by Jasmine Starlight

Full Summary: What if the Uchiha had not been destroyed that fateful night? What if instead the Hyuuga had been? What if the future that the Hyuuga had nearly avoided had come to pass and its destruction by one of its own had actually occurred. The story of Hyuuga Hinata: AVENGER. Sasu/Hina. Kaka/Ita/Iru Gai/Shizune

A/N: This is an AU. Figure it out

Btw Unmei means fate and is also an Asian Kung Fu Generation song...tidbits of information……

Dedicated to shikaruTo who made me think up this story the minute I responded to her first email……



SUBJECT: Hyuuga massacre.

SUSPECT: Hyuuga Neji

Summary: For reasons unknown to anyone here prodigal branch member Hyuuga Neji attacked and killed every single member of the Hyuuga house save for his cousin and heir, Hyuuga Hinata. The only survivor was found huddled in her parents' room. Soaked in blood, her Byakugan was also activated; she had to be given a sedative so ANBU agents could search the vicinity. There was no sign of the killer, nor were there any Hyuuga who had survived because they had been sent on missions. Cause is still unknown. Hyuuga Hinata will undergo a psyche exam to determine the damage that has been done. 3 ANBU squads are currently giving chase, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Itachi, and Maito Gai among them.


Bleary obsidian eyes flickered open, and pale lithe arms stretched before legs were swung over the side of the bed where more stretching occurred before pale feet padded toward the bathroom.

Uchiha Itachi impatiently tapped his foot on the wood floor as he waited for his brother to finish in the bathroom.

He was supposed to walk Sasuke to the academy today, before heading off to ANBU headquarters for a mission.

Their mother, who usually did this, was sick in bed.

"Hurry up squirt!" he rapped loudly on the door.

The door then opened to reveal his ototo all ready to go, "Stop yelling so early in the morning, Aniki."

"Yeah, whatever." Itachi said as he latched onto his brother's wrist and dragged him out of the house.

"Slow down." Sasuke said around a mouth of onigiri, which he had snatched from the kitchen counter.

"I'm late and it's your fault." Itachi deadpanned, daring Sasuke to retort.

Sasuke chewed his breakfast and allowed himself to be dragged along.

When the arrived at the academy gates, Itachi shoved him forward (not without poking his forehead or messing up his spiky hair, which Sasuke knew Itachi did on purpose to piss him off and it worked every time) Sasuke let the momentum carry him toward the gates and Itachi disappeared in a blur of black.


"Oi, Itachi!" Uchiha Obito called out as his younger cousin walked past.

"Hai?" Itachi responded.

"Seen Kakashi anywhere?" he asked lazily.

"Iie." Itachi replied.

"Whatever." Obito stuck his hands in his pockets and swaggered off.

Itachi paid no heed to Obito as he continued on so he could receive his mission.

Entering the filing room, he made a beeline toward a desk overrun with paperwork, cough drops, tissues, used and unused, and cough syrup.

"Hayate!" he said, loud enough to wake the germy shinobi from his nap.

"Eh?" Hayate raised his head from under the paperwork.

"Any new missions?" Itachi asked boredly, idly toying with a kunai.

"Eh, well, let me look." Hayate pathetically tried to sort through the varying debris that had accumulated on his desk.

"How did they ever leave you in charge of organizing missions?" Itachi asked wryly.

"It's only between Chuunin exams I do this, you know." Hayate pointed out before coughing violently.

Itachi rolled his eyes and walked out.


Meanwhile, life at the academy was not much better for our younger Uchiha, Sasuke had yawned his way through cloning, shuriken techniques (the only one that was really important was the Fuuma Shuriken and one of these days Itachi was going to teach it to him), and he only opened his dazed eyes for the run through on Advanced Bloodline limits.

"Can anyone tell me what the Sharingan is?" Iruka asked hopefully.

Sasuke's hand shot in the air, as did another's.

Iruka called on the other girl, Hyuuga Hinata, a name for some reason meant something to him, he just couldn't figure out what.

"Sharingan is an Advanced Bloodline Limit that gives the user to the ability to copy any technique after only seeing it once--"

Sasuke smirked.

"Copy! That's not fair!" Naruto exclaimed loudly.

"Naruto don't interrupt someone, continue Hinata." Iruka instructed.

"Sharingan was said to have originated from the Bloodline Limit Byakugan, a Byakugan user's eyes had mutated to form the Sharingan and all the descendents who came after him had the mutated form of the Byakugan." Hinata finished and returned to staring at her hands.

"Very good Hinata-san." Iruka commended.

Sasuke frowned; the Sharingan wasn't inferior to the Byakugan, was it?


Sasuke grimaced as only four of his five kunai hit their mark.

It seemed his aim was getting worse, well, he wasn't going to get anything done today, so he might as well head home.

His curiosity piqued when he heard the labored breathing of another in the training area, he frowned, wasn't this place was usually deserted?

Stealthily, he crept closer toward the sound and concealed himself behind a thick tree and watched as a girl wore herself out

It was the girl who had answered Iruka-sensei's question!

Sasuke had never believed her to be into hard training, she looked like a gentle wind would break her in two.

As a whole, Sasuke had never pictured girls as rigorous trainers; Sakura was more brains over brawn than anything else, and Ino was—well Ino was scary.

And that was enough for Sasuke.

But this girl, she seemed to be fighting an enemy that wasn't there, she was very tense and disciplined.

Sasuke turned to leave, there wasn't much he could learn from watching some girl beat the shit out of a tree stump.

A rather bloody tree stump.

Sasuke turned to go home, he needed to go research the Byakugan in the old Uchiha clan records, all the great clans of Konoha kept such records.

To keep track of their "rivals" in power.


Sasuke sneezed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, why did the files have to be so dusty?

Because no one really cared about rival clans anymore, except him.

He had started searching in the late afternoon, and now it was early evening, where was all the interesting stuff?

He paused at a yellowed old file, it contain his own birth certificate as well of a record of all the other children born that year.

His eyes scanned over the names, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, Akimichi Chouji, Hyuuga Hinata—wait Hyuuga Hinata?

That was the girl who had answered Iruka-sensei in class today, he thumbed through the file for a current picture.


It was that girl from the forest!

Byakugan, and the Hyuuga massacre, Sasuke resolved to ask Itachi about it later.


Nara Shikamaru lazily shuffled along, with one hand in his pockets and the other holding a plastic bag full of food.

His mother was making him deliver her miso to Hinata, his mother for some odd reason assumed that the girl had nothing to eat except when she forced Shikamaru to bring her some.

Which wasn't that true, Hinata could cook for herself, and she wasn't that bad either, of course Shikamaru at least knew that much, Hinata was unusually generous and always shared the contents of her fridge with him whenever he visited the abandoned Hyuuga complex.

He was one of the few children in his year who knew about the Hyuuga massacre, he had heard his parents discussing it, which had been right before his mother decided to make Hinata a charity case.

Hinata didn't seem to realize his mother was victimizing her.

But Shikamaru would eventually fill her in, when it wasn't troublesome, as it is Ino was bothering him about his disappearances every so often.

Chouji couldn't care less, Shikamaru was bribing him to stay quiet with chips, Chouji didn't know why it was such a big deal that Shikamaru keep this a secret from Ino.

Knowing Ino she would probably bake Hinata enough food to last a lifetime all on her own.

But he didn't mind, Hinata was a pleasant person who always gave up the last chip in the bag.

And she never used the 'f' word ever.

So, if Chouji was ever to be stranded on a desert island with anyone he would probably choose Hinata, for dietary reasons.

But I digress, we return to Shikamaru shuffling along towards the ghost-town like Hyuuga complex.

Bypassing the worn gates, which still seemed to be splattered with decades old blood, he hurriedly walked through the empty courtyard toward the main house.

Knocking briskly on the door, he never liked to stay in the deserted outer areas of the place; some things were just too creepy.

Hinata answered the door, "S-Shikamaru-k-kun!" she exclaimed softly.

"Hai, hai, my mother has made more miso soup for you." He said lazily.

"Honto? Come in, come in." Hinata said as she ushered him inside.

Shikamaru was glad for the brief respite from the eerie façade of the once grand Hyuuga estate, which now mostly lay in disrepair; the only areas in good condition were the ones that Hinata now lived in.


Maa, maa, what do we have here?