priests," the guard interrupted, "but this was no ordinary robber. He took down all of the guards single-handedly! And… and he also had this colossal monster—with it, he could pass through walls!"

Atemu faced the oldest priest with the golden eye, who wasstanding closest to the distressed guard. "Ka…?" he asked, and his question was received with a nod.

"He's coming."

All seven heads turned to the woman standing at the king's left.

"The thief is coming," the priestess, Isis, stated with a frown. "He is powerful."


The loot was taken care of, the pharaoh was well warned of his abilities, and the night was still young.

What to do now? Bakura asked himself as he rode his great ka across the dark sky. I should've gone to the former pharaoh's tomb. It might have posed as a greater challenge. But then again, nothing—no tomb, no person—could stand up to the awesome power of Diabound. He gazed at the full moon and smiled maliciously as the wind streaked past him, his white hair flying about. With large feathery wings, a muscular build, and a fearsome snake from the waist down, Diabound wascloseto a god.

He glanced down, his eyes attracted by the glimmering lights of the palace he was soaring over. Diabound slowed down. Bakura's smile broadened.

Ah, maybe the King of Thieves should pay the King of Egypt a visit in person.


The seven holders of the Millennium Items were outside in the courtyard, awaiting the tomb robber's arrival.

At that moment, astrong gust of air blasted them from above. The Millennium Ring gleamed brightly from Mahaado's chest, signifying that a powerful shadow force was approaching.

A white monster dove downandsailed right above their heads, accompanied by a wild, maniacal laughter. They looked up to see the head of a snake hissing at them as the beast turned left and disappeared behind the palace.

"What was that all about?" Priest Karim exclaimed, gripping the Millennium Scales tightly.

"He's here," Seto stated flatly. "He's announced his arrival just to disappear." An annoyed growl escaped the young brunette as he snapped, "We don't have time to play Hide-and-Go-Seek with a scoundrel!"

"Pharaoh," Priest Shada said to Atemu, "Please go back inside the palace. We cannot risk any harm befalling you, my king."

Atemu just shook his head. "No, I won't let the six of you face this maniac alone. Besides, we have learned that he can go through walls. Nowhere is safe from him!" As soon as he said that, he froze, realizing the danger that everyone in the palace was in. Mana! "Back inside!" he ordered and raced back to the main entrance. He especially would not allow anything to happen to his friend!


Bakura leapt into the room through the window with ease. He landed into a tense crouch and surveyed his surroundings. A slightly unorganized room, he observed and stood up. He did not see anything that may have presented itself as a threat to him and relaxed. "Hmph, too easy," he said with a small laugh and looked back out the window. The pharaoh and his lackeys were out of sight. Bakura was willing to bet his entire night's plunder that they had gone back inside in search of him. He doubted their competence, but since they were the highest authority in all of Egypt, they had to have had some brains.

Not enough to outwit him, of course. Hmm…he thought and ran his plan for the rest of the night through his head one more time before he decided to execute it. He would slip from room to room, take whatever he wanted, and get out when someone came in. With Diabound's special ability to pass through walls, it would be a cinch. By dawn, he would have ransacked the entire palace and gotten away, leaving six tired priests and a very cranky pharaoh. Yes, it was a perfect plan.


Bakura grunted in confusion and fell to the ground. He felt a searing pain in the back of his head and clutched it with a hand. The Thief King looked back to see an adolescent girl with tangled brown hair that fell past her shoulders.She had a medium-sized vase in her hands, but seemed to be having a little difficulty holding it.

"Who…?" He blinked and looked at his hand to see that there was no blood running down his wrist. His head still hurt, though. "Who the heck are you?"

Mana stared at him through half-closed eyes and replied, "This is my room. I should be asking you who you are."

"You stupid little girl," Bakura sneered, advancing a few steps toward her. He chuckled in a sinister way. The darkness around him enhanced his intimidation. As a criminal, it was imperative to be able to use one's environment to their advantage. "You really don't know who I am, do you?"

Despite her appearance, the brunette was surprisingly strong. Mana pulled the vase up and smashed it across the tomb raider's face.

She sent him sprawling. "OW—ooh…" He held a hand to the side of his face. He was bleeding this time. This was not right. Bakura tasted his blood as it trickled down his face. How in Ra's name could a little girl be ruining his plans so much? He was furious. How dare she? "Dead—You are DEAD!" roared the white-haired thief and lunged at her with his hands stretched out in front of him.

The girl raised the vase above her head and let it drop, with her hands still gripping the rim tightly, on his head.


Mana's philosophy was simple: If the scary man who is threatening you is unconscious, then he will not be able to carry out his death threats.

"Rrrgghhhh…" The groan escaped Bakura in spite of his efforts to contain it. This was not happening… This was not happening to him. No, no… This was the most embarrassing defeat he had ever suffered. No—this was the most embarrassing defeat any fellow crook could have ever possibly suffered. That's it, he thought wrathfully. She meets Diabound!

"Ah, Mana! Mana, are you all right?" Bakura cursed his bad luck. Someone was coming. From the sound of their footsteps, Bakura figured that therewere more than one. He swore quietly while he quickly crawled to the window. There was no way he would mess around with the pharaoh or his priests after this.

"Diabound!" he called out softly. His ka appeared in front of him. The girl, Mana, dropped the vase, her eyes growing big in alarm. Bakura looked back and smirked. "Next time," he promised her. And he left.

Atemu appeared in the doorway to see Mana peering out the window. "Mana! You…" His eyes caught the dark blood glistening on the floor next to the shattered vase. He stammered, "Are… are you bleeding?"

She looked over her shoulder as Mahaado appeared behind the pharaoh. "Oh! Master Mahaado—Atemu!" she gasped and ran over to give them both a hug. "I was worried about you!"

Mahaado looked at his apprentice and then back to the blood and pieces of clay behind her. "And what about you? What happened here?"

Sighing, Mana said, "Um… A scary man came through my window!" She pointed to the opening in the wall. Atemu hurried to the window, but Mana just said, "He's gone now… I checked."

"What happened when he came in?" asked Mahaado, his brow furrowing.

"I hit him with a vase."



From his spot by the window, Atemu repeated uncertainly, "You… hit him with a vase?"

Nodding, the brown-haired girl said, "And then he tried to attack me!" She added the wild arm movements to dramatize the story.

"And… then what?" Mahaado ventured.

"I hit him again."



"And again…" Mana added sheepishly. "And… again…" She blushed and asked, "He… He wasn't anyone important, was he…? Am I in trouble?"

Atemu slid his fingers through his golden, lightning-shaped bangs and sat in the opening of the window. He started to laugh. "The other priests will never believe this!"

Mahaado placed a hand on Mana's head. She looked up at him, confused, and he said, "Maybe I should explain everything. Then, you can decide for yourself whether you're in trouble or not."

Yes, I'm well aware that that was anything but romantic... Well, give me sometime.

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