A moment later Charlie seemed to get control.

"Sorry, Larry," he replied over the phone, though he sounded anything but sorry.

"Charles, don't you think that was a rather immature reaction to an honest question?" Larry retorted annoyed.

"I don't think so," Charlie replied, "Considering the question in and of itself was immature."

Larry pulled back the phone and looked at it. Leaning back he looked into the living room. Dominic stood there staring at him with the most curious expression. Larry pulled up the phone and stood up again.

"Not in the context of its meaning, Charles," he replied, "I merely asked it for the sake of assistance in dealing with Dominic."

"I know why you asked, Larry," Charlie replied seriously, "And you're the one who tells me to lighten up."

"Well, you do tend to take certain matters to the extreme, Charles," Larry remarked seriously.

Acting as if he didn't here him Charlie answered, "So what is the problem that needs, ahem, imaginary repair?"

Larry sighed audibly then replied, "Like I tried to tell you. Dominici has an imaginary friend that hurt itself or something."

Larry felt a tug at his shirt. Looking down he saw Dominic staring up at him with wide eyes.

"Just a second, Charles," Larry said, "What is it, Dominic?"

"Bwimpy's better," the little boy replied.


Dominic sighed exasperantly and replied, "Bwimpy's better. He can...he can heal himself real good."

"Well," Larry corrected, "It's well, Dominic."

"Yeah!" Dominic replied enthusiastically, "Bwimpy's better now."

Larry's face contorted in confusion.

"Then why did you say I could fix him?" he asked Dominic, unaware of how a four year old's mind worked.

Dominic shrugged.

"I don't know, Lawy," he replied innocently, and walked away.

Larry stared after him. Hearing the muffled call of Charlie on the phone brought him to his senses.

Pulling back the reciever he replied, "Yes, Charles, I'm still here. Listen forget everything I just said. Apparentlyan imaginary friend heals quickly."

"Actually I was just about to give you that advice," Charlie replied.

"What? And how would you know that, Charles!" Larry exclaimed in suprise in annoyance.

Charlie let out a laugh.

"Come on, Larry," he said, "Didn't you have an imaginary friend?"

Larry was taken aback. He had never thought of it that way. He supposed he had to have, but it had been so long. If he did he most certainly would have imagined some way to keep his friend safe.

"I s-suppose so, Charles," Larry replied, lost in thought, "I have another call."

"Okay, I think you're good, right," Charlie replied, still amused.

"Yes. Yes. I'm...we're fine," Larry answered, "Thanks, Charles. Goodbye."

"See ya," Charlie replied hanging up the phone. Turning to Amita he shot her a devious grin.

"It worked," he replied, smiling. Then as a curious thought hit him he replied, "How did you know Dominic had some way to fix his friend himself? I mean you didn't necessarily have all the factors needed to predict his pattern."

Amita smiled mysteriously.

"Actually I had everything I needed."

"Okay," Charlie replied, still confused, "Now what did you have a problem with?"

"Hello, Wilson residents," Larry answered the other call.

He was greeted by the immediate explosion of Madeline's worry. Obviously she had gotten his call.