It Gets Good

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As the crew settled down at the meal table, Sanji presented them with a delicious lunch of Chateaubriand (hell knows how he prepared it so quickly) with extra everything for Nami and his newfound love Ashli (Sanji winked at her and got a sharp poke in the rear from Zoro's sword). As the cook took his place at the table, Usopp made a proposition.

"Now, I think the rest of us would prefer it if Ashli and Zoro were to enlighten us on the basis of their situation, and this whole kidnapping thing."

He got a small sound of a agreement out of Nami (it was more of an "Eh,"), but Sanji and Luffy both agreed heartily.

"Allright then, let's get talking then," Ashli said, her brother gave a nod of agreement.


7 years ago


A small girl sat on the front porch of a house. She had long, green hair and eyes to match. The bottom of her blue dress moved in the wind above her pale legs and very worn and considerably dirty pair of sandals. She looked quite bored, and appeared to be waiting for something. In a few minutes that something came plodding down the road before the house. The girl wore a huge grin as she watched the green haired boy walk toward the house dressed in a dojo uniform. He wore a slight look of dissapointment as he approached. The girl stood when he finally reached the porch.

"Big brother! How'd your sword school go today?" She asked him cheerfully.

He smiled a little and chuckled. "It's not a sword school, Ashli. It's a dojo."

"I know that," She replied. "Bet you got beat by a girl again."

Zoro groaned. "Yeah, I did. But you know how Kuina is!"

"Yeah, you're right, at least you have an excuse."

"I didn't say that!" His voice had a hint of danger in it.

"Oh? Didn't you just say though, that you got BEAT BY A GIRL?" Ashli edged backwards as she said this.

"All right, that's it!" Zoro said, and leapt at her.

She quickly sprang out of his reach and dashed into the house, kicking her sandals off as she went. He chased after her. They finally collided in the living room, and the footrace quickly turned into a wrestling match. Ashli got Zoro on his back quickly.

He laughed and said, "Okay, you win this time."

"And I'll win again!" She thundered as she let him up.

He laughed again, pushing himself up. "And how did your dance lesson go today?" He asked.

"Great!" Said Ashli as she did a little twirl. "One girl tripped over her own toes today." She giggled. "Are you ready for your dance lesson, brother?"

"Sure," Zoro replied. "Just let me go change."

"Okay!" Ashli chirped, and Zoro went off to his room. The truth was, he really did enjoy learning to dance from his little sister, no matter how stupid that may sound. He had actually got pretty quick because of it. He could dance quite well, really.

3 months later

Ashli Fights

Zoro was walking home from the dojo as he usually did. He was quite eager to get home today. He was almost completely covered in dark, sore bruises. More fighting than usual with Kuina today. Plus, Ashli had said that she had a big surprise for him. He quickened his pace a bit in his eagerness. Little did he know that he was about to get a very big surprise.

After about a minute's worth of jogging, the young Zoro tripped over something and was sent flying. He sprawled on the ground and jerked his head around to see what had perturbed him. Three large men were standing in his wake, one of them brandishing a crude knife made of sharp rock.

One of them chuckled. "Not so tough now without your swords, eh kid?" He reached down and made a cut on Zoro's arm right beneath his elbow. Zoro yelped and clutched the wound. He could feel his own warm blood coming from it. There was quite a bit of it, too. The other two men walked over to him. One kicked him in the side, knocking him against the trunk of a large tree. Zoro's eyes were tightly shut. Why are they doing this? He thought. What did I do to them?

Then he opened his eyes.

He immediately recognized the threesome. He had beaten them earlier in the dojo, no doubt embarrasing them.

"I'm sorry for what I did," Zoro said in a shaky tone. "but please don't hurt me!"

"Nah, we ain't gonna hurt ya, little pipsqueak. We're just gonna kill ya." Said the man with the knife.

Zoro continued to hold his wound as blood crept out from between his fingers. He began to shake, thinking, Oh no, this is it! I'm gonna die! But I can't die yet!!

As the knife man came closer, Zoro attempted to kick him in the shins, but his foot was caught and he was hoisted into the air. He heard one man laugh. He knew that knife was coming. Finally he felt the cold of the rock press against his throat. The man weilding it was going to say "Bye-bye", but his witty clincher was replaced by a sudden yelp, and he dropped Zoro to the ground, allowing the boy to land on his head. He scrambled up, hearing the sounds of agony erupt from the other two ruffians. When he spun around he saw the threesome collapsed o the ground, each of them clutching their crotches, crying for dear life. In the midst of them stood Ashli, panting slightly. Zoro almost cried out of relief. "Ashli!" He gasped. "What—"

"Big brother, are you okay?! Are you hurt?!" She flew to his side.

"Ashli, you have just saved my life!" Zoro was incredulous. His baby sister had just taken on a group of hulking men—and survived?

"Brother!! Your arm!! We have to get you home!!" She pulled him along. He was still speechless.

"Keep holding your cut," she instructed him. "Hold it tight."

"Ashli, how did you defeat them?" He asked, eyes wide.

"It's the surprise I had for you."

"What?!" Zoro could not believe his own ears.

"I created my own technique. You could call it fightish-dancing. Pretty much graceful fighting. I wanted to show you when you got home, but I couldn't wait, so I started out to meet you on the way. It's a good thing I came along, too."

"But now they'll be after you, too!"

"I don't think so," she said. "I have a strong feeling that they'll leave us alone for a long time."

1 week later


The brother and sister were at the village market, getting groceries for dinner.

"Did Mom say yellow squash?"

"Ugh, I hate squash. Let's get potatoes instead."

"But she said squash."

"Fine. But I'm not eating it."

"You'll have to anyway," Zoro said as he placed a yellow squash in the shopping basket.

The groceries were paid for and the two headed home. The quiet of the long walk was broken by a rustle in the bushes not far away from where they stood.

"Zoro…what was that?" Ashli asked, uneasy.

"I don't know. But I sense danger.."

Before he knew what was heppening, Zoro had been knocked flat on his face. He heard Ashli's terrified scream, and atempted to help, but one blow to his head later and he was out cold.

Zoro woke up 3 hours later in the middle of the road. Ashli was gone.

End Flashback

"And that's really all you need to know, for now." Ashli said with a nod.

Zoro had a slight confused look on his face. "But what I don't understand, Ashli, is why did you wait so long to tell me you were alive?"

Ashli smiled. "Because I wanted to wait until I could give you one of these."

She pulled a tattered, folded-up, yellowish piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to him. Zoro's mouth fell open as he read the poster.


She smiled as she swept her long green hair over her shoulder.

"I got that about 2 weeks ago. I almost passed out when I saw it, I was so excited!"

Zoro chuckled in a distracted way. "Wow, my sister..has a bounty."

"Lemme see that!" Luffy yelled as he stretched his arm across the table, grabbing the poster. After studying it for a moment, he loudly proclaimed, "That is SOOO COOOOLL!!!!!!!"

The poster was passed around the table, and joy for Ashli was expressed.

Ashli frowned slightly when she got it back.

"Yeah, I know its cool and all, but I really do have to get myself off the records."

Usopp frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, having a bounty can put quite a cramp on the situation. Walking freely is hard. Which is why I have to leave in a couple of days to fix things."

Sanji almost started crying. "But HOW can you rip your beauty and grace away from us so quickly?"

"Don't sweat it, I'll be back in a couple of days."

"Good, because I think you would make a nice addition to the crew!" Luffy exclaimed.

"You'd really consider it?"

"Yeah! I mean, you are the first mate's sister, and you did actually get a bounty before him, which means youre talented!"

"Why thank you, mon Capitan, and I shall work hard to prove myself to you!"

The rest of the day Ashli spent in the men's quarters with Zoro catching up on things. That night she was allowed to sleep on the couch in the womens quarters, and that is where we continue.

It was far past midnight. Ashli had waited until Nami had fallen asleep to to her job. As she quietly slipped off the couch and grabbed her bag, she whispered, "So long, until our next meeting"

"Where are you going?"

Nami's voice made Ashlim jump three feet into the air and whirl around.

"Holy—geez, I though you were ASLEEP!"

"I was watching you out of suspicion. Making sure you werent a threat."

"Oh. Well im not. And since I cant stand painful farewells, I'm slipping off in the middle of the night. But I'll be back."

"Okay. See ya."



"Tell Zoro I'll see him again soon."

"Sure, sure."

As Ashli silently reached the deck, she saw Sanji leaning against the ship's railing.

"Oy, everybody wants to be awake tonight, eh?" She said to him, making him whirl about in alarm.

"Oh, its just you, Miss Ashli. Where are you going?"

"I have to leave now. But I'll be back in a couple days."

"We wont be here in a couple days. We're going to the Grand Line."

"I guess I'll meet you on the Grand Line, then."

"Miss Ashli?"

"Yes, Sanji?"

"Make sure nothing happends to you out there."

"I will. Ne?"


"Will you help me lower a dinghy?"

"Of course, my love."

As the boat was lowered into the water, Ashli couldn't help herself but smile every time she looked at Sanji. Something about him was just so……(cough)

She climbed into the little dinghy and waved at Sanji as she sailed away.

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