Leila stared into his eyes. "With me?"

"Yes," said Obi Wan. "With you."

a strange feeling flowed over Leila. A light feeling. He loved her! She swallowed. "Obi Wan! You had better not let anyone hear you say that. If the Council found out…"

"I don't care what the Council says or thinks. I don't care if I'm cast out of the Jedi order."

Wonder filled Leila's eyes. "You don't?" she whispered.

"No," said Obi Wan. "I don't."

"But all you've worked for…"

"I'll throw it all away."

"I think you've gone quite mad, Obi Wan," said Leila.

"Probably." Obi Wan leaned foreword suddenly and kissed her full on the lips. It was a lingering kiss and one that Leila returned slowly.

When he pulled back, she stared at him. Slowly her hand came up and she touched her lips. Then she swallowed. "I could be thrown out of the Jedi Order for saying this, Obi Wan. But it has to be said." She leaned foreword. "I love you, Obi Wan. And I think I always will."

The End