I am not Eiichiro Oda and do not own One Piece or any of its characters. I'm just borrowing them

to play with in my story.

'Come play with me, Zoro…….

Come dance, Zoro!...


'Okay, okay, I'm coming, haha!...'

'This is fun!...'

'Here, take my hand…………………….'

'Like this?...'

'Yeah, just like that……………

Turn here……………….'

The little girl with the green hair loved her brother. She looked just like him, people said. He loved dancing with her. He loved her……. Nothing made the two siblings happier than when they played together……………..


She stopped moving. Her hands fell away from his. Her figure seemed faint.

'Ashli, why are you stopping?...'

His grin faded away.


The girl looked down.

'Sis, you okay?...'

She turned and began to run away from him.

'Ashli, no! Don't leave!!...'

She didn't stop.

'Ashli, where are you going?!...'

She disappeared…….


Zoro jolted awake. He was drenched in sweat. He hated those dreams…………..

He put his hand across his face. Silently tears rolled down his cheeks……..

He really needed to stop waking up in the middle of the night.


It was a terrific day on the high seas for the Strawhat crew. The salt sea breezes ruffled Luffy's hair and tugged viciously at his straw hat. The pirate captain was standing on the deck of the S.S. Going Merry with Zoro, who was leaning over the ship's railing and watching a pod of dolphins that were swimming alongside them. Nami was sitting full length on a lounge chair sunning herself, much to Sanji's pleasure, who was sitting nearby, goggling at the sleeping navigator. Usopp sat on the stairs leading into the ship, polishing and examining his very prized slingshot. Everyone was enjoying themselves on this beautiful day.

But nobody noticed the tiny boat pulling up alongside the ship. Nobody noticed the figure climb onto the deck. Nobody noticed it hide. The day was too perfect, too blissful for anything to go wrong. Zoro never even sensed it. Nobody even imagined, not for one second, that their happiness would be disturbed.

Zoro yawned. He lifted himself off of the railing and walked over to where he usually spent the day. There he lay down and closed his eyes, unaware of what was soon to come.


The blonde turned his vision toward Luffy. "Ah-ha?" Back to staring at Nami.

"Sanji, I'm hungry."

"Can't you wait?"


Luffy's Gum-Gum arm stretched out and grabbed Sanji's collar, and a rubbery tight grip it was, too. Sanji made a strange, distorted choking noise.

"Sanji, luuuunch!" Luffy whined.

"Okay okay! Let go! Can't breathe!" Luffy loosened his grip enough for Sanji to slip out of his stretched reach. The cook headed toward the stairs leading straight into the galley. He started to walk by Usopp, but then he stopped. "Did you hear that?" Sanji said as he put a cigarette in his mouth. "Hear what?" Usopp said carelessly.

"That scuffling."

"What scuffling?"

"That scuffling noise I heard."

"Just now?"

"Yeah, just now."

"I didn't hear anything."

"Oh well."

No person could have prepared for what happened next. From behind a crate on the deck, something leaped like a cat through the air and landed on Zoro's chest. The swordsman woke with a jerk and threw the figure off, smacking it into the deck. It was definitely a person. Zoro drew one of his swords and held it against the victim's throat while pulling a hood from its head. He gasped and jumped back. It was a girl with long green hair and green eyes; she looked uncannily like Zoro.

"Ha, nice way to greet your sister there,"

These words attracted the attention of the whole crew. No one could believe it.

"Hey there, Zoro," the girl said. "Remember me?"

Zoro's sword clattered to the ground. "Ashli?" he asked faintly.

"Zoro, who is that?" Luffy's voice shook as he spoke.