Title: Blind Love
Rating: PG

Genre: Romance, Angst, Tragedy
Season: 7, anytime before Heroes
Spoiler: Divide and Conquer, Nemesis, Meridian, Full Circle, Fallen
Pairing: Sam/Jack, slight Daniel/Janet
Content Warning: violence, character death

Disclaimer: I don't own any publicly recognizable characters or Stargate SG-1


The control room was busy as SG-3 prepared to embark on a mission to P9J-467. General George Hammond looked out the large window down into the gate room. He stood behind Sergeant Davis as the gate technician reported the locking of the chevrons.

"Chevron five, encoded." The inner ring of the massive Stargate continued to rotate, then suddenly all seven chevrons lit up and a wormhole was established. "Incoming traveler!" Sergeant Davis announced, as alarms sounded throughout the base.

"Close the iris," Hammond ordered.

"Receiving an IDC…It's SG-1, Sir."

"Open the iris. They aren't scheduled to return for another 5 hours. Medical team to the gate room!"

His order was relayed on the PA system, the iris retracted and after a few seconds, Daniel Jackson emerged from the Stargate event horizon stumbling a little. When he reached the end of the ramp, he turned and stared at the shimmering blue pool. Then Teal'c emerged at a run, followed by Major Samantha Carter who dove through the Stargate, hit the ramp rolling, and came to a stop lying flat on her back at the bottom.

The other occupants of the two rooms waited anxiously for the fourth member of the team, Colonel Jack O'Neill, but he never appeared. The wormhole deactivated and Daniel dropped to his knees still staring at the inactive Stargate.

"Stand down. SG-1, where's Colonel O'Neill?" The only answer Hammond received was a muffled sob from Sam as she pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face in her arms.

Suddenly, Dr. Janet Fraiser burst from the large door at the far end of the room, followed closely by a medical team.

Entering the room, General Hammond moved to stand before the distraught team. "Where's Colonel O'Neill?" he asked again.

"O'Neill did not come through with us." Teal'c spoke from where he stood behind Daniel, the Jaffa's usually stoic expression uncommonly strained; his eyes echoed the pain he must have been feeling, but his voice did not falter. "He was struck down by a staff blast…He is dead."

"They're all in perfect physical condition, Sir, but the colonel's death has hit them hard," Janet told General Hammond as they stood at the far end of the infirmary, so as not to be heard by the distraught team. "They're all in post-traumatic shock. Major Carter hasn't stopped crying since they arrived. Teal'c seems to be holding up, but Dr. Jackson…. He hasn't said a word since they came through the 'gate."

From where they stood, they could see the remaining members of SG-1. Sam was sitting on one of the beds; her knees pulled up to her chest. Daniel was sitting next to her, his arms wrapped around her tightly as they both rocked back and forth slightly. Teal'c sat on a near by bed seemingly as impassive as ever, but to those that knew him well, he looked as if it was all he could do to hold back his emotions. The whole thing was a sad sight and it brought tears to both Hammond's and Janet's eyes.

"I'm going to have to sedate them so they can get some rest. I recommend the debriefing be postponed at least until they wake up, though it shouldn't be delayed for too long," Janet told him.

"Very well. Send them in when you think they're ready."

"Yes, Sir."

After he left, Janet had a nurse prepare the sedatives.

"Teal'c?" She waited until she had his attention before she continued, "It's imperative that you perform Kelno'reem. I'm going to give you a sedative. It won't have much effect on you because of your Goold larva, but it will help you relax."

"I do not believe I will be able to perform Kelno'reem, at this time, Doctor Fraiser, but I will attempt it without a sedative," Teal'c said, rather sternly.

"Alright, you're free to go. Tell me if you change your mind." He gave her a bow and she moved over to Sam and Daniel. "Daniel?" He looked at her, his expression blank, but didn't respond. "Sam?" The astrophysicist didn't move, but continued to sob. "Sam, I'm going to give you a mild sedative so you can rest, alright? You too, Daniel."

"I…I don't need one," Sam murmured, her voice muffled and faltering.

"Sam, I know all this is hard for you, but a sedative will help," Janet told her, speaking gently. Taking her arm, Janet injected her with the sedative before she could respond. Sniffling, Sam let Janet lay her back on the pillow. Daniel allowed the doctor to push him gently out of the way, before she tucked Sam in.

Then Janet turned to Daniel. "Daniel, I'm going to sedate you, too. Alright?" There was still no response from the archaeologist. "Daniel, talk to me!" She said placing both hands on his arms. He looked at her again and this time there was recognition in his blue eyes.

He seemed to notice her for the first time. "Janet?"

"Yes, Daniel. Now, lie down and rest, okay?"

He nodded, "Okay." His brow furrowed. "Sam?"

"She's fine. Don't worry about her, she'll be fine," Janet said as she injected him. He winced and looked at her, confused. "It's a sedative, don't worry," she assured him. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but before he could get it out, his eyes closed and he was soon fast asleep.

"Colonel!" Sam's cry cut through the silence around him and was followed by other echoes of the past.

"Jack!" Daniel called to him.

"O'Neill!" Teal'c's voice was as strong as ever.

The calls of Daniel and Teal'c, and the sound of the Jaffa staff blasts were joined with Sam's last anxious "Colonel, no!"—creating a roar that filled his ears and pounded into his head.

Then an ache filled his chest as he relived that fatal blast, the shot that ended it all. Before the darkness claimed him, one voice broke through the roar; one scream so filled with despair that the pain was doubled as it tore his heart out. "Jack!" Sam's voice faded into the roar and he knew this was the end.

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