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Like The Rain by Rouge Revolutionnaire

Chapter One: Rain City

"Looks like it's going to be another beautiful day in Rain City…" Anzu muttered as she stepped outside. She stared up at the sky, dark and heavy with the clouds that had hung over the city for the past week. The rain had let up, for the moment, but Anzu had no doubt it would start half way through commute to school. She opened her baby blue umbrella and swung it above her head before moving onto the wet and almost empty streets. It was about a quarter of a mile from her apartment complex to Domino High School, and a glance at her watch reassured her that there was enough time to get to school without having to run.

The raindrops began, as predicted, half way through her trudge to school. They pattered on the umbrella with a soft, empty sound, then slid down and dripped past her face, hitting the ground and disappearing forever.

-The story of my life…- Anzu mused as she watched the small droplets. She continued walking, thankful for the umbrella that kept her dry. She hated the rain. Nothing about it was predictable about it. Today, the raindrops came down small and fast, reminding Anzu of swarming insects. She wished she could swat the rain, and all of the clouds away, so that the sun would shine once again on Domino.

Domino High School was coming into sight. From where Anzu was, the building looked oddly deserted. On any other day, when it wasn't raining, flocks of students would be gathered around the school buildings in the courtyards. Today however, everyone was inside, trying to stay dry.

A black car slid past her on the empty street, elegantly splattering her clean uniform with dirty rain water. Anzu stopped, and stared down at her now stained uniform disbelievingly. She watched as the black vehicle entered the gates of Domino High School and stopped right at the main entrance. A tall figure exited the vehicle and walked up the stairs of the building. Anzu recognized the figure immediately, although she had had no doubts as to who had been in the car. She would deal with that later.

By the time she reached the school, the car and its previous occupant had disappeared. Anzu trudged up the stairs of the main entrance, and paused under the overhang to close her umbrella. Taking a breath, she entered the madhouse that she liked to call Domino High School.

"Watch it Mazaki!" A gruff voice came from over Anzu's head. Anzu stared up at the infamous Seto Kaiba with a look of disgust. A look which he had no trouble returning. Slowly, and without ever breaking her gaze, she gathered the books which had gone sliding across the floor when the two had collided and stood up. With one hand she held her stack of books, and with the other she straightened her skirt. She didn't need to glance at her watch this time to know that she was going to be late to class if she didn't get moving. However, there was something in her that caused her to stay and fight.

"You watch it Kaiba!" she shot back through gritted teeth," I'm not the one who knocked some innocent student over and made them late for class."

Kaiba's only reaction was to raise a single eyebrow. His blue eyes glinted, cold and emotionless like ice. The same everyday.

"Innocent?" he questioned, his face twisting into a smarmy smirk," You? I find that hard to believe Mazaki, with all of the guys you hang out with. At least I wasn't the one running through the halls in order not to be late to class because I'd been spending too much time making out with Midget Motou."

Anzu balled her fists and came right up in his face, jabbing an accusing finger at his chest. An angry flush had spread across her face- how dare he talk about she and Yugi that way!

"For your information Kaiba, I was just getting my schedule changed to English I Honors. That air head of a secretary was slow at getting it done, and then wouldn't even give me a pass. Now y-"

"Oh, how wonderful," Kaiba cut her off snidely. He rolled his eyes," Right where I'm headed. Just what I need: another class with the friendship girl."

"Well don't think that I'm just thrilled with the fact that I have to spend another class period with you everyday, you selfish, arrogant ba-"

Anzu was cut off by the chiming tones of the school bell, signaling that all students left in the halls would be late. Anzu looked down the hall, then turned back to Kaiba, glaring daggers.

"I hope you're happy Kaiba," she muttered," You've successfully made me late to English. You must strive to make my life miserable."

"Don't flatter yourself Mazaki," Kaiba growled. He turned and stalked towards the English Hall. Anzu shoved her books into her bag and ran down the nearly empty hall towards the retreating figure of Seto Kaiba.

"Kaiba, wait!" Anzu yelled, cringing as he stopped dead and turned to glare at her.

"I'm late Mazaki. What do you want?"

She couldn't face his gaze, she instead looked to the scuffed linoleum of the school floor. She muttered something almost incomprehensible.

"Speak up, I don't have all day!" He scowled and crossed his arms, wondering why he didn't just walk away.

"I…don't know where… the English classroom is…"

Kaiba stared at her with cold ice blue eyes, then, without a word spun on his heel and walked down the hall at a brisk pace. Anzu followed behind him silently, cursing both herself and the looming figure ahead of her. Seto Kaiba. Anzu was normally personable – Kaiba was not the only student in the school who called her "friendship girl" – but there was something about the cold eyed CEO that just repelled her. She couldn't help but fight with him. The problem was that, she could never win. Not against Seto Kaiba.

Kaiba stopped at the door of an unfamiliar classroom, a sign over which read "English Only" in bold print. He stared at her, expectantly. Tentatively, she walked over and turned the door knob. She opened the door and held it open as Seto Kaiba sauntered in.

-A real gentleman- Anzu thought, hearing her mother's voice in her mind – Would open a door for a lady, never the other way around-

Anzu sighed as she walked into the classroom to face the merciless eyes of her new classmates. Seto Kaiba was standing next to the teacher's desk, arms crossed across his chest, scowling at the world.

-But then again, Seto Kaiba doesn't exactly qualify as a real gentleman. Sure, he's got money, but beyond that…-

"Mr. Kaiba, Miss Mazaki, of all of the people I would expect to be late to my class, you aren't on my list." The teacher said with a frown. He was an English man in his late sixties, with a balding head and large, thick framed glasses that gave his eyes an almost bug-like appearance.

"It wasn't my fault Sir, h-"Anzu started, but she was cut off by Kaiba.

"Now look Mazaki, you're the one that ran into me, and then decided to argue about it!"

Anzu gaped at him, her jaw dropped," I'm the one that ran into you?"

The two began to blatantly argue, ignorant of their snickering classmates and the furious teacher. Ryou and Yami, who were both in the class, stared dumbfounded as the two teens bickered. The teacher stood up from behind his desk and slammed his fist on the blackboard to get the attention of the two arguing students. Both stopped abruptly and turned to stare at the older man, whose face was now bright red in anger.

"Miss Mazaki! Mr. Kaiba!" he yelled, pounding on the board again for emphasis," We're only seven minutes into the class and I'm already sick and tired of you're arguing! Not only were you late for my class, but when you do finally arrive, you come in here, argue, and distract the class from learning! Both of you go to the Principal's office- NOW!"

Anzu turned to the teacher, her face contorted into a look of both anger at being interrupted and shock at the realization of why the teacher had interrupted her, while Kaiba folded his arms and looked away, indifferent. Needing no more prompting, she stomped out of the room, followed more gracefully by Kaiba. As soon as the door was shut and they were a few feet down the hall, Anzu spun around to face him, furious.

"I can't believe you!" she hissed, not wanting to raise her voice and get in even more trouble for disturbing the classes around them. Kaiba scowled.

"You can't believe me?" he replied, not taking the care to lower his voice. Anzu was sure though that it wouldn't matter for him – Seto Kaiba rarely ever got in trouble, let alone scolded. The English teacher had shown a lot of bravery in acting as he did.

"You're the one that started this all by running into me!" Anzu said.

"Well you're the one who argued!"

She clenched her fists to stop her hands from shaking in anger," What? You just expect me to let you stomp all over me like the rest of the world does? I, unlike all of those idiots who bow down to you, have some self respect! Anyone with half a brain can see that you're a rude, arrogant, selfish-"

"And anyone with half a brain can see how little maturity you have Mazaki. Honestly? To sink as low as to resort to name calling?" He smirked, and brushed by her, headed to the office.

"I'm not done talking Kaiba!" Anzu yelled, not caring who heard her. Her cry echoed down the hall, but did not change Kaiba's confident stride. He didn't even turn as he replied,

"Well, I'm done listening Mazaki."

She entered the Principal's office silently behind Kaiba. As they entered, the Principal swung around in her desk chair and stood up, looking rather menacing in her two piece suit and stilettos.

"Sit," she commanded. Both students obeyed without question.

"Your teacher called me," she said menacingly," and informed me of what happened. You two are some of the most promising students that Domino High School has ever seen traverse its halls, and here you both are, screaming at each other like a pair of enraged primates. Would either of you like to explain?"

Kaiba, apparently still indifferent, just stared at the Principal, obviously trying to intimidate her. It didn't work. Instead, Anzu took center stage, pleading her case. Half way through her retelling of the morning's events, Kaiba stood up from his chair and gathered his bag.

"Mr. Kaiba-" The Principal started.

"This," he growled voice hard and eyes glinting," Is a waste of my time."

"Bonjour Mademoiselle," Anzu sighed as she entered the cozy dance loft of Mademoiselle Sarcelle Dugin's School of Dance. Mlle Dugin smiled over from here she was stretching on the bar," Bonjour Anzu, ca va?"

"Euh…" Anzu started,"Ca va comme si comme ca."

"Ouais? Si tu as une probleme, tu connais que je suis ici pour tu."

"Non, non Mademoiselle, mais merci."

Mlle Dugin nodded and continued to stretch as the rest of the class slowly trickled in. Anzu couldn't help but smile at the petite French woman that Anzu had come to love like a mother. She had been Anzu's instructor for the past four years, and had begun teaching her French a year ago. Moving over to her own place on the bar, Anzu began her series of warm up stretches. The loft was open and spacious, with hard wood floors and an entire wall covered by a long mirror. Along another wall was the bar, where the students of the class were lining up to begin. The scent of a strong vanilla candle that burned almost every day in the loft mixed with sweat filled the floor, but didn't overwhelm it. It was the one place where Anzu could feel safe and comfortable. The one place where things like the rain, her new English class, and Seto Kaiba couldn't affect her.

'Au revoir Mademoiselle!" Anzu shouted, waving to her dance instructor.

"Au revoir Anzu," her teacher called back, her words heavily accented," Remember, practice dos steps tonight. Don't forget dat de try outs for de next recital ah coming up!"

"How could I forget?" Anzu replied, causing both women to laugh.

Anzu smiled and hurried down the stairs to the first floor. She gave a small wave as she passed one of the other instructors, then headed towards the doors. Her smile melted away like sugar as she was drenched by the torrent of rain that assaulted her. Anzu dug around in her bag, and, with a relieved sigh, pulled out her umbrella. She was fortunate she hadn't left it at school, as she had yesterday.

She walked down the sidewalk, praying that no cars would drive by too fast and soak her more, as Seto Kaiba has so kindly done that morning. Anzu still had to figure out a way to get revenge for the senseless staining of her uniform. Seto Kaiba… Lord, if anyone could get on her nerves, it was him.


Anzu froze and tensed, suddenly wondering if her thoughts had transported HIM here. She took a deep breath and spun around.

"Yugi, Yami!" she shouted, relieved to see them and not her worst enemy. But of course it wouldn't have been them- they called her Anzu. Kaiba called her Mazaki. Right.

"You look like you need a lift," Yami said, hopping out of the passenger seat of Yugi's red BMW and holding the door open for her. Anzu smiled and closed her umbrella.

"Thank you guys so much," she said as Yami shut the door and they sped off.

"No problem Anzu," Yugi replied, flashing her a kind smiled," It's been raining so hard, what kind of friends would we have been to have just left you out in the rain?"

"You would have been friendless friends," Anzu joked, causing both boys to laugh. Yami twisted in his seat so that he could face her. Anzu smiled, and tried hard not to blush. She had had a crush on Yugi's other side since he had first appeared, but she had been able to control her feelings due to the fact that he shared the same body with Yugi – who, contrary to popular belief, was just a friend -, meaning that he didn't appear often. However, by some miracle, Yami had been granted his wish and been given a body. He became Yugi's brother and begun going to Domino High school, and was adapting well to 21st century life. Unfortunately, this had only intensified Anzu's feelings – of course, she would never act on them. To Yami, Anzu was just a friend. She was content with that. For the moment.

The three chatted as good friends do, until they reached Anzu's apartment complex.

"Well, thanks guys, so much. This rain has been such a pain!"

"Yea, no kidding," Yugi replied," And really, it was no problem."

"Bye!" Anzu waved, and turned away, but not before hearing Yami's last remark.

"Hope to see you at lunch tomorrow – try not to get in trouble Anzu!"

Anzu turned and shrugged at the boys before entering her apartment building. The red BMW pulled away and slowly faded away into the thick rain. Anzu sighed as she ascended the stairs, wishing Yami hadn't reminded her of today's lunch.

After Kaiba had walked out of the Principal's office, Anzu got sent back to class, with a lunch detention and a warning that she had been let off easy this time. However, if she and Kaiba ever got into an argument again, there would be dire consequences. For both of them.

Anzu fished her house key out of her bag and unlocked the door. She entered her dark apartment and went straight to her room. With a thud, she plopped down onto her bed and stared out the window above it. The sky was dark, as it had been for the past week, and, she assumed, as it would be for the next week. She really couldn't stand the rain.

And she really couldn't stand Seto Kaiba.

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Bonjour, ca va: Hello, how are you? (Hello, that goes?)

Euh…ca va comme si comme ca: Um, so so. (Um, that goes so so.)

Ouais? Si tu as une probleme, tu connais que je suis ici pour tu. : Yea? If you have a probleme, you know (that) I'm here for you. (That translates pretty cleanly)

Non, non Mademoiselle, mais merci.: No, no Ma'am, but thanks. (Once again, clean translation)

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